Can you equate?

It’s dark – the grass is damp with evening dew – the air is hot and sticky – and I’m standing there. I’m not moving, I’m just standing there, holding my jar….waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

THERE! Over to the right of me is a single zap of light, shimmering in the dark of night – off I go running to catch it. To the left, another one and another one and another one! For what seems like seconds, but in reality turned into minutes….long ones at that, I have been chasing and trying to catch miniature lightening for my jar.

(Much to my mother’s dismay, my very favorite thing to do with the newly caught lightening bugs was to take them into my bedroom and let them all loose to turn my bedroom into the wonder of summer for a whole night. Sadly, this also meant morning brought what looked like carnage and destruction, as the bodies of my twinkling chorus were left lying all about my room.)

I don’t do nearly as much lightening bug catching these days – I tend to be the cheering squad for the Littles in my household who delight in doing that, instead. (Although I DO let them bring them in and let them go in the bedroom for the night. Makes my sister in law crazy.) 😆 But, what I DO find myself doing is something that feels very similar.

The Lord is making changes in the way I think about things. He is opening blinded eyes and transforming my mind. I find this leaves me feeling like I’m in the dark…waiting…waiting for the flash of light that would indicate that a new concept, for me to grasp, is there – oh so nearby. I run, reaching….stretching…trying to grab a hold of it. Some of them come willingly into my jar of understanding, while others fly just beyond my outstretched arm. Those that end up in my jar, I will study further, continuing to be amazed at their “magical” qualities.

So, I will continue to wait…and chase… eager to fill my “brain-jar” with the Light of the World.

Can you equate? Do you ever feel like deeper ideas…richer understandings of the King and His Kingdom are flitting about you in the dark, simply waiting for you to capture them? I would love to hear from you, if you can. It’s so nice to know I’m not the only one in the dark…waiting….amazed and in love with the One who created it all.

8 Responses to “Can you equate?”
  1. Yes, yes, yes! I know this feeling. I’m experiencing this phenomenon right now, even.

    And to continue your analogy, there are times, like now, when I find myself reaching out to catch the ones that are just out-of-reach, and miss…only to look down and find that somehow my jar is glowing brightly anyway…that He has just dumped some in.

    And even further…I’m noticing now that others, without my saying a word, are noticing the glow from my jar, and asking if they can bring their own jar and join in.

    ****He is opening blinded eyes and transforming my mind**** Yeah, THAT.

    There are times, (like when I was studying calculus) that I have to forcibly *make* my brain get it ~ that I have to think-think-think and struggle to *get* concepts (building plans, etc.). But there are other lightening bug times, when all I need to do is reach out…and He does the rest. The deeper understandings just *happen*…and it is truly a work of His spirit.

    This is where I am now. For me, too, it is good to know I am not here alone. What a groovy place to be!

  2. javadawn says:

    ~~ there are times, like now, when I find myself reaching out to catch the ones that are just out-of-reach, and miss…only to look down and find that somehow my jar is glowing brightly anyway…that He has just dumped some in.~~

    Mmmm, (a sweet contented sigh of the soul) YES! He is FAITHFUL, even when I miss what He intended me to grasp.

  3. javadawn says:

    Oh – and I agree!! It IS a groovy place to be! I am loving this. Wouldn’t trade it for all the security in the world. 🙂

  4. Violet says:

    I have been sitting around for a month trying to put this “groovy place” into words, and now you have done it so well for me! Yes, I’m there and thrilling to the joy and anticipation that it gives.

    I have been working my way slowly through Psalm 119 since our Bible conference in April. My prayer has become verse 18 – “Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.” The wondrous things He has been revealing are almost too much to take in, but He just keeps them coming. Then yesterday my verse was 24 – “Thy testimoneis also are my delight and my counsellers.” Scripture plus the Holy Spirit plus opened eyes = pure delight and sure guidance. What a place to be!!!

  5. ~ Patricia says:

    Interesting. I have been groping about the dark for several days now…seeing only flashes of light (and if I am honest…I’ve swatted them away!) and just this morning the Holy Spirit flashlight beamed brightly on my path and I LOVE it!!!!! The Father is so good to us!!!! I can’t tell you how heavy-hearted I have been in recent days, and though none of the circumstances that have contributed to this heaviness have changed in the slightest, this new light – new understanding – deeper truth – has lifted my heart and renewed my joy.

  6. Violet says:

    I wrote an entry this morning before leaving the house, but it appears to have been “eaten”. I just wanted to add that the Lord has been working in my life along these same lines, especially since our Bible conference last month.

    I have been slowly going through a verse a day (most days), from Psalm 119 and been so encouraged. My theme verse has become “Open thou mine eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.” The eyes of my understanding are being enlightened so that I may “know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance…and…the exceeding greatness of his power to usward who believe…” That directs me right into a deeper knowledge of Him, the One Who keeps giving the light.

    Thanks for this great word picture, and encouragement at this particular time. This whole concept has been swimming around in my brain, but I haven’t been able to put it into words. You did it for me!

  7. javadawn says:

    Isn’t the kindness of the Lord INCREDIBLE?!! Oh Patricia, I am rejoicing with you that your heart and your joy are abounding.

  8. javadawn says:

    Violet, I’m so sorry – Akismet The Spam Animal apparently got overly aggressive. 🙂 I have been avoiding his pit for quite awhile – because it has been so FILTHY. (If you understand what I’m trying to say) BUT this morning, I just felt the unction to clean it out – and there you were – your beautiful words exalting our Lord in the midst of such vile stuff. What a picture it was of our lives!!!!!

    Thank you for sharing – I just love how you wield the Word of God. It blesses me every time!

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