Homeschooling…..and the King

I feel I have the incredible privilege of calling Michelle Miller, author of TruthQuest History Guides, friend and mentor.  She has delighted me with her humor, she has challenged me with her humility and she has blessed me with her wisdom.

Last fall, she shared this with the loop of TruthQuest and I have obtained her permission to share it here, with you.  (Thank you Michelle!!)  I know you will be the better for the sharing!

As the Lord Jesus Christ continually reveals to us His unique role as our Lover-King, I am newly awed by the incredible significance of homeschooling.  In everything we do and teach, we are helping our children *know* their Lover-King.  They are learning the power He gave to words, His intelligence and cohesion in numbers, His phenomenal creativity in the arts, His wondrous design ability and power in the sciences.  And to add yet another facet to a question often asked by our children (“Why should we learn history?”), I realized that one reason is simply, yet profoundly, that we want to know the great deeds of our Lover-King! We want to know WHO He is and WHAT He has done!  He is our Great Hero, after all!  Yes, we get to walk intimately with the True Hero, and to bask in His hero tales.  It only increases our awe of our Groom, and when we go on to Heaven and walk up that aisle to be crowned by Him, we will want to *know* Him and *know* about Him as much as we can.

I pray that we can somehow teach our children in a way that is constantly building their anticipation toward that great moment…. That we can help them see that they are not learning mere facts or about the dead past, but are always learning and probing and being continually amazed by the unfolding wonders of their Lover-King, the Great Hero…what He has done, is doing and will do!

All the truly great love stories (enjoyed by our girls) and all the truly great hero stories (enjoyed by our boys) are but shadows of the REAL saga.  Let us make sure our children understand what it will be like to be wed to the GREAT KING!  To be given a Holy sword by the GREAT HERO! Of course, our honor and love for Him will overflow, for we are the humble ones He has saved and lifted up by His grace.  We will walk amongst the stars with our Lover-Hero-King, and while we are waiting, our anticipation only builds as we uncover more and more about what He has done and Who we will become ONE with!  We are not learning history, we are learning the Hero Tales of the Great Hero!  We are learning the Love Story of the Great Lover!

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  1. deborah says:

    thanks, dawn, for posting this.

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