Blest Be the Ties That Bond

Seven-hundred fifty two thousand, four hundred sixty seven dollars. Do I have your attention yet? What if I told you that was what a recent icon sold for? SO, what recent iconographic item sold for a rousing $752,467?? The baseball Barry Bonds used to break Hank Aaron’s home run record.

When asked if he paid more for the ball than he expected to, the winner of the ball, Marc Ecko, the hip hop fashion designer (and entrepreneur I might add), responded “I was going to bid whatever it took to get the ball. It didn’t matter, I had the means and I was prepared to get the ball.”

And what exactly does one do with a 750 thousand dollar baseball? Vote on it, of course. Absolutely. Marc is committed to “democratizing” this ball and giving it to the American people. He has created a website, where he is inviting the American people to vote on one of three fates for the ball.

Option number one is to bestow it – to The Hall of Fame. Option two is to brand the ball with an asterisk, to denote the questionable way in which the record was broken. Option three is to banish it (To outer space, specifically).

Now, here is where the story gets REALLY interesting to me…. when asked why it was important to him to purchase this ball and turn it into something that all of America can vote on, he stated that he is desirous of creating a pop culture moment that we can all share. A moment where our collective opinions can come together. After all, that is what he stands for.

I’m not familiar with what Mr Ecko stands for – except I did find he has a passion for protecting rhinos and I don’t think there’s enough coffee to be had in Christendom for me to make the mental connection between rhinos and Barry Bond’s (potentially tainted) baseball. Baseball, hot dogs and rhinos…nah.

This act by Mr Ecko certainly holds a lesson for us as entrepreneurs. The fact that it’s important to him to ask other people for their recommendation should alert us quickly to the new stage we’re entering. No longer are we a part of the information age.

People have been informationed to the point of being overwhelmed and confused. Now, instead, they are longing for those that they can trust, to tell them what to do and how to think, how to dress and now what to do with a baseball.  (WATCH IT!)   😉

I think that, for those of us who are employing the Internet as a tool for our business, we can see that happening in real time. YouTube is HUGE and it’s nothing more than “one man tells another.” (A phrase that a local men’s store used as their branding, back in the 40’s!!!!! It held up to the test of time, until the mid 80’s!) Likewise FreeIQ and Digg -all these places are based on people coming together to create an active place of participation. (I won’t even contemplate the depth that Wikipedia takes that to!!)

However, the bigger issue -the one that the Bride of Christ needs to be attentive to – is the overriding sense that people are lacking a sense of community. We have been so busy doing our own thing that we have lost the identity of belonging to something bigger than ourselves.

Kristine, I don’t believe we ever had a small group meeting worth $753k, did we?  😉 Granted, the friendships that developed out of that are priceless, but this act of voting as “one” isn’t something that will produce long term relationships.

Church!! Heads up!!! We daren’t strike out here. We must pay attention and notice that community – the sense of unity with others for the sake of something bigger than ourselves – is important to people!

As the Body of Christ, we must learn how to make ourselves available to offer the world a bit of that sense of belonging. By creating a relevant option, we’re positioning ourselves for making a home run in reaching the lost. This is just so important, we daren’t over look it. This is so important that one young man just paid nearly $753,ooo to find it!

(Let’s take time to ask Father how and who we should be reaching out toward, to offer them a sense of belonging and acceptance! The fields are white unto harvest – and I’m not talking about the baseball field, although from the looks of things, there may be some “white” there, too!)


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