A good gift

The box was beautifully wrapped.  It was rich in color.  The blues were like the azure of the ocean and the yellow reflected the sun.  The white was pure and clear, like snow.  The irridescent bow made the whole thing shimmer like an illusion of water in the heat.  It was truly a beautiful box.  I shook it gently, it didn’t have any real “clunk” to it, but yet it was heavy – so I shook it again.  Suddenly, I could hear it – a tiny, melodic “tick, tick, tick.” 

For those looking on when I opened the box, they might not have seen anything, but I, on the other hand, saw a precious and expensive gift….  It was a gift that once given could never be taken back again.  It was SO costly that no one could ever pay enough to gain more of it.

It was her time.  I have been blessed by the gift of time.  Please, Father may I…may we have eyes to see the gifts of time that You are giving to us in this life.  Help us treasure them for the cherished items that they are.  May we revel in the gifts that are given to us and relish the opportunity to give them to another.

Thank you my friend for your time this morning.  I am the better for it.


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