One last wave

He’s been hinting at it all season long.  He has had that look – every interview, every post game discussion- it was there, even if held at bay.  Tonight – 55 min ago, to be exact – he announced he was retiring.

(Now ladies, this is for my son and husband, so feel quite free to back out now.   🙂  As you go, know that the fact that I know or care about this is evidence of God’s grace in my life.  When Jeff and I got married I H.A.T.E.D. football.  Just the sound of it gave me a head ache.

Now, I am such a fan that we will no longer have guests over for the Super Bowl, unless the wife signs a contractual agreement stating that she too will stand and scream at the television and never, NOT EVEN ONE TIME, ask me to step into the kitchen to “chat” during the game. And don’t tell ME if the food runs out -unless it’s during half time.  I’ll be happy to be away from the TV then.)

Bill Cowher is retiring.  He is leaving the Steelers after 15 yrs.  Just the mere thought of not seeing his screaming face on the black and gold sideline is simply too much to imagine. Who is going to slap Ben Rothlissomething in the head, if he isn’t there?  We already dealt with the Bus leaving and now this.   It’s simply too sad!

I wave my terrible towel, one last time Bill – in honor of you!  I wish you would say it ain’t so, but I am delighted that the reason is to spend more time with your family.  May the Lord bless you in the going!

2 Responses to “One last wave”
  1. whimsy says:

    I am still beyond surprised that I married a man who does not watch traditional sports. Rodeo and bull riding. that’s it. Ok, so I like it now too, that’s not the point.

  2. myderbe says:

    I love it that you watch football with your husband. I have been known to check to see who won the poll so I can casually mention it over dinner.

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