From the overflow of the heart ~

The parent parents.  Dear Sisters, I have been an awful grump to my children these last couple of days.  I couldn’t figure out why. (I mean above and beyond feeling like warm dog doo) Then I realized, I was starving.  While I have been in my prayer closet often, I have not been “eating” of the Word.

I would like to suggest the following things, if I might – one, I would like to suggest we all obtain a copy of Turansky/Miller’s book about whining and complaining.  (I’m too tired to track down the whole title for you – sorry)  I would like to suggest we get it and plan on starting a discussion of chapter one in 2 wks from yesterday.  (That should allow time for shipping and reading…and I suspect you won’t read just one chapter, either.  😆  I know I sure didn’t.) If after starting into this, you all (or the general consensus is) feel that we can do more than one chapter per week, let’s go after it.

Until then, let’s read through Proverbs.  There is much wisdom there and since we’re seeking the wisdom of God, I’d say that would be a good start for us all.  (I would suggest you take notes.  If we’re doing this to prepare our hearts and make them soft ground, I think it wise to assume that Father will quicken things to us, as we read.)

Beyond that, let’s start throwing some of our deepest, heartfelt questions out, regarding GBP.  I’ll start a thread that you can just post your questions.  We can pray for one another’s questions – and see what Father wants to do with us.  🙂

IF you can not afford to buy your own book, please email me at my email at javamama7 at gmail dot com.  I have spoken to someone who would be willing to help with this project.  (Sorry, they’re not willing to make a money back guarantee on the books, though)   😉

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an appointment with my Lord and His Word.  I need a heart transplant – mine has been yukky.

Blessings to you all –

2 Responses to “From the overflow of the heart ~”
  1. Jenna says:

    Peachy. 😮 ) I just put in my order for the book. In the meantime, Proverbs is always like a tall glass of water….

  2. I can’t wait to start – I’m off to order my book!

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