NOT (snort) MY (mine,mine,mine!) WILL (stiff-necked, demanding, “I want my own way” will)

I sat down to write about “The Five Love Languages,” this morning. I just KNEW that is what I wanted to share with you. (Especially since I’ve been on and on about dishonoring speech, I wanted to remind myself – and you – about honoring speech) But, I have attempted to put that blog together 4 times and each time it has been boring (more so than normal) F.L.A.T. and without life. So, 4 times I have deleted it and started again. This is my 5th attempt….

and it will NOT be about The Five Love Languages, at all. 🙂

Each time I was writing, my mind was wandering to last night. So, instead, you have to hear about that. 🙂 (You may submit all complaints to our Customer Service Dept.)

Last night, we had a very tight, but do-able schedule. We had 2 business meetings, a trip to the Post Office to send out a bunch of ebay auctions and a time to join Kristine and her husband for coffee at Starbucks, followed by our weekly pick up of bread. It started falling behind when Jeff got home early.

Now, this might not seem like it would be a detriment, but that is only to normal people, something we Clarks simply don’t qualify as. Daughter #1 was supposed to go to the Post Office with her Dad to ship something to a friend, so she started racing around to get things ready when he got home early. Naturally, the more frantic she became the more things fell apart at the seams. The more she got involved with getting things ready to ship, the more Dad felt he had time to start on a new project. Are you seeing the snowball here?

Suffice it to say, we left home 10 min later than we should have which made us 12 min late for the first appointment. (I have no clue how we gained 2 min) The people we were meeting with were running 30 min behind, so the meeting was now 45 min later than scheduled. (We have now grown from snowball to small avalanche.) This meant we hit the traffic to cross town later than anticipated, making us nigh on 1 hour late for our next appointment. (Thankfully they were flexible enough to allow that.) This in turn meant we would be AT LEAST an hour late to meet with Kristine and her hubby.

When we arrived at our appointment, they too were running behind and Jeff simply looked at me and said, “You need to call and cancel with Kristine, because this will be at least 2 hrs before we can get out of here.” With complete and total gentleness of heart and submission, I did just that. (WHAT ROT! I stomped to a place where I could call her and I was fussing and fuming and snorting about doing so. We now moved from small avalanche to major bury-the-town-in-snow type avalanche.)

As expected, we were finally “free” over 2 hours later than we had anticipated. Now what? We still had bread to pick up in just over an hour and there was no point in driving 25 min home, only to turn around and drive back 15 min after arriving home. 🙄

Jeff, being the more mature of the two of us (it was his turn last night) stopped and asked the Lord what He would have us do with our time. The only thing that came to mind was run to Lowes and look for something we needed for the house and stop at a local grocery to get a cup of Starbucks. (FINALLY, an idea I could agree with!) 😀

As we walked into Lowes, I was still snorting – in my heart, if not “out loud.” While we were walking through Lowes, suddenly, there appeared a dear friend of ours who had been rumored to have DIED!!! Please understand, this friend had moved from our area, with a promise to keep in touch once he had settled elsewhere. Not too long after that he was rumored to have died. (To add further delight, we had just been talking about this man this past weekend and talking about how much we missed him and would like to see/speak to him again.)

What a joy and a delight to see him!!! After hugging and squealing, we were able to spend some time talking to him and catching up with all that his life had held since we last spoke. He apologized for not being in touch, but felt that the things he had left behind in our town were simply too much to be endured, which a visit would require. We assured him all was forgiven and we made arrangements to meet with him again. As we left he said, “I’m so glad to see you again. This was the best thing to happen in DAYS!”

From this surprise meeting, we went on to the store – only to arrive just before they needed to close. They offered us coffee at quite a discount, since it was going to be thrown out anyway and blessed us with a smashed piece of white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. In addition to that, one of the baristas that we have developed a relationship with over the past few years, asked where our children were and begged to come babysit…”for free, just let me come play with your kids”…some time soon. As we left she said, “I’m SO glad you came in tonight, I was needing some friendly faces and you guys are JUST what I needed.”

We got in the van…all I could do was repent. “Oh Lord, YOU had a plan for our evening that would NEVER have occurred to me. If any of the details of tonight had played out the way I wanted them to, we would not have been in the places that YOU wanted us to be in. Forgive me for my temper tantrum and Lord? Please don’t stop using me. I want to be Your tool. I want to be used by You….in spite of myself.”

Dear ones, PLEASE allow me to encourage you that Father’s plans for our days are perfectly designed. And may I encourage you to be wiser than I? When all your well-made plans are coming tumbling down….please pause and ask what your response is to be. Don’t waste your precious time snorting, fussing and storming (throat clearing) only dopes do that. 😉

Oh – and get this – we never got the stuff we needed from Lowes. (We forgot all about it) We’ll have to plan another trip there. Makes me wonder who we’ll run into then. Either way I sure hope it means another cup of Starbucks. 😀

11 Responses to “NOT (snort) MY (mine,mine,mine!) WILL (stiff-necked, demanding, “I want my own way” will)”
  1. winkies6 says:

    I love when days turn out like that. TOTAL blessings in disguise.

    I had been meaning to reciprocate an invitation to a friend and her daughter to come over for play and chit-chat, but had been holding off until after the holidays. I tried to call last week, but she wasn’t home (her husband answered in the middle of the day and it totally caught me by surprise since he is a principal). Finally, I remembered to call her yesterday. She went thru her schedule a little bit and said that she had time today (Wednesday). I was so glad! We had the best chat and the kids played. So wonderful! PLUS, (now, take a grain of salt!) I told her I was interested in finding a job, but didn’t know what to do with #4. She reminded me that she was a babysitter before and wouldn’t mind watching him.

    I trust her (although I’ve only met up with her 2-3 times), because her child-rearing is a lot like mine–down to putting tape over the speakers on kid toys to make them not so obnoxious. Ok, that wasn’t child-rearing, but it was exactly what I do. LOL She is into redirecting, setting boundaries, and firmly telling “no” when required. She is also a Christian. I’m ecstatic. Now, what job will the Lord give me where I can work only until 3pm? I am ready for what He has for me. Is that a scarey statement? LOL

    I’m so chatty lately, hope you don’t mind. 😉

  2. Violet says:

    Prov. 16:9 – “A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.” Just another evidence of the gracious God we serve!

  3. What a GREAT post Dawn and so encouraging! Yesterday I was a total dope and snorted and pouted all day about all the things that went wrong. And what did I get for it? A super sweet husband who just loved me in spite of my temper tantrums. Part of the reasons I was upset were because I thought he would be upset and turns out he wasn’t and I just acted like a fool for no reason. In the end I came to realize that I just need to slow down and pray and remember that the Lord is always walking beside me and life is just like an adventure.

    That’s sooooo nice that you got to see your friend who you thought was DEAD! That’s CRAZY! WOW!

  4. Elissa says:

    Wow! People back from the dead! Just like on TV! This was a very encouraging post. Thank you.

  5. javadawn says:

    Elissa, Hmmm, never thought of it as people back from the dead. 😆 (I DID however, see again the serious danger of people engaging in gossip.) I guess my life is much more exciting than I had thought. 😀

    Crystal, life IS an adventure, isn’t it?!! 🙂

    Violet, my dear, I thought of the same Scripture.

    w6, #1) I trust you to hear from Father to know if this is the time for you to go back to work. #2) I am so blessed that the Lord would show you a glimpse of His potential provision for a sitter through this friend. #3) How come you never call me and invite ME to come over for goodies and a chat?!!! #4) You just feel right free to come be chatty here, any time you want to. 😀

  6. winkies6 says:

    Dawn… I have been feeling this desire growing in me to go back to work. I am feeling even a little bit empty these days. 😦 And, um, you have an open invite to come over any ol’ time you feel like it for goodies and chat! I thought I told you that before we moved! LOL Now, we are even like 2-3 hours closer! 😉

  7. javadawn says:

    w6, you forget – we’re a one car family. :/ Even 2-3 hrs closer is a long walk. 😉 🙂 We’ll have to come on a weekend and we can share bumpy (?) cake!! 😀

  8. winkies6 says:

    Oooooh! I did not know you were a one car family! Well, maybe I can drive and only make you walk 1 hour. Hee hee! I’m just teasin ya! I should see how long it takes to drive. Maybe when the kids are out of school, we’ll make a road trip 🙂

  9. javadawn says:

    Does that mean no bumpy cake?!!!! 😉 😆

    We DO need to plan a road trip to come visit. Jeff loves to drive and I love to ride. It’s a great combination. 🙂

  10. winkies6 says:


    who said no bumpy cake? or was it strawberry shortcake? Maybe some truffles and biscotti? hee hee

  11. javadawn says:

    Now, you’re just trying to bribe me!!! 😀 Hey, you better be careful – gas here is $1.89/gal!!!!!!!!!!! I may just end up in the middle of your city this weekend. I’ll go into the restaurant and ask for the Executive Chef and throw a hissy when it isn’t your hubby. 😉 😉

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