Whole new meaning of “taking a knee”

All the javahusbands are going to thank me, I just know it.  😀  I have been hearing wisps of this, but not being a purveyor of national television (except for football, basically) I hadn’t seen any real documentation. I have now….

A young man going only by the name JP is planning a huge surprise proposal during the Super Game on February 4th. He’s planning on whipping out a diamond and offering it to the love of his life. (Which is a MUCH better thing to see whipped out than we have seen other years!!)

This young man has created a website and is doing radio and TV interviews (all the while protecting his identity) discussing this. The ad is in the process of being filmed as we speak. Several women working on the project have said, “If she won’t marry him, I will!” 😆

SO, for all you non-football types, you now have reason to hang out around the screen on February 4th, just to see it. (The ad is being pre-filmed, natch, so it won’t be live, so we won’t get to see her response, until it shows up on You-Tube or something.)

Oh, and tell your hubby it’s a gift – from one football lover to another. 😉

(PS If you want more information or just want to check the whole thing out, you can go here and read it for yourself. Just don’t get all the scoop and skip the game….I mean proposal.)

7 Responses to “Whole new meaning of “taking a knee””
  1. Your new header is too too fun(ny)! But I’m sorry, why are the manly men above not clad in orange and blue? (Fluttering her eyelids in her best fiddle-dee-dee Scarlett O’Hara impersonation…)

  2. javadawn says:

    Dear ExReader, Orange and blue is for sissys. 😉 Manly men wear blue and white. They have horse shoes on their helmets (not big “C”‘s or funny faced men with strange hats on) and they always, always lick their fingers before throwing the football. (Not to mention they drink decaf lattes!) 😆 (Although, if both blue and white and orange and blue win, I’m going to end up having a multi-personality disorder.) 😀

    (Note, I DIDN’T say, orange and blue is GROSS, MAN!) 😉 😀

  3. My My My…toucheeee aren’t we? It’s a good thing my dearest husband was never much interested in televised sports so I don’t have to get into a cat-fight with you ;o). Honestly, the only televised sports we watch around here is the Super Bowl and the World Series. We aren’t even fair weather fans, but since we’re so close to Chicago, you know, Go Bears and all that. WOULDN’T WANT TO RUIN A FRIENDSHIP OR ANYTHING OVER FOOTBALL!!! So who is it javafriends are obliged to root for (and why–as in what’s the story)? (See how little I have invested in this?)

    Kiss Kiss, Hug Hug, Grovel Grovel–Please forgive this lowly worm!!!!!!!!!!

  4. O.K. Dawn, I confess I feel a little silly this morning. I racked my wee little brain and remembered that yes, IN did have a football team and I think I remember them being called the Colts or something like that. I’m sure Jeff was thinking, “I kinda’ liked her, but I don’t think I can approve of your friendship with anyone so obviously DUMB!” Anyway, we’re off to a birthday party for my brother at a location with no TV sets available this afternoon, so perhaps my sports-related learning disability is inherited?

  5. javadawn says:

    Waving imperious arm – “All is forgiven!” 😀

    My friend Kristine, was off to a weekend away in Indy this weekend and didn’t know who was playing or who the QB was or anything….and we’re still friends. So, you, being from out of state….you are released! 😉 😉

    I hope you have a wonderful time with your family at the b’day party. Eat some cake for me, huh? 🙂 (Are they making Grandma Harriet’s cake??! Maybe Chocolate Mousse Cake?!!!)

    PS Jeff thinks I’m a divine aberration – a woman who loves football – created by God, just for him and will think no less of you, whatsoever! 🙂 AND he’s likely right. 😆

  6. javadawn says:

    udh, HEY! Your BEARS are headed to the S.B.!! 🙂 Guess blue and orange isn’t for sissys after all. 😉

  7. What are you doing away from the TV set? Bday cake was store-bought sheet cake. Not too many people enjoy cooking & baking as much as I do. I’m so relieved to receive the dispensation from you and Jeff, although I’m pleased to report I learned today that one of your players (Aaron ?) is the son of one of the ’85 S.B. Champion Bears. Oh, yeah the Bears, I think they won or something today. I hope you and the Colts do as well!

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