Something you may not know about me….

There are some holiday memories that remain in our minds longer and more vividly than others.  For example, I have a rich and wonderful memory of coming home from shopping to find my bedroom was taken up with a great big new stereo radio console.  (GREAT BIG – remember the kind your grandparents had?  Mine was like that. Even though I hope I’m not the age of your grandparents.)

I remember sneaking downstairs one year to see what Santa had left for us – and saw that he was still there!!!  Quelle nightmare!!   He was standing to the side of the Christmas tree.  I freaked and made a mad dash for my bed before he realized I was awake.  (I’m SURE he didn’t hear me shriek and run up the stairs and down the hall)   🙄   The next morning, I was certainly surprised to find that he was still there – it was one of those bop bag things.  You know… the kind you hit and it pops back up into your face.

Every year, for Christmas Eve, my father would make oyster stew.  It was awful.  I’d work SO hard to make certain that I didn’t have any oysters in my stew….unless they were of the cracker variety.  I could get the broth down, just not those nasty oysters.  BLECH.  I hate oysters.

I also have a VERY clear memory of working the Saturday before Thanksgiving and ringing out and bagging groceries to the point that my arms ached.  Somewhere around noon, I was reaching in to put a can of soup into the bottom of the bag and my hand went into something cold, wet and slimier than anything I can even put into print.  (A collection can for those with horrid colds comes to mind…. is your throat closing up??!!! Mine is.)   Oysters.  I stuck my hand in a container of fresh oysters.  Not only did I stick my hand in the little thing of oysters, I proceeded to do it another 5 times before my shift was over that day. The lids didn’t fit the plastic containers from the meat department, so they were all a bit loose.  I hate oysters.

The following year I attended my first Clark Thanksgiving.  As we were walking through the buffet line, my future sister in laws were RAVING about my future mother in law’s dressing.  I mentioned that I didn’t much care for dressing, which caused GREAT consternation on their part.  My I-can’t-believe-I-still-married-him-after-this future husband stood by and let them pile a huge glop blob serving of dressing on my plate.  Under many staring faces, smiling I took a bite.  It took two chews before I hit it – snotty, slimy and deeeskusting!!!  Oysters.  I hate oysters.

So, this year, for the third time in our entire marriage, I am going to make dressing for Thanksgiving.  Since we are still receiving the blessing of free bread each week, I have a plethora of bread, just BEGGING to be made into dressing.  But, I can assure you one thing – no oysters.  I hate oysters.

Now that I’ve spent a week talking about keeping our focus, our assumptions, our communication, our time and our sanity for this holiday season – what family traditions do you enjoy celebrating this holiday season?  A special family dish that you will prepare for Thanksgiving?  Sleeping in with coffee in bed?  Having your children give you a foot rub??  (Just in case anyone in my house is reading….)  😉  And will you be making dressing?  If so, I sure hope it won’t have oysters.  Although you may not know this about me, I hate oysters.

20 Responses to “Something you may not know about me….”
  1. Jeni says:

    I like oysters!! One of our Christmas traditions that our mom would make fried oysters. Never had oyster stew or oyster dressing, but fried oysters was one of those Christmas splurges for a very poor family.
    Mom hasn’t been alive to make oysters for our Christmas tradition for four years and it’s one of those things I miss but I’ll bet she’s having them with Jesus in heaven. I’m sure He loves them*hee*hee!

  2. javadawn says:

    OH, so you resort to Name dropping, huh, to make me ashamed of my strong dislike of oysters. MAN. 😉 😉 😀

    Well, Jeni, my dearest, YOU may have my share of oysters. In fact, should anyone give me any this year, I will send them to you directly. 😀 Deal?!!

  3. javadawn says:

    PS Just in case you’re worried, I still love you, despite your….tolerance for slime and vile flavors. 😉

  4. Jeni says:

    ROFLOL!! Wow, the name dropping didn’t do much for me, huh! Oh well, that’s what makes the world go ’round and makes each of us a titch more interesting.

    I was worried so I appreciate your reassurance 🙂

    I’m not too sure I want to receive oysters via snail mail so I’ll just accept the kind gesture and we can leave it at that, k?


  5. Christina says:

    I love oyster stew and dressing. It was a family tradition growing up. And yes, I will be making dressing but without the oysters. My family doesn’t like them either. My sister in law claimed I tried to kill her when I brought it to a family get together. I love the Christmas and Thanksgiving. I love all the traditions that go along with them. We always watch the parade on Thanksgiving morning. Since we have a get together with my dh family I am not racing around trying to get everything done like I sometimes am at Christmas. The things I like best are the things we DO rather than buy. When talking with the children it wasn;t the gifts that were important but the activites and to most of them, the food.
    Blessings, Christina

  6. myderbe says:

    Oysters. Blech! And, fortunately, we have no family traditions that involve oysters. I had never even heard of holiday traditions involving oysters until reading this post. 🙂

    Thanksgiving is usually spent with our extended family. This year, it’s with my husband’s family. And since we’re in the midst of packing boxes to move, I get by with taking raw vegetables, dip, and a jar of applesauce. I may make some cookies or brownies, but nobody is expecting much from me this year. Hallelujah!

    I think our favorite food-related holiday tradition is . . . . (drumroll) . . . banana splits for Christmas morning breakfast. Long story how it all started, but my children love it and this was tops on their list of traditions we must keep this year!

  7. Michelle says:

    Oysters???? Yuccho! Jeni, I freely admit that Jesus is a far less picky eater than I am, I’m sure. My favorite holiday food tradition is cranberry cake with hard sauce. Dawn, you can tell Jeff I’ll make him a fresh batch or two if he’ll bring you and the rest of the Clarksters on a “field trip”.

  8. javadawn says:

    Michelle, I can’t tell him that, he’ll think you mean WEEKLY. 😉

    Md, S’plain Lucy!! You can’t make a comment like that (banana splits) and not give more info than that. 🙂

    Christina, If Jeff’s mom makes oyster dressing this year, I’ll bring you my share. 🙂 AND just for the record? I’m so proud of you! It’s hard to stop the racing about for the holidays. Especially when you’re so gifted at “doing” them, as you are. (kwim? I assure you that wasn’t an insult.) 😀

  9. myderbe says:

    Ok . . . I think I’ll blog about the whole banana split thing over at my own blog. That way, I only have to type it once. 🙂

  10. javadawn says:

    Fair enough. I’m coming over to look for it now. 🙂

  11. Jenna says:

    I’m glad that I don’t live east enough to have grown up with oyster anything! lol I don’t like to eat slimy things, not at all. I don’t mind mush, but slime is completely different.

    I think that the only dish that we cannot live without at Thanksgiving is … mashed potatoes. I know, everyone has mashed potatoes! Since I grew a horrible swarm of fruit flies by forgetting about a sack of potatoes, I generally stick to the dehydrated flakes for daily meals. On holidays though, I will mash whole potatoes with real butter and cream. Add a wonderfully brined and roasted turkey, who needs anything more? *wink* (I am making more though… lol)

  12. Michelle says:

    Dawn, Your point is??????? Sounds like the beginning of a beautiful tradition to me!! In all fairness, you’ll need to disclose that MY cake (actually Grandma’s cake) comes without rum. I wouldn’t want anyone miffed about false advertising or anything. :o)

  13. Michelle says:

    Actually, I’ve got one in the oven right now, so just a few hours’ drive and there you go! I’m sure I can whip up another one before lunch tomorrow. ;o) ;o)

  14. javadawn says:

    MAN!! You don’t play very nice, do you? 😉

    Well, enjoy a piece of cake for me…and Jeff, would ya? 🙂

  15. javadawn says:


    I have never had a brined and roasted turkey – THAT is a recipe that you must share!!

  16. Valerie says:

    I have to stick my hands up for oysters. I LOVE them! We both do! I like them au naturel, or kilpatrick, or with a spritz of fresh lime and chillis – hand ’em over! I often buy a dozen fresh oysters as a treat for us. Mmmm!


  17. Valerie says:

    I should add. The degree to which you like oysters is correlated with your degree of spirituality and holiness. That is why I am SO holy, don’t you know. 😉

    Running off to run and hide, now….

  18. javadawn says:

    Oh Val, THANK YOU! You just confirmed for me what I have always heard….that the mercury found in oysters will cause delusional thinking. 😉 😉 😀

    PS Au natural?!!! This is you or the oyster??!! Maybe I don’t want to know… 😉 A dozen fresh oysters, huh? Do they come in snot-water where you get them, too? 🙂

  19. pauseforamoment says:


    Well, you know, oysters are full of zinc and zinc is good for ALL kinds of things. There may well be some au naturel involved. 😉

    Snot-water? Dunno about that! They come in their shells, with maybe a little sea water!

  20. javadawn says:

    I think it might have to do with the difference between fresh oysters in the overgrown island of Oz, and the almost land locked IN. 😀 😉

    Either way, darling, you may have ALL mine. (Oh wait – I already offered them to Jeni – okay, I’ll split any oysters I receive between the two of you.) 🙂

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