Proverbs 31 woman, cont’d.

As promised, some more of the questions I peppered Kristine with. Tomorrow, I will explain how to participate in a teleseminar. The first time I did it, I was nervous, just because of the newness factor. I do them so often anymore, they’re a breeze, now! (And we all know if Dawn can do it, any one can.)   😀

JD: So, Kristine, how was this project birthed in your heart?

K: In August 2006, I attended Rhea’s Entrepreneur Days with my husband and our oldest son. While there, I was able to spend time talking with other women about the Proverbs 31 issues. Mary Jo Tate suggested being a modern day Napoleon Hill and interviewing the experts – real Christian women who also ran a business. It wasn’t cemented as something God wanted me to do until December 2006 after attending a Writer’s Retreat in November. I had come away from the Writer’s Retreat with many new friends and about four ideas of writing projects. Where to start? Through various means, God made it clear that I was to start with the Pr31e (Proverbs 31 Entrepreneur) project. Specifically, I was to host a series of teleseminars to interview the women.

JD: Who is this project intended for?

K: Several categories of women come to mind immediately: – Homeschooling moms who are interested in starting a business for themselves or with their children. Homeschooling families who desire a family business to bring Dad home. Young women still living at home who are in the perfect position to start a home business before taking on the responsibilities of marriage and children. Married women who do not yet have children. Honestly, I do not want to deter any woman from learning about the lives of Pr31e women. However, I will start by interviewing homeschooling moms because I think that our situation is somewhat unique. There might be a mom out there who has considered homeschooling, but didn’t think she could manage her children’s education and a home business. I have met many women who do exactly that and I want to share their stories with others.

We’re not quite done. I have just a couple more I’ll share tomorrow – and then I need to figure out another way to get a trip to Starbucks. (Leave any suggestions in the comment box.) 😉

3 Responses to “Proverbs 31 woman, cont’d.”
  1. Patricia says:

    Cool! I have one more category for you – older women who are empty-nesters (or nearly empty-nesters) and sense the Lord leading them into new entrepreneural adventures. =)

  2. Cheryl says:

    “suggested being a modern day Napoleon Hill…”

    Didn’t Napoleon Hill have some rather whacky ideas like, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” He believed that “there are two characteristics of the Master Mind principle; one is economic, the other psychic.”
    I’d put up the proverbial “red flag” about basing a plan of action on faulty ideas.
    That said, I think that launching into a business with a God-given idea and *His* leading is quite exciting!

  3. javadawn says:

    Cheryl, Not sure what Napoleon Hill’s ideas were, I haven’t read his book. But, I think more than his content, they (Mary Jo and Kristine) were in reference to his methodology of interviewing….what was it 500 men? to find out what made them successful.

    As for launching into something that God is orchestrating is indeed exciting! Thrilling and rawther mind boggling as well, if I might be so bold. 🙂

    Patricia, BUT OF COURSE nearly empty nesters. 😀

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