Getting down to the basics

Yesterday, Jeff and I drove past a church sign. It read, “God is faithful, Jesus will come again” I frowned as we drove by…. it seemed a totally silly thing to say for me. Of COURSE Jesus is coming again. There is no question of that in my mind….

I do not, for one second, doubt that Jesus will be coming again and I was truly, truly confused why they were linking His return to God’s faithfulness. There is not a day that passes that I do not think of His return, nor a day that I struggle with that Truth, I am that certain of it….so why was this a puzzlement to me? Why did their linking of this ESSENTIAL Truth with God’s faithfulness throw me? When did the very bare bones of my faith get lost in the shuffle of daily living?

Ten minutes before that, should you have asked me if God was faithful, I would have said “Yes.” I would have listed many things that revealed His faithfulness, all of them minute daily details. And, I would have likely even confessed that there are times I struggle with holding fast to His goodness, in the midst of His faithfulness. (Not that He isn’t good, but that I have sometimes have a hard time remembering that all things are His goodness – trials or not.) But, in my list, I would not have included the return of my Savior. Why?!!!! What is more evident of His faithfulness than THAT?

What else have I lost sight of, I wonder? What about you? Would you have put those two together that intrinsically? I tell you, it makes me wonder, what other deep Truths am I not linking in my heart or head?

(Edit: This reminds me, the more I think about it, of the time when I was facing death (literally) and called a friend and said, “I’ve been praying and praying, asking the Lord to give me the faith I need to die.  I do not have ANY faith.”  She started laughing at me.  I was BEFUDDLED to the hilt.  She said, “You silly thing, you’re PRAYING.  If you really had no faith, you wouldn’t be praying, now would you?”  DUH.  What mental “disease” is this?)

3 Responses to “Getting down to the basics”
  1. Michelle says:

    I think you’re being a little hard on yourself, Dawn. First of all, there are plenty of people (and pastors too for that matter) for which the return of Christ is not a foregone conclusion. They need to be told. They need to be reminded when they watch the evening news (if anybody still does that anymore) that it’ll all be right in the end. In addition, you are living moment by moment with the Master. The reason His return didn’t immediately come to mind as evidence of his faithfulness is because your cup runneth over with evidence already.

  2. Laura says:

    Hi Mrs Clark! 🙂
    Danica gave me the link to your blog. I really like it so far! I’m trying to convince my parents to let me set one up…lol

  3. javadawn says:

    Michelle, Thanks my friend, I wasn’t really being “hard” on myself, I was just puzzled as to why that didn’t come immediately to my mind, as a natural flow… ???

    Laura, Hello my dear! Are we allowed to “talk” outside of IM??? 😉

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