We regret to inform you ~

that due to a security breach in our system, your name, social security number, your address and dependents names and birthdays were all potentially illegally accessed.  They didn’t however, have access to your phone number, your birth-date or your dependent’s social security numbers or your dental records.  Have a good day and man, we’re sure sorry this happened.”  ???  A good day?  A good day has to involve extra hot mocha…doesn’t it? This is the third such notice we have received in the last 2 1/2 months.  One came from our insurance company and another from our bank, resulting in the need to close out our checking accounts and having new numbers issued – debit cards and all.  (We have a LOT of things tied to our checking accounts, not the least would be the automatic withdrawal of many bills.  We are finding out this month exactly how many things that would be.)   🙄

Speaking as someone who worked in both the banking and the medical industries, this just boggles my mind.  The bookkeeping alone, required to change and correct all that was leaked, is simply beyond my ken – but the fact that the likelihood is good that there were security measures in place that were thought to be quite effective, and yet the breach still occurred.  It’s certainly interesting how someone can slither into such small places to wreak such horrid havoc.

I experienced this in real life this week.  On several fronts.  One front is health wise.  I am pretty confident that I have fluid in my middle ear.  It is causing the room to sway and me to experience dizziness, ever since having been sick last week.  One little tiny misaligned – or swollen – tube in my inner ear and the whole of me is down.

But, another front is the one of fear.  We experienced something this week, (and it’s only TUES!!!) that has allowed me to see that fear has begun to sneak back into my life and affect my thinking.  I responded to Jeff in a way, last night, that made that quite evident.

It never ceases to amaze me that fear can be so insidious.  It never ceases to amaze me how gullible I am to falling for it.  (Which just annoys the socks off of me.)

Fear is something that I have battled my entire life.  I do believe that it is a generational sin.  (Remember, I’m the one who had a great grandmother that would sit on a wooden chair, with each leg of the chair in a glass pint jar, to keep from being hit by lightening?!!!) My Mom struggled with it until the day she died.  It is something that I believe the Lord wants me to do battle with and end HERE – so that my daughters (it only seems to run in the women, for some reason) don’t have to wrestle with it, like I have.

Dear ones, if you too, find that fear is dogging your steps, I’d like to offer a few tips that the Holy Spirit has graciously taught me:  One, be willing to acknowledge that if you are struggling with fear, that it is sin.  For the majority of my life, I believed that fear’s attacks on me meant I was nothing but a victim.  By continuing to believe that, I was left “free” for attack.  By owning up to my willingness to participate in fear, I was putting a stop to the “lay down and be beat up” mentality that allowed fear to have at me.

Two, if you are having thoughts that are fill you to fear to the point of panic, you can be rest assured that they are lies.  IF Father has something to speak to you that is frightening, He will provide the peace that passes all understanding.  Does this mean we won’t be afraid when we hear something scary?  Not necessarily, but we sure need to stop and take it to the Lord.  He desires to uphold us in Himself – HE is our Peace.  If some measure of peace does not come, do battle for it is fear.

Three, learn what the Word has to say about fear.  Memorize it.  It will stand by you well, when you are engaged in taking your thoughts captive against the adversary fear.

Four, get it out into the light.  Even if it’s nothing more than writing it in your prayer journal.  Fear thrives on darkness.  It is allowed to magnify itself and make itself greater, by hiding in the recesses of your heart and mind.  Speaking it aloud – or admitting what is plaguing you – will go a long way to destroying its power over you. (And if writing it in your prayer journal doesn’t help – tell someone. I don’t care how much of an idiot you feel like when you do it – your soul’s health is worth feeling like a complete and total dope.  I know this for a fact.)   🙂

Five, you’re going to have to purpose in your heart to not allow your emotions to run you.  Emotions are a precious gift from Father, which of course means that the enemy desires to pervert them – causing us to live by them, rather than with them.  Fear LOVES to get control of your emotions and run you ragged.  (Been there, done that!!!!!!!!!)

Dear one, you have been given freedom from fear in Christ Jesus.  He came to take dominion over every stronghold and principality.  Run to your High Tower, that He might provide a safe place for you.

To His glory, for our good!  Blessed be the Name of the Lord!!!

12 Responses to “We regret to inform you ~”
  1. reneegrace says:


    This is awesome… I don’t struggle with fear, but I struggle with other things, and these points are SO SO true… (obviously you knew that! ) 🙂

    I had never thought of “negative emotions” as sins before… just as… emotions… and yet hidden away, they fester and become so out of control!!

    I think Satan has such a hay day with our hidden sins, because then he can tell us so many lies about them, and we wallow, and we indulge in self pity, and we magnify and glorify them… which sounds CRAZY – and yet I do / have done it!!

    ok, done ranting… thanks!

  2. winkies6 says:

    Are you writing this to me? Ok, I certainly know that is not true, or else you would just email it to me. LOL

    Thank you. You know I have been struggling with this so much lately. Something I never realized (either) is that fear is sin, especially when entertained. Well, I’ve done a whole lot of that lately. Funny how I didn’t really start to feel less fearful until I told my mom what was going on in my life. (I was kind of keeping it in the dark.)


    Thank you Holy Spirit for giving Dawn the words to say!

  3. javadawn says:

    Oh winkies, 🙂 You’re right – if I were writing to you, I would have sent it directly. I didn’t know who I was writing to – I just knew that I needed to write it. (And to be honest? I really wasn’t too thrilled with once again proving what a dope I am.) 🙄

    ReneeGrace, for me, fear is not only a negative emotion I end up hiding, it is an open declaration that I am not trusting my Lord to take care of me or the situation or whatever is causing the fear to rise up. I simply used to write the whole deal off as “Oh, I’m struggling with fear.” There was no acknowledgement of the state of my heart. 😦

    In addition, I think, especially for women, since we feel so deeply, anytime our emotions are intense enough to be the determining cause of our lives, there’s a good chance (ok, for me at any rate) that we are operating in the flesh rather than by the Spirit. (Now, when I’m in the throes of that, you just TRY to convince me of it. 🙄 I suggest you run and hide when you do, though.) 😉

  4. Violet says:

    Dawn, all I can say is thank you so much for this.

  5. Holly says:

    I am so sorry you have been sick.

    Are you feeling any better?

  6. whimsy says:

    I have been WAY too familiar with fear. My DH doesn’t understand it either. I am no longer giving it a place in my life.

  7. javadawn says:

    GOOD GIRL WHIMSY!!!! I hate fear and I hate what it does to people and I hate what I become when I am not seeing it for what it is and doing battle against it.

  8. javadawn says:

    Holly – thanks my dear, I am doing better. I seem to have added this lovely middle ear infection – which leaves me rocking with vertigo. 😦 (I’ve only had vertigo once in my life – it was a part of a flu bug I got from visiting in the hospital….it’s a nasty thing for someone who gets motion sick riding the merry-go-round) 😆 BUT, I’ve been dealing with that with essential oils all day – and it’s MUCH better. (Thank you Violet!!) Thanks for asking, dear one.

    Violet, I’m nothing but the vessel, my dear – and a clay one at that. 🙂 I’m so glad you were ministered to by it. So often you are the one doing the ministry.

  9. Patricia says:

    Dawn, that was soooooooo good! I believe fear is the emotion the enemy uses most often to attack us – especially women, and the renewing of our minds with the Truth is the sword that can slay it/him. I have been praying for you, dear friend – how are you feeling today?

  10. javadawn says:

    Patricia, Thanks for asking – I’m doing better. I’ve been using oils on my middle ear and I can go through most of the day without the room tipping and me tipping with it. 🙂
    As for the fear part, I’m doing well with that, too. The key for me, anymore, is simply recognizing what I have going on. (Which I can be rather slow on the uptake on.) 🙄

  11. Praying…and agreeing with you that the generational cycle ends here!

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