What Do You See?

You never know what you’ll see during rush hour traffic. For Ann, she was taking her son’s hamster to class for Show n’ Tell. Suddenly,the hamster got lose and started crawling around the car. Not knowing what else to do, she pulled off to the side of the road to try to catch him. As … Continue reading

Look Before You Burn

He loved to burn things.  Of all his chores, burning the trash was the ONE chore he had that he didn’t mind one bit doing.  He enjoyed the heat of the flames on his face and the colors that danced among the flames. Today, however, he wanted to hurry.  Today was Grandma’s last day with … Continue reading

My Lord Shall Supply All Our Needs…..

Today is my son’s birthday. He is tall and handsome, like his dad. He has a killer smile, fudge brown eyes and a funky sense of humor. He is also a nerd. (That’s high praise at our house, by the way) 🙂 When each of our children were born, we had a special time of … Continue reading

Blest Be the Ties That Bond

Seven-hundred fifty two thousand, four hundred sixty seven dollars. Do I have your attention yet? What if I told you that was what a recent icon sold for? SO, what recent iconographic item sold for a rousing $752,467?? The baseball Barry Bonds used to break Hank Aaron’s home run record. When asked if he paid … Continue reading

Good Soil

It felt like an AA meeting must. Everyone sat in a circle, stating their name and their reason for being there. Most of those in attendance said something like, “I just want to be a better gardener” but one man in particular was very specific as to what had caused him to join the Master … Continue reading

Gaps (Or should that be Gasp?)

I am learning that my life is filled with gaps.  Mary Jo Tate is teaching me that I must learn to accept the gaps between the real and the ideal and I’m doing pretty good with that concept.  It’s the gaps between the real and the unreal that are catching me up. Our life has … Continue reading

Oh Darling Gokket

“Oh darling gokket, oh darling gokket, oh darling gokket.” This was the song of our soon-to-be two year old….in the middle of the upscale Atlanta restaurant….during Sunday brunch….at the top of her lungs. You see, the object of her delight – a big fat brownie – was sitting on her brother’s plate. He, in loving … Continue reading

HEY! You found me

Not only did I freshen things up around here (and no doubt, I’ll be doing more of that) I even made some cupcakes to go with the java.  You know me – chocolate and coffee.  Help yourself. Thanks for making the effort to come.  I really appreciate that. It feels kind of “odd” blogging here.  … Continue reading