Gotta go

Ladies,  I am pitching and sorting like a lunatic.  I have a few things I just don’t want to toss into our give away stack….but I’d love to give them away or sell them CHEAP.  😉   

If you are interested in any of the following, please let me know. Email me at javamama7 at gmail dot com and we can iron out the details.  First come, first serve.  (Keep checking back today, this weekend,  as I list more and more.)  I am more than willing to wheel and deal.

1)  set of 3 pregnancy workout dvds: Kathy Smith, Leisa Hart’s Fit Mama prenatal workout, Buns of Steel Pregnancy & Post Pregnancy Workouts.  I really liked Fit Mama, but none of them had enough weight training in them to suit me.  ($ 10)

2) a queen sized russet print toile bedskirt, shams and bolster set.  It is really lovely.  It’s on a cream colored background.  It’s definitely russet, though and not the mauve that I was told before buying it.  🙄   ($25/set)   (If anyone wants a pic of this set, let me know and I can post it.  My photobug is busy with her school work right now, or I’d have her do it.)

3) a box of deliciously “fall” smelling votive candles.  There is nothing wrong with them except they cause my daughter to have head aches.  😦  I love them.  These are free to who ever wants to pay for shipping on them.

4) I have XL maternity clothes that I would be happy to send to you for the cost of shipping, if you’re interested.  (I don’t even remember what is in the box, but can sort through it, if anyone is interested. I know there’s some dresses, tops and even jeans.  I also know there is a swimsuit (Gap, I think) in there, as well.)

That’s the list, SO far.  (I’ve only been at this for an hour, so be sure to check back and see if there is anything here you would like.)

If there is something in particular on your wish list that you’ve been praying about for your household, ask – I might just have it here, waiting for a new home.  🙂   (I’m VERY serious about this!!)

2 Responses to “Gotta go”
  1. Tiffany says:

    I may have a friend interested in the maternity wear- gotta check her size. Any idea how much it would cost to ship?

    Any chance you have an advent wreath you are wanting to get rid of? Or an oil difuser?

  2. javadawn says:

    Tiffany – no oil diffuser, sorry. 😉

    HOWEVER, let’s talk Advent wreath…don’t buy one, make one!! Your kiddos will LOVE it. I have made all different kinds of them, year in and year out. I’m game to offer whatever assistance I can. (And Tiffany, it’s ME that’s talking so think E.A.S.Y.!!!) 😀

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