A glimpse into…

The snow is falling, it’s lovely outside. The wind is blowing enough that it is making the snowflakes swirl, around the bottom of the trees. Inside, the fireplace is snapping and popping – while the smell of the cherry wood is sweetly blending with the smell of the bread baking. It’s just lovely….

We’re all snug and cozy with our cups of hot….hot tea, hot coffee and hot cocoa, depending on the preference of the drinker. (With the exception of the coffee, which is according to the dictates of the mama.) We each have a book and we’re tucked in to ride out the chill of the next few days. Today, more than reading, however, *I* desire to write – in my prayer journal. I feel like I’ve missed so much talking to my Lord that the only thing that interests me is to linger in my prayer closet with my Lord and hear His heart – share mine and pray for those that I care about.

In addition to the sound of the wood hissing and spitting, there is the quiet “thump, thump” of the dryer, tossing things about…the soft drone of a child reading to the baby and her eager cries of “Daadaaa” (her pronunciation of her name) as they offer her a new book.

Things couldn’t be much more perfect here at Clark Central…IF they matched up with this glimpse into my imagination. 🙂 Sadly, the dryer is THUMPING loudly, as the tennis balls in it bound around, keeping the down from clumping. The fireplace isn’t spitting, hissing or any other normal fire noise…it’s squealing. Yep, squealing – it’s electric. The snow isn’t falling nor swirling, there’s hardly enough out there to call it a “covering.”

The children aren’t reading to one another – they’re loudly discussing something they were studying. The baby IS indeed calling her own name out, but it’s in defiance and frustration that no one will hold her and carry her around. (I’m sitting and she isn’t interested in sitting.)

The only thing that is real in the description above is my ache to close myself off with Father in prayer. So many things lay on my heart, needing to be soaked in prayer and I am aching to just hide and talk to Him about all of them. So, dear one, if you are needing prayer and wanting to share it, leave it in the comments and know that as I go tuck myself away, in the midst of noise and busyness, that I will joyfully lift you and your need/s to our gracious Lord, certain that He isn’t put off by the chaos in my head or house. What a great and mighty Lord He is – able to meet us in the midst of any and every situation. (If you would rather not share your need publicly, you can either email me or leave a silent or private request in the comments. IF you are emailing me, send it to javamama7 at gmail dot com. I will include you in my “retreat” with Father, with joy.)

2 Responses to “A glimpse into…”
  1. valerie says:

    Dawn, honey, I was just about to say ‘Can I come over??’ You do paint an idyll of loveliness, dear! I was thinking how we have the opposite picture today, but it is truly a glorious day. Cool, azure skies, birds singing, air zingy and fresh, and the scent of summer flowers in the air. I’m about to go for a walk by the river, where the water will lap softly at the banks, and the sounds of children splashing and mother chatting will be heard. I’ll pass other runners, sweating in the sunshine, and we will greet each other as we look forward to finishing ;).

    I feel the need to pray today, seek my Father and allow Him to bring solace to my waiting heart. I will pray for YOU, dear friend, and think of you there in the crisp winter air, with your lively home juxtaposed against the solitary silence of mine….

    love, Val

  2. javadawn says:

    Hey Val, thanks for letting me know you were trapped in spamsville! 🙂 My deepest and most sincere apologies. 🙂

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