Smelling like my man ~ (In a GOOD way!)

Several years ago a dear friend of ours suffered a major heart attack and died.  He left behind his wonderful wife and 3 children.  Ted and Suzy just always seemed to fit so well together.  They were such an incredible team.  It just didn’t seem like Suzy could possibly continue without the other half of … Continue reading

Once Upon a Time…..

I used to blog at this site.  In fact, I had quite the little soporific blog here.   🙂  

Whining….Chapter 3

Ladies, this week is quickly dissolving into chaos.  I do not want you all waiting on ME!  Post away your comments regarding this chapter.  I found it to be the beginning of “the feet.”  (As in, “Put feet to that.”)  Your thoughts????

HUH? What time is it?

Those were the first words out of my mouth when I woke up this morning. 😕 Last night was fraught with an awake baby. (F.R.A.U.G.H.T.) So, when she finally went into a sound sleep at 6 am, I laid down for “just a few minutes” (since I had less than 4 hrs sleep – and … Continue reading

If you haven’t already….

check out the National Center for Biblical Parenting.  Be sure to sign up to receive their parenting tips.  Good stuff!

How is everyone doing

processing what you’re reading so far?  Are you seeing areas that you want to change?  Can you see how to make those changes?  Are you getting a vision for what it means to parent by grace?  Do you see how grace and mercy must be intertwined as we parent? How is the processing going?!!

Tactical Ops Engineer

This last week has been very interesting. I have been reminded afresh of what a battle the Christian life is called to be. I can get caught up in the daily living and forget that this time here on Earth is really one of spiritual warfare. (I’m not just talking of one that would entail … Continue reading

Quick question for you all ~

Is there any topic, other than grace based parenting that you’d like to have as on “off-day” discussion? Is there a way that we can take the discussion of gbp and expand it to be of more help to you?  How can I serve you, dear ones?

Honor Changes People

Honor defined: Treating people as special, doing more than what’s expected and having a good attitude.  Using this definition, how is your family doing with honor?  How are you doing with honor – to you kiddos?  to your hubby? 

Returning from holiday…..

Quote-idiots!!  This week I’ll list some quotes from the Bigs movie that we’ll be watching this weekend.  (Okay, that Jeff and the Bigs will be watching!  It’s just not a favorite of mine.)