That lying little rodent!

As I sit here, I can hear the wind howling (it sounds like the Nazgul!!) and the snow is blowing enough that I can’t see down the road.  I know they said that little ground hog said spring was coming early, but I think he’s LYING!  😉

Having said that, I have found a little tidbit that is just reeking spring and I want to share it with someone else.  (You AK folks are the ones I thought of MOST)  Please share with us what you love most about spring – and next Fri, I’ll randomly choose a name and send you my little tidbit.  (Sorry, haven’t figured out a way to box sunshine and send it, AK friends!!)

21 Responses to “That lying little rodent!”
  1. winkies6 says:

    Oooooh, I LOVE the croci with the beautiful colors, the daffodils and tulips. I love Easter and all the cute dresses the girls wear. I love walking out of the house with no heavy coat on. Thunderstorms. I hope that’s enough. LOL

    Dawn, I just want to recognize what a true blessing you have been to me and I know to several others here. I appreciate you taking the time to pour forth the words the Lord has given you. I love the reality spin that you give things. 🙂 ((HUGS))

  2. Michelle says:

    Dawn, considering your attitude toward Punxatawny (sp.?) Phil, I HAD to pass along this anecdote from a marketing newsletter my dh receives…

    “In one conversation earlier this week, with a large amount of confidence, one producer client was adamant that we WILL have a late spring, and thus, corn values will continue to move higher. His reasons you ask? ‘The Barn Cats, just this past weekend, started breeding. For 35 to 40 years, they generally start in late January, but it’s just starting now. Whether the cold weather had anything to do with it or not, they just started. That’s as good anindicator of spring as anything else’, he says. So there you have it, nature at work! We’re to expect a late kitten crop this spring…”

    Now I don’t know whether it’ll be an early or late spring; and we went from flooded roads to heavy snow drifts in less than 24 hrs, but I CAN tell you the Barn Cats HAVE just started breeding. I can hear them all the way across the yard!

  3. javadawn says:

    Michelle, so you’re saying your favorite part of spring is the barn cats breeding??!!! 😉

    Winkies – thank you my dear – you’re most gracious and kind!

  4. Lynn says:

    We’ve had lots of sunshine, Dawn. Normally I prefer cloudy days in winter because the clouds insulate us and keep the temps warmer. But in spite of the colder weather, I’m loving the longer, sunny days. We’re gaining over 5 minutes of daylight each day now and that adds up quickly.

    I’d have to say my favorite thing about spring is the hope that summer will follow. Alaskan springs are all about mud – seems like 2 months worth of mud. But after the mud we have “summer” days that last forever. They’re full of fishing, gardening, picnicking, croquet, volleyball, softball, hoccer, walks on the beach, and lots of time with friends enjoying the long days.

    In Indiana I loved all the new life each spring – daffodils, dogwoods, mushroom hunting and the smell of green.

  5. Susan PA says:

    We have two March birthdays. I love the daffodils (which we often have by the end of the month) — and I LOVED sitting on our porch the year our fifth-born came (on the 27th). I was able to sit outside holding my newborn and enjoy the lovely warm spring the day after he was born. THAT was a wonderful spring! 😀

    In Jesus, Susan

  6. Michelle says:

    Uhhhh….NO!!! Breeding cats totally creep me out with the unnatural noise and the behinds up in the air. I just thought it was a funny way to predict the weather.

    My favorite part of spring would have to be the warm spring breezes that smell so sweet and softly carress my face and the luxurious feeling of going outside without my entire body tensing up from the onslaught of the cold. Warm sunshine on my skin…like a loving hug from my Heavenly Father.

  7. Melanie says:

    Hey Susan =)
    Our 5th was born on the 27th also — almost 7 years ago … and then 6th came 2 years later on the 28th … Happy birthdays to y’all, too! 😉

    ummm, spring??? I’ll have to *think* on this one now that the wind is softening to its average Iowa breeze…

    Okay – soil (dirt in its proper place). I love the smell of it {no anhydrous, thank you!} I would love to skip the mud season, too, and go straight to ’tillable’ gardens. 🙂
    We *need* some spring bulbs in our yard, but I’m thankful to have a redbud and some white-flowered trees {that make me sneeze 😦 }

  8. Susan PA says:

    Hey Melanie! Congratulations to you too! 🙂

    Ours is almost 15!! (make the little bug-eyes guy here) (my FIFTH is almost 15!!!)

    Our other March b-day will be 9 in mid-March, and it was still COLD the year she was born.


  9. (Hands waving wildly!)

    Dirt!!!! Dirt!!! Dirt, dirt, dirt!!!

    My all-time absolute wonderfulest, favoritest thing about Spring is dirt under my fingernails!

    I LOOOOOVE playing in the dirt…in the garden, of course. I actually have hopes of turning over my garden this very week, Lord willing and the creeks don’t rise.

  10. valerie says:

    We’re going into autumn, not spring, so I’m not eligible (not that our winter really IS winter, anyway! lol!) but what I love is being surrounded by purple in the spring time. Spring time around here means the jacarandas and the agapanthus bloom, in all their purple glory, and walking or driving up and down the streets is like being in a purple dream. The flowers plop down like purple rain, and the colour is just amazing. Such beauty feeds the soul.


    (ps: how many times did I use the word, ‘purple’?? 🙂 )

  11. Julie – WHAT? Turning over your garden?

    SIGH. (Not a sad little sigh, but an impatient sigh! LOUDLY!)

    We are still having ice, snow, and winter storms!

    My favorite thing about spring, Dawn, is NOT having to deal with coats, snowsuits, boots, hats and mittens on a gazillion children EVERY time you step outside of the door. And NOT having to struggle to buckle them into their carseats when you AND they are layered to the size of snowmen.

    The second thing is the alleviation of chapped winter skin on little children.

    Love, Love, Love soft warm breezes and flowers poking thru the soil.

  12. No, no, no…not that kind of turn over the garden. Not the “something else on my to-do list” kinda thing…this ~ THIS ~ is therapy!

    Playing in the dirt to me is like chocolate and coffee is to dawn.

    I blow off chores and make every excuse I can to go play in the dirt. This, for me is the ultimate in FUN.

    I grew up in the inner city just dreaming of the chance to do this. Don’t worry. Really ~ I’m not backsliding.

  13. Sarah says:

    Each spring for the past 4 years, my two angels have gasped with delight over the tiny buds that spring out overnight to cover our two pear trees with potential. At a tiny 19 months, our sweet daughter stood under them grasping at branches to grab down a bud and giggling ’til it doubled her over. Now that they’re both big enough to reach those lower branches, they’ll pull them down to stare at the buds and smell the “future flowers.” It’s so precious! And what an opportunity to tell them about new life, the regeneration we find in Christ, the privilege of being made into what we could never on our own become — it’s our favorite miracle of spring!

  14. mamashortcake says:

    My favorite thing about spring….. celebrating the Resurrection.

    Now if only our family would get well enough to do anything besides mope around and wash dirty laundry. All three boys are sick now, and someone has been sick nonstop since the beginning of January. Mama is too tired from being up with sick little ones to even think of how to celebrate.

    One more thing I just thought of..the farmer’s market :). It opens here the end of this month….oh how I can’t wait – broccoli and lettuce first, then tomatoes, squash, luscious melons and OOHHH the blueberries 😀

  15. Violet says:

    The past two days we have had sunshine and temperatures in the low 60s. More rain is predicted for tomorrow, but this break was long enough for me to wash my sheets and hang them out t0 dry in the fresh air. Can’t wait to crawl between them tonight and just sniff to my heart’s content. Besides the fresh air and sunshine, I love the azaleas, daffodils, budding fruit trees, and generalized revival of what has been dormant during winter. My spirit is renewed with the promise of fresh, new life.

  16. April says:

    I love when the forsythia and dogwood and redbud arrive. When I was in seminary in Kentucky, my favorite springtime activity in April was to drive through the bluffs by the Kentucky river and see the bright green on the new trees, the brilliant yellow of the forsythia, the soft pink and white of the dogwood, and the magenta of the rosebud shooting forth from limestone cliffs with their sparkling miniature waterfalls. I always yearn to return around this time of year. Someday…

  17. I don’t actually like spring too much…so what I LOVE about spring, is that SUMMER is just around the corner!

    I’m a summer gal…love my beach, pool, bathingsuit-flip flop days!!!! Spring is still too “cool” but at least we’re gettin’ somewhere!

  18. reneegrace says:

    Spring… my favorite thing ever is the green buds showing up on the trees… EVERY day the view changes… even if there are piles of yet unmelted snow, those buds are growing, and the leaves are growing and multiplying… sometimes here in Alaska, a tree at the beginning of the day looks different by the end of the day.

    And the promise that summer is coming, and one day I won’t have to wear a jacket.

  19. Deanne says:

    Spring: I think all winter I have been waiting for it. It truely is my favorite season. The buds on my ornamental pear trees are just beginning to peek out with signs of new life. The birds are flying around and begging for more food. The barn swallows return and the Canadian geese are heading north. I don’t know why but I just love to watch the Canadian geese. They just look like they cheer each other on which is actually exactly what they are doing. When the leader gets tired someone else takes over. But you know what even the one in the back is cheering the ones in the front on. So often we look at the one who leads and forget that He (our heavenly Father) cheers us on. No more grey skies, just rain, then sun and daffodils popping out even along some highways. I am getting carried away but I am not sure I have ever been this anxious for Spring. It seems to bring new life to a sleep tired spirit. Let the school and house work rest and watch clouds or birds.
    Blessing to you Dawn

  20. Mrs. Nehemiah says:

    my birthday, Easter and Daffy-dills.(can;t spell today) {nor punctuate neither}
    Mrs N

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