Ok, lunch is on me!

Uh…not literally on me….although, having held Booger Baby after dinner, dinner IS on me.

I’m going to take you to one of our favorite little restaurants.  It’s a little Italian place.  Do you like Italian?  I hope so – this place is just truly sublime and I wanted to pick a place that would minister to you.  I’ve arranged the child care, so you don’t have to even think about the Little Kiddles for a while.  Just sit and enjoy lunch with me.

The tables are all private and there is a lovely little gas fireplace right there on the side.  Look at that salad bar!  They make all their own breads here.  So all those garlic parmesan croutons??  They’re home made. Oh and this garlic dressing is so creamy and just the PERFECT amount of garlic.  (You KNOW – strong enough to offend strangers, not so strong your husband won’t kiss you at bedtime.  That’s what I said, isn’t it?  The PERFECT amount.)  Here – fill your plate.  If you like seafood – this seafood salad right here is unforgettable!  You will hurt someone to have it again, trust me.

Don’t you love these little dividers that make each table seem like a private little cozy place?  Me too.  Oh – here comes Tricia.  She’s been our waitress here for EVER.  Ok, this is my recommendation for lunch – try their combo plate.  It’s got lasagna, their ravioli – and honey, Chef Boyardee sins every time he hears about this stuff! oh and a sample of their lemon chicken picata.  OH MY.  If Jeff could figure out how to make me taste like this, he’d dress me up in feathers for the rest of my born days!! Sound okay?  Good, we’ll just share one – it’ll leave room for their dessert combo too.  Hey, I’m just the woman to take good care of you.  I’ve got this all figured out. If you’re still hungry when we’re done, we’ll get an espresso to share, too.  (REAL espresso – the kind that will make your hair stand on end from caffeine overload.  I always ask for extra whipped cream and extra chocolate.  I’m a light weight on this stuff.)

Let’s just sit here a second…the music is quiet…the fire is crackling…isn’t this nice?  Don’t you feel like an adult again?  I know, I just love coming here. You know, I’m looking forward to bringing you back in the summer.  They open the patio up – it’s gorgeous.  The big umbrellas and the fountains – they end up sounding like music.  The FLOWERS!  The whole place is just LUSH with color. I just know you’ll love that!

I’m so glad you could come today….I’ve been looking forward to it all week long.  Where shall we start?  Shall we talk about mothering?  Being a wife? chocolate? They DO have a killer chocolate tiramisu here. Finances?  God?  Natural health?  What?!  What do YOU want to talk about first?  I’m all yours.  Any wisdom I might have is yours for the picking! What shall we talk about?


Dear Ladies, I understand that you need to know I’ve been there – the likelihood is that I’ve been there and totally blown it (but still lived to tell about it)!   😉    I know you want to know I understand how you feel.  OH HONEY, believe me, I remember the feelings of those days – I don’t presume to think that I know EXACTLY how you feel (and I can assure you, you don’t want to feel the things I did.  There were days I was a total wreck.  W.R.E.C.K.) AND any wisdom – any grace – that has been granted to me, you may partake of freely.
But, what weighs most heavily?  Where do you feel like you are needing the support and encouragement to do this grand task of mothering/wife-ing/home schooling/house keeping…well, maybe not this one so much/natural health – what I lack in the other one, I can make up here/what ever else I might have forgotten…OH DUH – chocolate and coffee?   (WHAT was I thinking?!)  If, indeed, we were going to have lunch together, what specifically would you want to discuss?

Well, thanks for joining me.  I enjoyed our lunch together.  I’m looking forward to many more times like this…  Oh – you might want this, too.  Leftovers.   😉

7 Responses to “Ok, lunch is on me!”
  1. winkies6 says:

    Dawn…. You are such an awesome writer! What a beautiful picture you paint! I think that is what most moms/women want…. Someone that is going to sit down with them and just listen and encourage.

    Thank you so much for the “dinner”. It was close to being there!

  2. javadawn says:

    Honey, credit me not. 🙂 I’m describing a real place. This was a place that Jeff and I went to often when we were first married. It is the most wonderful little “hole in the wall” (meaning TINY) Italian place. They really did have a patio open in the summer with FLOWERS and umbrellas and a grape arbor and twinkle lights and fountains and marble. Sigh…Jenos, Jenos, Jenos.

    The family who ran it had 13 children…and the really FUNNY thing is, we’d been going there for probably….oh…6 yrs or so and we took my folks for Sunday morning brunch. As we walked past the owner, he said, “Hi Dave.” That is my Dad’s name. We all flipped around. This man, who had been serving us, joining us for dinner,encouraging us to dance out on the patio late at night, this man had worked with my Dad for a major computer company for 15 yrs!!! 😆 We had NO idea. I mean, I had met him all those years before, but I always called him Mr Buzz. It never occured to me that Mr Powell was Mr Buzz. We got our meal free that morning. 😀 I miss JENOS!

  3. Tiffany says:

    I really want to answer….nursing baby is keeping me from it….I’ll come back

  4. winkies6 says:

    That’s so cool. The world really is a small place. Your description is so vivid and amazing. 🙂

  5. Dawn – That was almost as good as actually getting to sit down for lunch with you:) Almost. So here’s some stuff I’d love to pick your brain about…let’s see….How can I be hospitable and serve at my church with my kiddies in tow? I know can’t “do it all” during this season of my life but I want to do something!…Here’s something. I really want my kids to do more than just “get along.” How do I help them be best friends to one another?…Okay, one more. We’re going through a season of extreme busyness. Hubby’s working crazy hours and I’m quite exhausted. What would you cut? I need to simplify and focus on the most important (the good part!), but how do I decide what that is?…I’m sure there’s more, but my all little no big mommy brain just can’t wrap around much these days:) Oh, here’s something you can really help me with! I know I need to let go of the need to impress and the perfection that goes with it! Any thoughts on how? Should I invite someone over and sit on my hands until they get here so that I don’t run around cleaning everything (like the strawberry jam from Brenna’s breakfast that is still! on the floor)?
    I guess what I’m trying to say with this very long drawn out comment is that there is just an ongoing list of stuff:) The best thing is just knowing that you are here to ask for advice or even just to listen when a new problem pops up or an old one rears it’s head again. I think the key is YOU!

  6. Michelle says:

    Mmmmm Dawn, What a DELIGHTFUL vacation from reality. This afternoon I was beginning to feel like one of those stretchy dolls that never quite make it back into shape again. The adult time was such a gift. Thanks!!

  7. Jen says:

    I finally realized I do have one question – how could a mommy of two babies help a ALNB mommy of 3? I was so discouraged when I overheard a conversation between this mommy at church Sunday. Add in that I don’t believe I’ve ever seen her smile (once maybe but when her kids weren’t around), and that there appears to be no joy…it makes me want to wrench out my heart for her. I’ve been asking the Lord what to do but have no real, tangible answer yet. I’m moving soon, ya know, so I feel even less like anything can be accomplished. :/ So, my question stands, what can I do? It will be difficult for me to approach her as I have never once talked to her in three years at church : .0 and I don’t do very well approaching new people as it is – especially non-smiling. :/

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