Goose, Gander, I’m ripe for slander

We have just finished completely rearranging our living room.  We now have a dining room full of stuff to sort, find a new home for or get rid of.  We have an entertainment center we’re going to put out on the front porch with a $50 sign on its doors.  AND we have a library full of “spare” furniture that we’re going to rearrange next.

Why?  What is garnering such special attention?  Guests, perhaps?  The fact that we need to get the house on the market?  Perhaps we have an elderly relative coming to live with us and we need to create space for them?  Surely some grand event would warrant this project.

No, nothing so altruistic nor sane.  It’s for our Christmas tree.  🙄   Did I or did I not tell everyone NOT to make Christmas so much effort that we can’t have our focus where it needs to be?  Did I or did I not tell everyone NOT to strive in anyway over the holidays?  Okay – go ahead, I have it coming.  Feel free to put, “I told you so!” in the comments section.  I truly, truly have this one coming.

NOW, having said that, I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to totally empty the room, wipe down all the walls and put things back in – in order.  And when I say, totally empty the room, I uh mean, totally empty the room.  🙂   So, despite the folly it really has ministered to me.

It’s amazing to me, how after just a few months (what is it now? 6?? 9??? 846???) of being an entrepreneurial mom, how quickly things have slipped away from me.  Things that I had a pretty good grip on – okay, that I had a FAIR grip on, have just gotten away.  This week, I am declaring war on disorder in my house and ferociously going after some of these things.  If my children survive it, they will thank me, I am sure.  😉   (Especially if I end up bribing them at the end of the week with homemade pizza.  Something they love and I hate making.  Oh, did I just slander myself?  Aren’t all good moms willing to make pizza, besides me?!!)

Sigh…..I’m just digging myself in deeper and deeper.  I better hush my mouth now before I say something REALLY scary.  (Like the fact that I sent my entire family into shock when I allowed Davenna to have a sip of my soda this past weekend.  I don’t know if Danica has recovered yet or not.)   ;D

2 Responses to “Goose, Gander, I’m ripe for slander”
  1. Holly says:

    I hate making home made pizza too. 🙂

  2. javadawn says:

    Whew – and I KNOW you’re a good mom. Maybe I’m not without hope, then. 😀

    (Thanks, it’s nice to know I’m not alone!)

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