Damp, gray, rainy days are good for…..

YOU fill in the blank.  What is your very favorite thing to do?  Bake?  Read?  Soak in the hot tub/sauna? Clean the house? (We need to talk….)  How do you complete the question?

~ Dawn, who is still writing, but wondering what other people are doing on a day like today

11 Responses to “Damp, gray, rainy days are good for…..”
  1. Jenna says:

    Today, this rainy day was actually ENJOYED, because we have been cleaning the house. It isn’t so much that cleaning the house is great, but that we’ve had my uncle here, and it’s fun to clean with him. My sweet uncle is mentally at the level of about 8-10 years old, but is the most darling man. It has been such a pleasure to have him staying with us this week! So, today has been great because no matter how grey and gloomy it is outside, it can always be sunny in here – with good company and big hugs!

  2. Susan PA says:

    Why do you assume I’m doing what I love most to do??


    I have done some work on the ‘puter, have (finally) done some mending/sewing…and some laundry. We are not having a “school” week. I plan to clear my desk some, and watch a movie with my husband.

    But I’m not sure any of those things are my FAVORITE thing…reading would come close. Or writing what *I* love. Or reading… 🙂 I hope to do some reading later today…

  3. Susan PA says:

    But it’s been a good day anyway, because it feels somewhat “productive.” Cool, huh?

    Why is it when I spend the whole day “interacting” with people, that that does *not* feel productive?


  4. myderbe says:

    Well, it’s probably pretty revealing about what season of life I’m in that dark, rainy days seem great for napping. 🙂 Though I haven’t napped today. We’ve done some school stuff and I’ve piddled at this and that and I talked on the phone to a friend who I wanted to encourage but who ended up encouraging me. But my kids are stir-crazy, so we’re taking them to the church gym for our Friday Family Night tonight.

  5. Melanie says:

    It’s not raining here in central Iowa, but the sky looks like rain. I’m sipping hot tea because we have neither sun nor fire to add warmth to the house today — building a fire sounds like a good job for my boys after Quiet Time 🙂
    I liked Jenna’s question — I’m not necessarily doing my ‘favorite’ things today either. We’ve been to the eye dr. for an exam for my oldest dd — and the fun part is she’s getting new frames. We brought five samples home at lunchtime for Dad’s opinion — for some reason he liked the $75 ones better than those for $150 — go figure! 😉
    I think I still have laundry running — we’ll save ‘cleaning’ for tomorrow. :p
    I milled some flour for Kate to bake bread — she’s gained a customer who wants to buy a month’s worth on a regular basis 😀
    Then it will be my turn w/the mixer (while it’s dirty) to make tomorrow’s pizza crusts.
    Um, I **should be** checking schoolwork leftover from pre-Christmas, and writing lesson plans for next week. And mixing pancake batter for tomorrow’s breakfast for the church youth group — how much would you make for 20 kids who’d rather have doughnuts than “healthy” food?? (my pancakes have whole-grain flour and oatmeal) Maybe they’ll be surprised and *like* them?

    I’m enjoying my new CD player, Dawn :), and yakking on the computer instead I guess — But Monday’s coming and then I will have to “dithsc-appear” (sorry, that’s an attempt at Popeye pronunciation there)

    QT’s over — better scoot and refill my tea…

  6. Melanie says:

    OH, i almost forgot, but a quick visit to the WC reminded me, that I actually did some ‘work’ this morning 😉 I took an unusually long, hot shower and used some old shampoo to scrub a layer or two of scum from the shower/tub. I’d recommend that on a more frequent basis — can you see why I have so many unused bath salts? :p To complete the job, I really ought to clean out the drain…

    Current CD: New England Sunday from Green Hill, current track: a really bouncy rendition of “Come thou fount of every blessing”
    Makes me want to do-si-do or somethin’ lively like that 😉 Better skip my way to something more productive than this i-net-banter…

    Aren’t you glad you asked, Dawn??

  7. winkies6 says:

    I was actually having a wonderful time today. I had my first cake order due today, so I got out of bed and finished up the two cakes. I was so excited just to have cakes to do! (One was a bumpy cake!) Then my cousin called and asked if we were busy and could they come by. Well, sure! So, it was a quick baby-proof and pick up and then they came over and hung out with us. My kids immediatly pulled out every single toy that the 15 month old could possibly play with. LOL The gal who ordered her cakes came by and picked those up and chit-chatted with all of us for a bit. We had a wonderful time visiting and chatting. It was really a SUPER nice (not-so-gloomy-inside) day. 😀

    Thanks for askin!

  8. winkies6 says:

    Oh, normally, I would be baking or picking up the house/cleaning. But mostly baking. 😀

  9. javadawn says:

    ~Why is it when I spend the whole day “interacting” with people, that that does *not* feel productive?~

    That is very interesting to me, as well, for I suspect that in the eyes of God, those are our MOST productive days. I can so concur with this way of thinking.

    Does this mean a) our wee minds will never stretch to comprehending this? b) we need to change our definition of productive? c) we just all need to hire help to do all our housework and simply spend time talking to the housekeeper?! 😉 or d) all of the above?! 😀

    Ladies, NO FIRES?!!! Is there NO ONE on here that lights a fire on damp, gray days?!! Sigh…

  10. whimsy says:

    We have a fire every single day of winter (we heat with wood) but it’s outside in the furnace so it’s not really romantic or cozy or anything 🙂

    My favorite thing to do is take a nap with someone little curled up next to me. If no one little is available, then someone big and strong will do.

    After that, lots and lots of knitting 🙂

  11. Melanie says:

    We did get our fire going here — and it even SNOWED! just a very wee little bit… it looks like spring here (spring still on the brown side) — but today we have sunshine 🙂 which is nice.
    I even sat on the couch late last night and quilted a hoop’s-worth, enjoying the fire and watching my dh read his grazing magazine 😉

    SO, are you officially finished w/typing on the book, or do you still have revising to do?? Hope you have lots of happy-nappys soon!

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