Proverbs 31 Woman

My friend Kristine is starting on a new project that I think some of you would enjoy hearing about. AND since I’m in the final throes of finishing the book, I decided to let her speak and I’ll just sit back, proofread and sip tea while she does all the talking. (ME?!! Quiet? Hard to imagine!)

JD: Kristine, what is this project all about?

K: In January 2006, God opened my eyes to the fact that the Proverbs 31 woman was an entrepreneur. That totally blew me away. I had been immersed in the Christian homeschool community which strongly advocates that mom stays home to take care of children and home while dad works to provide for the family. For fifteen years I loved that arrangement. To be honest, I still do. However, when finances started getting tight and I was getting angry that my husband wasn’t earning more money, I was no longer content. I had an attitude that needed to be readjusted. It was at that point that God reminded me that He had given me gifts and abilities that I could use to help with the family finances. But how? I didn’t know. Thus, I began my quest for finding out what a Proverbs 31 Entrepreneur does in the 21st Century. Not only What she does, but How she does it. I plan on hosting a series of teleseminars to interview real moms who are successfully juggling the demands of family, homeschooling, and home business.

JD: When are you planning to have this teleseminar?

K: The first Pr31e Teleseminar will take place Thursday, January 11, 2007 at 8PM EST. For more information, go to my website (We have a limited number of phone lines, so only those who register for the call will have access to the call details.)

JD: So, is this call just for women who are interested in being entrepreneurs? Is there anything in this call that will help someone who doesn’t have a home business and doesn’t desire one?

K: If a woman is financially independent and doesn’t have any children who maybe interested in being an entrepreneur then she may not be interested in this call. For every other woman, I would strongly recommend it. In today’s culture, you just never know when it may become necessary for you to be able to significantly contribute to your family’s finances. Disability, layoffs, death, divorce, reduced salary… These things all happen to Christian families every day. Since He gave us the Proverbs 31 woman as a model, I think God does expect women to use the gifts and abilities He gave us – sometimes that means entrepreneurially. In Titus 2, we are taught to “work at home”. Yes, I think part of this is homemaking. But I also believe it means that that any income generating activities are to be done from home rather than working for an employer outside of the home. i.e. Home business.

Thanks Kristine. I have gone and registered for the call. I’m eager to hear Rhea’s interview. (For those of you that don’t know Rhea!, I will tell you one of my favorite descriptions of her is: “Rhea! has gusts of more than 160 mph.” She is a powerhouse of energy!) She signs her notes with “Rhea!”. After getting to know her more, I simply don’t think of her as anything but an exclamation point type person. 😀

I have a few more questions I pestered Kristine with. (Hey we were sitting in Starbucks when this discussion got started, you can’t expect me to only ask 3 questions. I needed her to keep talking, so I could drink my mocha while it was still hot!) 😉 I’ll share the answers to those questions tomorrow. If you think this would appeal or apply to you at all, pop on to her website and register. You never know – it could be the beginning of a whole new thing the Lord wants to do in your life. (That’s how my journey began – a phone interview with Rhea! and Cindy Rushton.)

One last note – for those of you who have never participated in a teleseminar, I’ll be giving instructions, so that you don’t feel the least bit intimidated.

2 Responses to “Proverbs 31 Woman”
  1. Crystal says:

    Oh this is so interesting! I am trying hard to learn photoshop, digi scrapping, and html… because eventually I want to start a home business to help with our income. I want to one day have my own online web design site. I want to create beautiful blog templates and birthday cards, birth announcements and that sort of thing. I LOVE doing it and would LOVE even more to get paid to. Now I just have to get good at it!!

    I also want to make things and sell them online…

    I am eager to hear more!

    Thanks for posting this Dawn you rock!

  2. javadawn says:

    Crystal – You are about the only person I know who won’t think that Rhea! has gusts of 160 mph….but only because you’re gusting right around 100 mph, yourself. 😉 😉 (That IS a compliment, natch!)

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