Violent Women Take It By Force!

He was tiny, he was beautiful and he was her’s!  Nine months she had carried this precious bundle and now he was finally here.  Daily he grew, she nurtured him and delighted in the changes he was making.  But, each night, as she went to sleep, she pondered and wept over the surely imminent demise of this sweet, small miracle at her breast.

“Oh Lord, hear the cry of your daughter! Save the life of my son.  Lord, what this man is doing is evil in Your sight – help me be strong Lord, that not only may the life of my son be saved, but the evil plans of this man be destroyed!”  As she slept, the Holy Spirit, gently began weaving a dream…a dream of weaving and pitch…and a hope was born.  The hope of a redeemer!  This mother, in a basket of reeds and pitch took the Kingdom by force!

Dear Sisters, as I was pondering on how next to impart to you the things that Father worked in my heart, Jeff was telling me how he had been meditating on this verse: “… the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force.”  As he was speaking, I realized, that’s what we’re doing.

By choosing to put relationships first, before other things in our lives, we are indeed taking the Kingdom by force.  Do not underestimate the power of love, of Christ-likeness, poured out on our families.

Having said that, please also keep in mind, that when you choose to step outside the hoops and walk in relationship, what you are doing is directly in the face of the plan the enemy has for the world.  This means you will be in direct warfare. Do not expect this to be an easy transition.  The enemy delights in keeping us racing, with eyes only on the hoops before us. When that changes, he will fight you.  Be prepared.

Here are a few things I’ve found that helped me when I was going through this process.  Be honest about where you are.  If you are sucking wind, tell someone.  Just getting it out into the light makes a huge difference. Soak and bathe yourself in the Word.  Ask the Holy Spirit to direct you to specific Scripture that will minister to your soul.  Allow for the weariness of battle.  Do NOT (I’m jumping up and down here, Ladies D.O. N.O.T.!) be surprised when you’re utterly exhausted and there is no apparent reason for it.  YOU ARE IN A BATTLE FOR THE HEARTS OF YOUR CHILDREN!

My dear Sister, be strong, remember who you go into battle for, share and carry the burden, with and of other Sisters, and take the Kingdom by force, beloved!  In His strength, our weakness is made great!

6 Responses to “Violent Women Take It By Force!”
  1. Tiffany says:

    “Do NOT (I’m jumping up and down here, Ladies D.O. N.O.T.!) be surprised when you’re utterly exhausted and there is no apparent reason for it. YOU ARE IN A BATTLE FOR THE HEARTS OF YOUR CHILDREN!”

    This jumped out at me Dawn like big, red, flashing sign. My children have been sleeping good for months, I’ve been asleep for at least 6+ hours a night for months, with usually a few hours more on either side….and yet I’m so EXHAUSTED. I’ve been doing physical things (like supplements, water, good food, etc) to remedy it. Never even occured to me that it might not be a physical issue at all.

    Wow. Lots to ponder.

  2. CONFIRMATION!!!!!!!!!

    Last night, the Lord answered my cries with a phone call from a 20 y.o. friend calling to offer her services for today.

    While she has been here, me and Baby have been holed up in my bedroom ~ praying… studying… listening. As I came out for air once, this exact thought hit me as I was walking across the room. And I do mean HIT me!

    >> Sorta changes the way I’m looking at this whole thing now. And it certainly changes how I am walking through it.

    I know He wants this one won.

  3. whimsy says:

    I totally see us locking arms (kinda Red Rover like) around all of our children in the middle.

    Our older daughters are starting to understand the battle and help us when we are weary. Sometimes the older ladies are on the front line, sometimes they step back and rest and support the others. The young children are having a grand time playing in the middle.

    It’s much easier joined together. We can encourage each other not to forget the enemy and the battle at hand.

    In times of crisis one of our sisters may need to focus her attention on a sick child, hurting husband, whatever – we are all there to cover her spot in line and bath her and her family in prayer.

    I’m glad our Father chose to design us to help each other. I’d hate to try to do this alone.

  4. javadawn says:

    “I’m glad our Father chose to design us to help each other. I’d hate to try to do this alone.”


    Julie, I’m am rejoicing that you are hearing from the Lord and getting clear direction. He is just so utterly, totally and amazingly GOOD!!

  5. mrsb says:

    I just read a wonderful piece on spiritual warfare. It was in the archived devotionals on It was called the “Power of Praise” It reminded me that choosing to focus on God, spending my time praising Him, is the safest and most effective self-protection anyone can find in the midst of warfare.

    I so much agree with your observations!!!

  6. javadawn says:

    mrsb – YES!!

    Many years ago (this will surely date me…oh wait, I manage to do that plentifully on my own, never mind) 🙄 we participated in a musical called, “We are Called” by Steve Fry (note: this is older music, but good enough that thinking about it has made me want to track it down anew!)

    One song in there goes “We clap our hands with all our might and watch the enemy be put to flight. The joy of Jesus is our strength, in Him we have our victory. Jehoshaphat, he had a war, the likes of which he’d never seen before. And when the enemy pressed him in, he praised the Lord and he began to win…” We learned early on the value of praising the Lord as warfare.

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