Now, doesn’t that have a nice RING to it????!!!!!!!!!!

I’m sure it’s the lasar, rocket arm that made all the difference.

And I (quasi) quote, “Yes, it’s important to me to be the first African American coach to win the Super Bowl, but as I said before, for both Lovie Smith and I, to be Christian coaches, to show that you can do this the Lord’s way and still win….THAT is what I’m most proud of.”  I’m guessing THAT is what made the real difference, huh?!!  I’m so honored to have him represent our state.

Lord, bless Tony Dungy for his bold declaration of faith and Godliness!

15 Responses to “SUPER BOWL CHAMPS……..”
  1. Crystal says:

    Wow, what a great quote! I was rooting for da Bears of course but I’m happy for the other team now!!

    I replied to you on my blog to a comment you left on the Emily post with the pictures. I just want to make sure you see it.

    Love ya!

  2. April says:

    Congrats to you Colts fans. If the Bears weren’t playing, I would have been cheering for y’all.

    And I knew we weren’t going to win when Hester returned the opening kick. It was just too good. 😦

  3. Margie says:

    Our family watched the game with little care for who won. Since “our” Packers weren’t playing we were sorta rooting for the Bears, but didn’t mind that your team won. Several times through the game I thought to myself “Dawn must be very excited.”

    Speaking of football and Christian coaches has your family seen Facing the Giants? You absolutely must see it at your next movie night. AWESOME!!! (I might even recognize some of your quotes-LOL).

  4. javadawn says:

    Well, Margie, you must be thrilled with the news that Brett is returning! (I confess, I was surprised, but still pleased.)

    You know, of course, Packers are our 2nd favorite team…and the reason this is a no Viking zone. 🙂

  5. winkies6 says:

    I confess I didn’t watch. After the kids were in bed, I went in and sat with hubby while he watched the end of the game. Since he picked up fanhood with the Colts during the playoffs, that’s who he was rooting for. (He was quite animated during the game, I must say.) I sat down just in time for the very last play of the game and the ceremony. Impressive actions and words from the coach!

  6. whimsy says:

    Sounds almost as good as WORLD SERIES CHAMPION CARDINALS!!

    LOL I am so happy for your family and your team.

    I didn’t watch either. My girls and I watched the Devil wears Prada. We never get to watch chick flicks 🙂

  7. Mrs. Nehemiah says:

    Dawn, I have an urgent prayer request, I’ve put it on my blog, I hope I’m not committing some blog-faux-pas, but this is very important.
    Mrs N

  8. Michelle says:

    Mrs. N. Thanks for the link. I’ll pray right now.

    Dawn, Congratulations on the win…I know there is much rejoicing in the Clark home today!

    BTW, opening a can of worms here, but did anyone else find the sentimental commercials about Lovie and Tony distracting from their accomplishments or was it just me?

  9. Elissa says:

    It brought tears to my eyes when Tony Dungy said that. I am so happy for him.

  10. reneegrace says:

    I didn’t watch (sorry) but I did hear from the other room!! 🙂

    And I DID think of you , Dawn, which I thought was so funny to be thinking about this internet woman who is a crazy Colt fan, and imagining their party!!! LOL

  11. Our local paper (one of my daughters-in-law, actually) asked me to answer the question, “What was your favorite part about the Super Bowl?” and my answer was what Tony Dungy said when he accepted the trophy. Awesome! Emily and I will get to see him in Tampa on March 3-4 when he is the honorary chairman for an event we are attending. I hope we get to meet him, but I’m not holding my breath. I was so just so happy for him. God bless him!

  12. javadawn says:

    Oh Ladies, I must confess, this year’s Super Bowl was BY FAR more laid back than other year’s. The “real” game for us took place against the Patriots. We just had a pretty quiet game time…no real screaming (not like normal anyway)….it was just a quiet confidence that this was their year. Sorry to disappoint you all. 😀

    Now, the game before….we more than made up for this week. 😆

    Patricia, I will be praying that you get that opportunity to meet him. I just hope he’s dressed modestly if so. 😉 😉 (BAD me!) 😀

    By the way – I sure hope you all checked Mrs N’s blog….the prayer request she posted is utterly breathtaking!

  13. Holly says:

    Aw, Dawn…so sorry about your fainting spell at my place. I just so….don’t do sports of any kind. 🙂 Even Hoosier sports!

    I would like to ask something here, though…that perhaps some of you could answer.

    Why is such a big deal made that this was the first African American coach to have a superbowl win?

    It would not have even dawned on me…I would just say – “Hey! Good for that Coach! He must be an awesome coach!” I don’t think I would have even noticed he was African American…other than the casual observance and acknowledgement.

    I think…sometimes…by doing that – we have elevated the challenge and not honored the person so much as we have pointed out his “supposed” handicap. Why do we point out the “separateness?” Doesn’t that widen a divide?

    I just don’t get it. Anyone help me here? Aren’t we all God’s children, in God’s image, anyway?

    I’d rather just see others as PEOPLE, not as black people or otherwise…that we would see them as great coaches, as great moms, or great at whatever they do…(Would we ever say…she is the best African American Mom I’ve ever seen? Wouldn’t that imply that we didn’t think “she” could be, but golly, she went and surprised us?”)

    See? That’s why I don’t talk to Jeff during the game. I always want to know these things…RIGHT NOW! He just wants to watch. 🙂

    Thank you for asking about Nick’s teeth. He will be thrilled in the morning. They are indeed sweet.

    And finally – on a serious note – I will be praying for Mrs. Nehemiah’s prayer request. I am so sad for this dear woman. 😦

  14. Melanie says:

    Hey, Dawn…
    Just had to come back here where the comment seems to fit.
    I don’t know how long they’ve had their house decorated with such ‘beauty’ but today when I saw it, it clicked 😉 [pretty brainy, yes I be]
    But here in my own hometown there’s a house bedecked with a blue horseshoe on one side and a yellow helmet w/green G on the other (front steps). The Packer helmet has caught my eye for a while, of course, being a Packer family here… but today, Aha, a horseshoe for the Indy Colts!
    Do you have relatives here, or a second home??!! 😀
    Can it be the Packers’ turn next year, pretty please??

  15. javadawn says:

    Um….not that I’m aware of, but they definitely sound like they’re folks after our own hearts. 🙂

    As for Packers next year – SURE! Especially since I can’t imagine Brett coming back again, after this next year.

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