Opportunity for prayer….

ReneeFL sent me this information:

A couple of homeschool families were seriously touched by the tornado activity here in central Florida. Sixteen year-old Aaron Sluss (only child) lost both his parents when the tornado went through his neighborhood.  He had some surgery on a few non-life threatening injuries and appears to be doing well so far.  Another family, Jerry, Jo-Ellen & Laura Smith, lost everything but their lives.  The community is rallying around them but I know they would appreciate the prayers as they go on from here.

I am certain you will want to join me in holding these fellow sojourners up in prayer.  (My heart aches, even as I write this!)

Thank you Ladies ~

2 Responses to “Opportunity for prayer….”
  1. Deanne says:

    We will certainly pray that Father God will hold up these families in ways that only He can comfort them. So tragic, may God mighty hand reach down and comfort those who have lost family and friends. May those who have lost homes find comfort in temporary homes. May the church come alive and come along side those with losses.


  2. ReneeFL says:

    Thanks, Dawn for posting this. I attended the memorial service for Aaron’s parents on Friday along with about 500 others who had come to honor their lives — their commitment to family, homeschooling, a strong work ethic, and most of their love for God. The thing that stuck out the most from all who spoke (family, friends and pastors) was the Godly legacy that Mike & Melinda left their son. I think the next big step will be deciding where he’ll live. There are close family friends who will probably become his legal guardians so he can continue to be homeschooled and live in this area.

    The Smith family will be trying to rebuild their home — first clearing the homestead and building from scratch. They are in need of an architect to work with them.

    Thanks for praying for these families.

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