Quote-idiots Friday

It’s Friday once again (granted, only by 4 min, but Friday is Friday.) so it’s time once again to play stump this chump…no, no, I mean it’s time to play Quote-idiots Friday!

You know the routine, leave your answer in the comments and I will draw a winner who will have their choice of either popcorn for their family movie night or the voice of Jeff Clark on their answering machine or voice mail. (I might be persuaded to do it…for a chocolate pricetag) 😉 Ok, here we go:

1) Does the term cruel and unusual punishment mean ANYTHING to you?

2) This is no democracy. It is a dictatorship. I am the law.

3) I don’t scratch my head unless it itches and I don’t dance unless I hear some music. I will not be intimidated. That’s just the way it is.

4) You’re smiling.
Yes, sir. Why are you smiling?
‘Cause I love football. Football’s fun.
Fun, sir. It’s fun?
You sure?
I think so…
Now you’re thinkin’. First you smilin’, then you thinkin’. You think football is still fun?
Uh, yes.
Yes-no, sir.
Um, it *was* fun.
Not any more though, is it? *Is* it?
Not right now, no.
No, it’s not fun anymore. Not even a little bit. Uh… no.
Make up your mind. Think, since you’re thinkin’. Go on, think. Is it fun?
No, sir.
No? Absolutely not?
Zero fun, sir.
All right, listen up! I’m Coach Boone, I’m gonna tell you all about how much [pause] *fun* you’re gonna have this season.

5) What are you?
Mobile, agile, hostile!
What is pain?
French bread!
What is fatigue?
Army clothes!

6) You have twelve brothers and sisters?
Yeah, twelve sounds better.

7) Sheryl, SHERYL! Ah Do Naht Cayah

8 ) You are outside your mind!

9) We will be perfect in every aspect of the game. You drop a pass, you run a mile. You miss a blocking assignment, you run a mile. You fumble the football, and I will break my foot off in your John Brown hind parts and then you will run a mile. Perfection. Let’s go to work.

10) Shotgun? Who do they think they are, The New York Jets?

13 Responses to “Quote-idiots Friday”
  1. Lynn says:

    Is it Remember The Titans?

    I’ll put the chocolate in the mail tomorrow.

  2. MicheleinNZ says:

    My husband guesses Remember the Titans too. I concur (after searching Google – is that allowed?)

  3. winkies6 says:

    One of those quotes is from Lion King, too. LOL But I searched after Michele on Google and it has to be Remember the Titans….

  4. javadawn says:

    winkies, you just get right on out of here. You just won last week. 😉 GOOGLE?!! ARGH – what?! You mean you’re not all the same kind of movie dopes we are around here?

    Hey w6, which one of them is from Lion King? I’ve seen that movie once. 🙄

  5. Tiffany says:

    Yes, remember the titans. Great movie! And I’m pretty sure none of those were the LionKing…..I was in a production of the lion king in school and I can still recite the entire thing…..much to my familys dismay

  6. Mrs. Nehemiah says:

    OK for the first two you were spying on my home! I know you using the computer to spy on us, Big Sister is watching “always watching you”.

    Hmm. the rest must be one of those great coach inspires lousy team to work hard and win even though nobody believes in them… “etc. etc. etc.”

    I’m not sure why but my brain keeps tagging on lines from movies to the end of my sentaces. this quote-idiot stuff is kinda contagious iin’t it?

    Mrs Nehemiah

  7. I could actually *hear* the voice saying that first quote. Once I got to the third, I thought: “Oh, well, that one’s definitely Remember the Titans.”

    I’ve never participated in your Quote-Idiots Friday before, so it wasn’t until I moved on to the fourth one that I realized that they were all from the same movie, and the first one was put into context for me.

  8. winkies6 says:

    Ooops, I thought the third one sounded like one from the Lion King. Sorry for the confusion. I was only trying to validate for Lynn! Sorry!!

  9. javadawn says:

    Country Goalie, THANK YOU for reminding me I should list the rules weekly, so in case a new person is reading, they won’t be lost. 🙄 Don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before.

    w6, it’s only been a wk since you had a houseful of girls for a slumber party – in my book, you can use that for at least another weeks’ worth of “excuse.” 😉

    Ok, Ladies, the list will remain open until Mon am, at which time I’ll have a child randomly draw a name. Good luck all! 🙂

  10. javadawn says:

    TIFFANY!!! You’re the winner! I will get ahold of you to see whether you want popcorn or a voicemail/answering machine message. 🙂 (Of course, we’ll all sign the popcorn for you. The teethmarks will be Booger’s just so you know.) 😉

  11. Tiffany says:

    I won! I never win! Cool beans. I’d love the popcorn- we’ve been on an afternoon popcorn and story time around these parts as of late. A toddler eating popcorn hasto be the cutest thing ever.

  12. javadawn says:

    I agree! Signed popcorn, coming your way!! 😀

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