The Importance of Good Shoes

The shoes were OH SO CUTE.  They would match my dress perfectly.  Granted, they were a little pricey, but…did I mention they were oh so cute?  After looking at what felt like 120,000 other pairs, I succumbed and bought the oh so cute shoes.

The only problem was – they rubbed.  They had some funny little place on the side that kept rubbing against my ankle.  As the evening wore on, the rubbing became more and more irritating, until by the end of the night, I could hardly walk.

Because these adorable totally oh so cute shoes were now rubbing my foot in a very uncomfortable way, I loosened the ankle strap holding them on.  This would have been fine, if only there hadn’t been torrential rains while we were inside for dinner.

You see, between our car and the door, there was a puddle.  Or so it seemed.  In reality, it was a sink hole in the parking lot that only LOOKED like an innocuous puddle.  It was huge, there was NO stepping around it.  I gingerly stepped into it, only to have the water WHOOSH my loosened oh so cute shoe away.

Now I don’t know about you, but I always prefer to appear to have my act together when dining with my husband’s new boss….at a very expensive restaurant.  And bending down, in the rain, elbow deep in a mud puddle searching for the other half of a pair of expensive shoes just didn’t seem to present the elegant picture I had hoped to leave them with.  Sigh….vanity thy name is DAWN!

You see, my oh so cute shoes (which were never the same after spending time soaking under water, I might add) were shoes that I chose based strictly on emotional appeal.  I liked them.  I liked them alot.  (Digression:  Does anyone else have that one pair of shoes that sticks in their mind?!!  Right after Jeff got laid off – we had just had baby #4 when he got caught in a battle of the brothers in the company he was working for – so, since he wasn’t working, we went to visit my folks in Kansas City, MO.  While there, we went to the Dillards outlet.  Sitting on the shelf in the shoes department was a pair of Italian kid leather beige pumps.  I can still see them, feel them and smell them.  They were the most sensual pair of shoes I have ever seen in my life.  They were also $189 in the outlet store.  Read: $500 regular price. Even if we had had the extra money, I wouldn’t have taken them – it would simply have been too heinous a fate to think of those beautiful shoes with blops of baby barf on them.  <shudder>  I did say digression, right??!!)

I find that there are things in my life that I choose based on the same reasoning.  I like how something looks.  I like how it looks to my other homeschooling moms when they see I’m doing such and such curriculum.  I like how it looks to others when my children are able to discuss “Godel, Escher, Bach” – a book that a few of them read for fun.  (NOTE: I said MY CHILDREN…not me.  I haven’t read any of it yet. Just Jeff and his brainiacs.)  Likewise, there are things that I DO that are based on how they look – both to me and to others.  Either things that I think I should be doing or things that I think make me look good.

The Lord has been dealing with many areas of my life requiring sanctification.  (It’s just because I have so many areas that need it, I guess.)  The whole concept of knowing how to structure our days has been one He has hit on several times.

Recently, I had this picture of a sandal in my head – and the Lord began to use it to speak to me about how not having things in their proper order is like walking with a shoe that rubs.  He took me to Proverbs 9:1.  ” Wisdom has built her house, She has hewn out her seven pillars.”  Then He gave me (us) seven areas of our lives that need our attention.  Seven areas that we need to make certain we are attending to, as equally as possible, so that we might walk well.  And He gave it all to me, drawn out on a sandal.

For the next little while, I’d like to share with you the seven areas that the Lord shared with me.  Understand that I do not think we have the end all of wisdom.  I am just hopeful that this might help someone else, as much as it has helped me.  I also want to clarify that even as I say, “we need to make certain we are attending to, as equally as possible” that there are seasons that one or more areas of your life will have more attention than the others.  And just like I spent a goodly amount of the evening hobbling around pretty well, we can get by doing that for awhile.  But, to allow it to go on for “too long” and not bring the others into balance will result in a walk that is limping.

Jeff and I needed a way to remember the seven areas clearly.  The Lord graciously laid the acronym “IN FAITH” on Jeff’s heart, so we could remember exactly how it is that He is calling us to walk.  Tomorrow I’ll tackle “I.”  Until then, take your shoes off and rub your feet – mine are hurting just remembering that night of ouchy shoes!!!  🙂

For the King and the Kingdom!   ~Dawn

2 Responses to “The Importance of Good Shoes”
  1. mamashortcake says:

    Go Dawn!! Can’t wait to hear about it all. I also told DH about the new website y’all (I’m in the South I can say that 😀 ) are working on since he is working towards family entrepreneurship as well (though more long term right now). Glad you are back!

  2. javadawn says:

    msc, 🙂 Well, I’m glad y’all are waiting with us, because we’re days away from starting up the site. 😀 I’m really excited. It’s the culmination of so many prayers and so much learning and…well, if all this brain shaking can serve someone else, it will make it TONS MORE worth it. (Great grammar, eh?) 😉

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