My Lord Shall Supply All Our Needs…..

Today is my son’s birthday. He is tall and handsome, like his dad. He has a killer smile, fudge brown eyes and a funky sense of humor. He is also a nerd. (That’s high praise at our house, by the way) 🙂

When each of our children were born, we had a special time of prayer with each of the new babies and told them they were blessed above many other children, as the Lord had chosen to put them into a family that would spend a lifetime poised to see God move in ways most families never do.

You see, when our first child was born, I quit my job to be a full time mommy. Unfortunately, a) we didn’t expect to get pregnant at that time and b) we had just purchased our first home and c) I was making as much money as Jeff…in other words, we cut our income in half.

So, because we were living in a position of great faith, seeking Father to provide for our every need, we knew that our children would see the Hand of God move in ways that most other children never would. Aside from the Lord doing a huge work in our lives, we knew that we would remain in the position for all our children.

When we began this adventure, as I have shared before, the Lord asked us if we were willing to be poor for Him. We, of course, agreed. This was nothing new to us – on the contrary this was the norm. Then He asked the harder question – were we willing to be wealthy for Him. The issue that the Lord was after had nothing to do with actual money, I suspect, but rather a willingness to belong fully to Father.

Either way, He has asked us to live in the center of His hand. We are indeed fully His. We are totally in His care. In abundance or in lack, we are His children, wholly given to obedience unto Him, no matter what. At this point in the game, it’s a great deal of lack, as opposed to abundance – but that is for now – we shall see where He is going to take us.

So, fast forward to the week that this big tall boy has a birthday. “Son, what is it that you’d like for your birthday?” This big, strong boy just smiled and looked at me and said, “Mom, I’d LOVE some pizza.” Okay. Pizza it will be.

“Lord, my son wants pizza for his birthday. You have called us to this lifestyle – we are walking in the way You have put before us – we desire to be obedient, and we desire to be here. But, in order to do that, YOU are going to have to be the One who provides the pizza.” All week I’ve been discussing this with the Lord….over and over.

We are currently expecting 5 checks from one source, one check from another, one check from yet another and then yet one more source – some ebay payments. SURELY, with nine different sources owing us from $90 to $700, all of those checks expected since last week, SURELY one of them would pay. Right?

NO GO. All week long, I keep watching for the money needed to buy pizza for my son’s birthday. Every day I remind the Lord of the need. I remind Him strongly. I remind Him frequently. I remind Him passionately, with the love of a mother.

Last night, when no money had arrived, we made a return to Wal-Mart – partly because of our disappointment in the product – partly so that we could have the extra and much needed money. They are willing to credit our debit card only – but the credit never posted to our account, all day long.

Tonight – dinner time is rolling around and still there is no money in our account. I keep checking the account and still nothing. That I am no longer reminding the Lord quietly and just passionately is an understatement. When I can no longer wait to prepare dinner, I simply cry out to the Lord in my disappointment. While I’m “speaking”, someone knocks on the door.

The person at the door is a dear friend of ours. She is there to bring us a gift of money. She has come as a messenger of the Lord. She has come from over a half hour away. She knows nothing of my wait for pizza. She has simply come because the Lord has sent her. While she is standing there, she tells me that she has known she was to give us some money since last Friday. She apologizes for not coming sooner. I am just blown away beyond measure that she would bless us in this way.

After she leaves, it occurs to me – had she come on Friday, I would have missed the chance of seeing the Lord move. So, just as promised, when this boy, who is nearly as tall as his dad, was small enough to fit in my arms, this young man –  has been sufficiently favored to be in a place to see the Lord move in ways that most other families will not.

How good is the Lord, that He desires to bless His children. How powerful is His arm, that it is not too short to serve….even pizza.

Edit: Since the time that we purchased our pizza this evening, we’ve had another “extra” ebay payment come through, as well as a $30 credit that I forgot was even expected.  It’s as though we had to make it through that trial, in order to begin receiving further blessing.  ~shaking head~  Why do I learn so slowly?

4 Responses to “My Lord Shall Supply All Our Needs…..”
  1. Jessica says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. It was like reading about my life but yet highlighting the points where I fail. Having the patience to wait up until the last second
    I have to learn to trust God and have faith that he will answer my prayers no matter how small and you showed me through your story that God will and can answer prayers that are important to us like birthday Pizza.
    I cannot thank you enough!


  2. pauseforamoment says:

    That’s awesome, Dawn. I know many will be encouraged through this – I was!

    love, Val

  3. myderbe says:

    Dawn, so glad you’re back to blogging here some. I love this post! I have been mulling over some of the same things, and I hope to write about it soon. My thoughts are not exactly cohesive enough yet. 🙂 We are right there with you, watching God do it all and having no way to rely on ourselves. It is beautifully difficult and vastly rewarding.

  4. javadawn says:

    Jessica, Val and Jen ~

    THANK YOU! You never quite know when you share your pitifulness if people are going to go, “Whew! Glad to hear someone else out there is like me” or if they’re going to go, “Unclean! Unclean! Get away from me!!”

    Thank you for NOT yelling “Unclean” at me!

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