Walking IN FAITH

Since I have been such a nag on so many occasions regarding health, I’ll spare you a diatribe today.  🙂  Instead, I will tell you that it is the last part of the Seven Strands of Walking In Faith.

So, now, I’ve shared all seven strands with you – let me put some feet to it.  (Ha! Pun intended – sorry – BAD pun intended)   🙂

First of all, it’s CRUCIAL that we recognize that the sandal is the tool that goes onto the foot for the purpose of walking.  The foot is useless – sandal or not – if there is no life in it, no blood flowing through it.

So too are we useless, if we have no Blood flowing through us.  Ladies, the fact is, no matter how much we try to accomplish on our own, without the knowledge and indwelling of Christ in us, we are useless.  We may look good for a few days, but before long, our true colors will be revealed and we will be found wanting.

Therefore, our first concern must be relationship with the One who gives life – who shed His blood that we might have life.  Once we have gone beyond that, I feel that the Lord has shown me how I can take these seven areas and create a template by which to plan my days.

Industry, kNowledge, Family, Assets, Interpersonal relationships, Time and Health.  Even as I write, I wonder if perhaps, more than a sandal, another picture to define what I’m learning isn’t that of the spokes of a wheel.

A wheel is able to cover significantly more ground than a human foot. Once the wheel was put into play, people were able to accomplish more than they had previously imagined possible.  Yet, if one of the spokes in the center of the wheel was neglected or broken, it quickly affected the balance of the wheel and its ability to function.  While the wheel could roll for a while longer, sooner or later, the one weak spoke would allow the wheel to break or be damaged.

We are the same way.  For a season, we are able to give significantly more attention to one area of our sandal than another, but when that season is over, we do need to return to a place of balance.

What does this look like on a day to day basis, then?  It means that when we are planning our days that we stop to consider – do we have specific time set aside for rest – that we might be renewed and regenerated and find time to think deeply about our Lord?  Do we have time set aside in our week for family?  I don’t mean just for cleaning and doing chores.  Do you have time where your family has your full attention?  What about your assets?  What kind of time do your assets get?  Is there any place in your week where you are making certain that you are investing in interpersonal relationships?  And the list would go on, covering each and every strand.

When I first started thinking this way, it seemed burdensome and heavy – and for you, it may well be so.  For me, it meant when I was lying in bed on Tuesday morning at 2:46 and I couldn’t sleep because I knew that I needed to call my sister in law, that I could make a note and know that there was a place for that in my week.

I remember reading something by Kathy von Duyke in which she said (basically) “All real things need real space and real time.”  Suddenly I had real time that I was giving to real things.  No more were these hundreds of details whirring around in my brain, pestering me and bashing me with guilt that I wasn’t getting enough done.

Furthermore, now when someone asks me to do something, I simply run it through my “template” to see if there is a place in my week to put it.  If there is, then I can take it to my prayer closet and to Jeff to discuss the wisdom of my taking it on.  If there is no place for it in my week, because it either doesn’t fit one of my 7 areas, or if the area it does fit is already filled up with things that are better choices for my household,  then I don’t have to give another thought to it.  I simply open my hands and let it go.

And by having a list of seven things, when I’m tempted to get wiggy over all that isn’t done or is needing to be done, I can simply stop and look at my week to make certain that I’m not neglecting a key issue – and then go after the work that is needing to be accomplished.  I find that knowing how best to spend my time is one of the harder aspects of being an entrepreneur.

Please understand, I do not expect that this tool will work for everyone.  It works for us, for this season of being very busy with establishing our businesses.  It works well for this season when my mind is taken up with a hundred little slips of information and stuff to be done.  It works well for this season where I’m finally learning – at this age! – that when Father called me to take dominion, that part of that meant taking dominion of my time.  But, if there is any part of this that would serve you, please freely take it and use it!  It’s all for His glory, anyway!


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