Oh Darling Gokket

“Oh darling gokket, oh darling gokket, oh darling gokket.”

This was the song of our soon-to-be two year old….in the middle of the upscale Atlanta restaurant….during Sunday brunch….at the top of her lungs.

You see, the object of her delight – a big fat brownie – was sitting on her brother’s plate. He, in loving brother fashion, had torn off a small tidbit and set it aside for her, to be devoured once she finished off her potatoes and chicken bits.

Rather than eating and then enjoying the delight of her darling, beloved gokket – she was busy singing its praises, at the top of her lungs. No amount of persuasion could convince her that she needed to stop singing and eat.

Today, when the girls made chocolate cake (uh – gokket, for those of you who have faltered in your toddler-speak skills) we heard a reprisal of this song. Once again, darling gokket was the focus of her adoration. Such a simple thing – the delight of chocolate.

It certainly gave me pause – am I thanking Father for the good gifts that He is blessing us with? Okay, so things are hairy. Okay, so things are confusing.  Okay, so work is growing exponentially, but the money isn’t.  Okay, so school isn’t shaping up to be what I thought it would be by now.  Okay, so we’re still in town, when my heart aches for the country.

SO WHAT?!! Am I singing, with delight of the “darling” things that the Lord has given us?!  He has blessed me with gokket – what more could I possibly need?

Dayenu ~  Dawn


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