Javadawn Juice

Contrary to what it may sound like, this isn’t a recipe for java. This is my favorite, “everything- including-my-hair-and-toenails-ache-and-my-chest-feels-like-I-have-a-pterodactyl-sitting-on-it” flu recipe. Advertisements

Preparing the soil ~

In addition to posting questions we’d like to discuss, I’d like to ask you to post any Scripture you study/read/meditate on over the next few weeks that is helping you (or might help someone else) as we prepare to discuss grace based parenting. (The focus doesn’t need to be on parenting – but rather on … Continue reading

Inquiring minds want to know….

Got a question? Post away. (Read previous post to understand what this is.) (Please remember I live with Clark children and therefore have become quite accustomed to silly questions. Should you suddenly feel the need to know if snakes gargle or mosquitoes urinate, (two real Clark questions) by all means post your inquiry. Just be … Continue reading

From the overflow of the heart ~

The parent parents.  Dear Sisters, I have been an awful grump to my children these last couple of days.  I couldn’t figure out why. (I mean above and beyond feeling like warm dog doo) Then I realized, I was starving.  While I have been in my prayer closet often, I have not been “eating” of … Continue reading

The parable of the pastry

I have a story to share with you this morning – there are aspects of it that go hand in hand with parenting by grace and there are aspects of it that are directly in conjunction to your relationship with Father and quite frankly, there are aspects of it that are nothing more than further … Continue reading

To my Older Husband

Sweetheart, Happy Birthday! I consider every year of your life as a gift to ME. I am truly blessed above all other women. So, darling, since you’re older now, that makes you my OLDER husband!  😀   Ooooh, I love how that sounds.

Parenting by grace….

(writhing!!) There is very little that has left me human hamburger more than learning this. I feel sososososososososososososososo inadequate for helping others with this. I feel like I’m still learning. BUT, I’m game to go at it. Here’s my question for you – would it best serve you to all get a book to read … Continue reading

What is THAT?

Organic school….what is it and what does it look like?  Well, for the Clark household, it looks like  life.  It looks like children doing chores, it looks like siblings taking care of one another, it looks like family members talking and sharing thoughts, ideas and struggles.  It just looks real.

Getting down to the basics

Yesterday, Jeff and I drove past a church sign. It read, “God is faithful, Jesus will come again” I frowned as we drove by…. it seemed a totally silly thing to say for me. Of COURSE Jesus is coming again. There is no question of that in my mind….

Finding rest in the midst of a house of sick chillens

I did.  I really truly did.  Despite the sore throats, fevers and snotty noses, I have managed to rest in the care of the Lord.  Father is so gracious to have allowed me that and I know it.  (Now if I’d just find that place of rest in the midst of financial garbage….)    😉