In all my years….

Okay, is there anyone else reading that has EVER had this happen to them?

Jeff pulled dinner (a ham – thank you Michelle for suggesting those hams, btw) that had been baking, from the oven.  Just as he got it out and started to move toward the dining room, the 15 X 11 Pyrex pan it was in SHATTERED!

I don’t mean he dropped it – I don’t mean it cracked, I mean it shattered into a bazillion pieces all over my kitchen.  ????  In all these years of cooking, I have never had such a thing happen.  I’m still shaking my head.

The room wasn’t the least bit cool, the pan wasn’t that old, it hadn’t started with a frozen ham….nothing.  There was no logical reason for that, but I can assure you, it sure shook us all up.

Tonight when we gave thanks for our dinner, we were ESPECIALLY grateful.  Especially since there were several children in the room with the pan when it blew – including child #3 who SHOULD have been badly cut or burned by the hot liquid in the pan, but suffered neither of those things.

The Lord is good and greatly to be praised!

11 Responses to “In all my years….”
  1. Susan PA says:

    We had a pyrex pan SHATTER before, BUT it was because one of the children (whom I have forgotten :D) turned a burner on under it. Um, THAT was a BIG mistake!

    But just getting it out of the oven, nope. That’s kind of scary. I wonder if there was a flaw in the pyrex? We frequently buy “seconds” (at least, cheap ones) at the pyrex outlet. I hope they’re okay.

    I’m so glad YOU’RE all okay!

    Susan (mama to 8 in PA)

  2. tiffany says:

    According to my husband (who has two material science degrees) Pyrex is a rather unstable thing. When Pyrex is made it has a number of internal stress involved in its matrix. So if you heat the whole thing up there are differential expansions and contractions which then make more stresses in the lattice make up. It is the continual thermal cycling that creates those stresses (not just extreme ones). So basically, even if that specific thermal gradient was not extreme (as in this case), due to previous extreme ones or simply a history of extreme thermal gradients, or even due to the processing of that particular piece, the Pyrex can and will still explode-usually rather violently.


    So glad everyone is fine! I had a small bowl explode one time and it was really rather scary. I still have asparagus on my ceiling from it.

  3. javadawn says:

    “usually rather violently” I think that explains it quite well. 😀

    Susan, I’d say, from reading Tiffany’s explanation that your seconds are as safe as my firsts. 😉

    Tiffany, tell your hubby I said “Thank you” – although in this case, I just can’t think what extremes this pan has been under – it’s never been in the freezer and rarely in the frig, due to its size. :/

    Although, based on its rather violent response, I have NO doubts that it has been stressed. 🙂

  4. myderbe says:

    It’s usually me who explodes at dinner-time while trying to get everyone to sit quietly and not get burned with hot stuff and not lap up their food like dogs and not stand in their chairs to yell down the table to a brother. Anyway, you get the point. So, I’ve never had a pan explode; just myself. 🙂 But that sounds scary! And I’m so glad you’re safe.

    And what was that you were saying the other day about spiritual warfare around your house?

  5. Elizabeth says:

    My mom once had a pyrex dish explode when she removed it from the oven…just as you describe. I guess we should really go to metal pans. Would solve that problem!

  6. javadawn says:

    😀 Elizabeth, I don’t know – I’ve been cooking since I was 8 yrs old. I just turned 45 and this is the first time that’s ever happened to me. I figure I’ve got a good 35 more years to go before it happens again – and by then, I figure my grandchildren will be doing all my cooking. 😆

    It does make me wonder, though, about putting Pyrex into the freezer and then baking with it later. Doesn’t that add to the stress on the pan?!! Doesn’t matter, my freezer is full anyway. 😀

  7. javadawn says:

    OH ANN!!!! I’m just so thankful as I read your report that she wasn’t pierced by the flying glass – although I ‘m so sad to think of her poor baby neck being burned.

    I bet you just want to kiss those little scars every time you see then. 🙂 I know I would too.

    Thank you my dear for your blessing and gift of love. (I have been thinking so much about you Ann, as I watch our Amish neighbors recover from the tornado. I think of your Mennonite neighbors and the purposefulness of life about your place…. it causes me to give thanks for your ministry and witness.) ((hugs))

  8. Yes, this happened to us too, Dawn–pyrex dish exploded as I had oven door open, and was testing to see if the meal was done. A piece of glass flew across the kitchen to where (then) Baby Shalom was sleeping in carrier. She screamed–we thought from the sound. But it soon became very clear that some of the burning glass was in between the folds of her neck. She had third degree burns which were dressed for weeks, and now has two very permanent, noticeable scars on her neck.

    We since have switched from Pyrex to all enamel dishes. ~weak smile~

    I send love, my friend… and thanking Father none of you were injured…

  9. javadawn says:

    Okay, now how did that happen???!!! I posted my response to your comment and it went BEFORE your comment?

    Wow Ann, we’re really good at this mental communication thing….either that or WordPress just went wonky on me. 😀

  10. Jonathan says:

    My rather large Pyrex bowl just exploded. I rarely use it, except i wanted to add some fragrant essential oils in the air, and we used it last night about 12 hours ago. This afternoon i was sitting in my living room when i heard what sounded like all my dishes falling down. When i ran to the kitchen the Pyrex bowl was all over the kitchen with several pieces on the stove. The stove had been off by a window for at least 12 hours, as i had said, so i am very perplexed as to why the bowl spontaneously exploded. I’m just thankful nobody was hurt as well. I am now afraid of Pyrex aka time bomb.

  11. javadawn says:

    Jonathan ~
    I’m SO SORRY! I know that horrid pit-in-the- stomach feel when it blows.
    It’s just so odd – my family has used Pyrex for as long as I can remember and NO ONE ever reported having any blow – and yet we are still finding small pieces in such strange places. (Like the one we found last week in a cabinet ABOVE the frig, that remains closed nearly all the time!!!???)
    Rejoicing with you though, that no one was hurt.

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