Longing for and finding anapauo

Perhaps you’re wondering what anapauo is….it’s rest. There are a few different definitions I found: 1. To cease or permit one to cease from any movement or labor in order to recover and collect his strength. 2. To give rest, refresh, to give one’s self rest, take rest. 3. To keep quiet, of calm and patient expectation.”

For the women who shared their deep and aching weariness with me, there isn’t one of them who wouldn’t long for anapauo.

Today, with a house with sick Littles (and miscellaneous Bigs) I holed myself up on the recliner with my Bible and the concordance and my Bible dictionary and a fussy baby. Together, Father and I studied “rest.”  I asked Him to teach me what was needful that I, and others like me, might find rest and stop being tired.

The first thing I noted was the need for relationship with the Lord, in order to have rest.  This is a given for me.  (As mentioned before, I am a mess without a regular, daily quiet time with Father.  It is simply not optional.)  Reading this made me mindful to ask the Holy Spirit to search me – show me any ungodly thing in me that needs addressing.

The next thing I noticed was the need for Sabbath.  (Gulp)  We have been very negligent at getting a true Sabbath time in.  Now, I want to pause here and say, I’m not talking about doing dinner a certain way, or breaking bread together or sharing juice/wine.  I’m talking about ceasing from the business and busyness of the week.

May I say that I think getting a Sabbath rest is particularly difficult for modern Christians?  Some how our Sabbath – generally Sunday – becomes the busiest, most insane day of the week.  (At least that has been our experience.)  Because of this, I feel we must be all the more attentive to creatively finding a way to rest. REST – ceasing from working, not “slowing down some.”  Our bodies were created with a need to rest.

So, these are my first two questions – are you running to your Father’s arms, to find rest?  He promises that if we come to Him, weary of labor and heavy laden, He WILL give us rest.  Jesus called His disciples to “Come away to a desolate place and rest a while.”  Are you getting to that desolate place with Him?

And secondly, are you getting your Sabbath rest in?  (Again, don’t get hung up on externals!  The Sabbath was created for man, not man for the Sabbath!!!)

I have a few other things I found, while digging into the Word with Father.  (Not to mention I got some clarity on what I want to share about homeschooling.)    🙂   Productive afternoon, eh?  I’ll plan on sharing some more tomorrow.

6 Responses to “Longing for and finding anapauo”
  1. Violet says:

    Dearest Dawn, thank you for this! Juxtaposed next to this beautiful anapauo are these words “Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me…” Now at first glance taking up a yoke doesn’t sound too restful to me. But the Lord has been showing me recently that much of my weariness and exhaustion comes because I push and pull against His yoke, rather than walk quietly alongside Him as He takes the lead and pulls the major weight. The only time I am rubbed raw and bruised is when I’m going (or trying to anyway) in a different direction.

    I’m realizing that along with finding rest while still bearing a yoke (His shared yoke), my spirit basks in His presence and constant communion even though I don’t always get away to a solitary place. I covet those “table for two” times, but am not devastated when they can’t be managed as often as I would wish, “for He hath said, I will never leave you nor forsake you.” If I’m with Him in the yoke, it’s ok.

  2. javadawn says:

    Violet, that verse has always astounded me! True rest only comes once we enter the yoke, as best I can tell. I love the picture that presents, though. Not only must we walk in His pace, but as you pointed out so beautifully – it pulls us in close for constant communion with Him, as well. More Truth in the upside down Kingdom. 🙂

    Perhaps because I’ve missed two days in a row, it seemed like I couldn’t get back into my prayer closet fast enough this morning. 🙂 Even though I had “communion” with Father over the past few days, I didn’t have COMMUNION – with nothing to draw my eyes from Him. Sigh….it was good to get back there this morning.

  3. valerie says:

    Sunday for us is a workday. We found ourselves getting a little annoyed, and a little resentful at times on a Sunday when we were preparing for church (me getting the kids ministry ready, and DH getting music stuff ready) then at church an hour and a half before the meeting for rehearsal, setting up the kids’ room, prayer etc, and staggering home an hour after, after packing up and cleaning up and so on. Sometimes, 6 or 7 hours of our day on a Sunday is spent at church. We were like, ‘Isn’t this our WEEKEND? Hello! Aren’t we supposed to be resting from work?” Our Sunday is insanely busy!

    DH did a bit of a double take when the Lord showed him that He advocated six days of work, one day of rest. Sunday was a day of work – we are building a ministry, building into the kingdom (not that we don’t do this on other days, but Sunday is the main meeting day….yada yada). he showed us that SATURDAY can be our day of rest.

    So, on a Saturday, we try to do something special together – go out for breakfast, go walking in the bush, go to the beach, relax with the papers at home, and sometimes socialise or entertain in the evenings with friends. NO ministry takes place on that day. It is about our only day where that doesn’t happen. I don’t see the sabbath as being a day where you pray all day or read the word all day – that should be what we do all the time, not just on a special day, kwim? I think in this day and age, and in our culture, sabbath is a day for resting, withdrawing, being – time with dear ones, time to think.

    We love Sundays again now, because of that shift in perspective. We are not ‘owed’ a rest – we are contributing to the work of the kingdom, and that takes time and energy and laying down of our lives. No more ‘two day weekends!’

    Of course, Saturdays have been mad lately too, what with the mammoth clean-up for the home-open etc, but life is like that – you have to hold things in the palm of your open hand, not tightly closed, up to your chest. It hurts too much when the Lord takes something from you if your hand is closed! Everything He gives us (including rest) is a gift, not our ‘right’. I really believe we have no ‘rights’ as Christians – just the grace of God in all circumstances. (Preaching to myself here).

    love, Val

    (who is enjoying an unexpected rest on a Friday, home from work with a cold!)

  4. Michelle says:

    Quietly weeping. Will meditate on it tonight. Anxious to hear what the Father lays on your heart tomorrow.

  5. whimsy says:

    VIOLET! – I was just getting ready to post the same thing. (although not said quite as well) 🙂

    I am struggling and feeling unrested because I am NOT leaning on God. I’m taking the part of the yoke designed for Him and trying to carry it on my back. Things I should give to Him and leave to Him, I keep picking back up.

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