Rockin’ my boat

Lord, just when I think that maybe You’re done jiggling and shaking my wee brain about, like a pea in a tin can, You start up again. Help me Father to keep up!!!!!

Ladies, I have no clue what the Lord is up to now, I’m just along for the ride, but we have been feeling for quite some time we’re to be ready to move. The other day, Jeff and I were coming home from a business meeting. We were driving home on the same route we ALWAYS take back and forth to town.

All of a sudden, I saw a “For Sale” sign out in front of a big old farmhouse. I saw it from the cross road we were driving on. It was like the sign was lit up. When I saw the sign, there was something akin to a jolt of electricity that ran through my body. I said to Jeff, “Um, I think we need to go back and see that house down there, that’s for sale.” Jeff looked at me like I was a loop, “What house?” So I directed him and we turned around and started down the road to the farmhouse.

There was no sign. The house I was pointing to was 1/2 mile from the corner. There was no visible sign. As we drove down the road, suddenly, there behind a small copse of bushes, we could see the edge of the Remax sign. I do not know how I SAW that sign from the main drag. I haven’t had nearly enough spinach, since the whole e-coli scare, to see that well.

We called and made an appointment to see the house. It’s a bit smaller than the one we have, but it’s also on almost 2 acres. It also has a wood burning fireplace and a MASTER BATH (she said openly drooling on her keyboard.). Two of the bedrooms are smaller than our two smallest and the two large ones are as big and larger than our two largest bedrooms. (Did you keep up with all that?) It has a wood burning fireplace and a master bath….with a jet tub…and a dimmer switch…oh wait, did I say that already?

The dining room will not readily accommodate our big dining table, but we can squeeeeezzzeee it in. There is a lovely sun room. It is TRULY lovely. It would allow us views of both sunrises and sunsets. There is a wood burning fireplace in the living room and a decadent master bathroom. The entire back of the house has a room that is BEGGING to be a classroom/library, with it’s own closet and 1/2 bath.

The house is painted in some rawther fun and exciting colors, and the main bathroom, large enough to house 2 showers, 4 sinks and 2 stalls!! is BRIGHT orange. Bright orange, just like our first bathroom, when we first got married….well, close, anyway. And, get this, I like it. (??? Granted, the adorable underwater critter poster that they have hanging in there helps.) The big bathroom is upstairs….right close to the big master bathroom, with the dishy tub. Oh, did I mention it has a wood burning fireplace??

Ok, so there are many good qualities about this house, what’s wrong with it, you ask? Well, laundry in a very dark basement, for one. For two, the kitchen is just a bit larger than a postage stamp (for 9 people?!) but here’s the odd part – it doesn’t bother me. Number three is: oil heat. Now, I have nothing against oil heat. I have something against the electric stove that is the result of oil heat. I destroyed burned cooked on an electric stove for the first few years of our marriage. I didn’t do well with it…in fact, I hated it. But, hey, that yummy master bath tub might make Jeff forget all about the burned meals we eat there. I have never had anything but gas dryers, so I don’t know what to expect from an electric dryer or water heater. Can anyone offer any thoughts/opinions about this?

There are many things about this house that would be a direct answer to prayer. I will say, that for this to go forth would be a TOTAL answer to prayer, as things financially are just not in a place where we could pursue this house right now. I have spent years asking the Lord to put us in a house where my son can employ some of his testosterone – and I can’t think of a better tool than mowing 2 acres of yard and chopping wood. Well, that and shooting that nasty looking raccoon that was arguing with me over the backyard I was trying to scope out.

Even though, in the natural, it looks completely impossible, I can’t get over that I SAW that sign from the road AND (ready?) the fact that this place has been on the market since MAY and we’ve NEVER, EVER, EVER seen it until now. (Do remember we travel this road NUMEROUS times during the week!) Oh well,…. whatever You would have for us Lord, we desire to receive from Your hand with grateful hearts….house or no house.

Oh hey – did I mention it has a wood burning fireplace and a really nice conjugal tub upstairs in the master bathroom?!!! I think I forgot to mention that.

9 Responses to “Rockin’ my boat”
  1. Patricia says:

    I’ve been praying! I will agree that a little acreage is great for raising boys. We have 5 acres and Louis kept the boys busy during those growing up years picking up pine cones! =)

  2. Oh, Dawn, I’ve been praying that God will lead you to just the place He has all picked out for you. It’s so exciting to thing that you may be sneaking a little peak at it! It sounds gorgeous – and a CONJUGAL! tub 🙂 It doesn’t get any better than that, girl!)

  3. javadawn says:

    Thank you my dears. You know, this may be absolutely NOTHING. If so, then I will trust in the plans of my Lord and rest that He has something else planned. He knows my son. He knows his need to WORK and He knows town doesn’t provide it. I can trust God to have the perfect plan for my son in place. I know this. (I think I find it easier to know THAT then to think that the Lord is going to work some miracle and put us in that house.) 😆 Aren’t I just pitiful?

  4. myderbe says:

    I love your description of the house. But I wasn’t clear on one little detail . . . does it have a bath off the master bedroom?

  5. javadawn says:

    Oh md, I’m so sorry, I should have been more specific. It has a lovely master bath, right off the master bedroom. Oh, and a wood burning fireplace, too. 😆

  6. molleth says:


  7. MicheleinNZ says:

    Our house has a woodburning fireplace/stove thing and I love it. We don’t use any other heat in the house. Unfortunately we do not have a master bathroom and the bathtub we do have is usually filled with bath toys not intended for adults. 😦

  8. winkies6 says:

    HOW EXCITING!!! He really does provide and ready us, doesn’t he? I just hope you get more than 2 weeks to move. 😉

  9. Jenna says:

    Oh, that just sounds lovely, orange and all. *grins* My husband and I keep talking about moving out of here, and I hope that one day there is a sign that just “glows” for us…. and just happens to be at a place where I could have a donkey and a goat. *laughs* We like odd family pets….

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