One last heads up!

Tomorrow, I’m going to place the order for the books from Amazon.  If there is anyone else that is needing some help with the purchase of this book, please email me at javamama7 at gmail dot com.  I would LOVE to help you out.

Please remember who you’re dealing with here – we have been struggling with money SO much in the last year, that when this person offered to help, I jumped at the opportunity to let them bless you all.  DO NOT LET PRIDE KEEP YOU FROM TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THIS. DONOTDONOTDONOT!!!!!!

6 Responses to “One last heads up!”
  1. molleth says:

    I missed the book announcement…which book did you all decide on (so I can see if I have it already-lol)?

  2. Michelle says:


    It’s T&M “Say goodbye to whining…” (or at least I hope it is because that’s the one I ordered!! ;o) We are also supposed to be reading through the book of Proverbs.

  3. javadawn says:

    Well, Molls, if you’d stick to reading current stuff, rather than going back and reading OLD stuff, you’d know. 😉 😆

    (Says she who got BUSTED!)

  4. Tiffany says:

    Ack- my email is down! Iwould love to get in on the book order though.

  5. Susan says:

    When are you starting it?

  6. DawnP says:

    A week from Monday, Susan.

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