Yes I Not

“Hey Boogs! Happy Birthday, today you’re TWO!”

“Yes, I not.”

(?? Just how does one respond to that??)

Yesterday, our “baby” Davenna turned two. Davenna Faith, our daughter that is PERFECTLY named. Her name means “daily prayer of faith” and she requires it!

Before I go any further, please understand Davenna isn’t like a normal two year old. She is a little, well to put it in her words, she is pweecokeshus. (precocious)

She has been talking in something pretty close to sentences for several months now. She figured out quickly that she is Burt (or some variation thereof), Boogs, Davenna or Squishy, depending on who is speaking to her and uses the appropriate name accordingly.

She has no hesitation telling us when we’re wrong: “Mommy, I gonna be Quishy Grace.” “Sorry Burtster, you’re Squishy Faith.” “No Mommy, no more. I Quishy Grace.” “Uh, no, sorry, Burt, you can’t change your name. Daddy and I named you Davenna Faith, so you’re going to have to be Squishy Faith.” “Dhat’s trashy.” (Now granted, when it isn’t YOUR child, that’s almost a funny line to read. However, when it’s your own, then 23 mo old, having this discussion with you it’s not nearly so funny.) 😕

She knows exactly what she likes and what she doesn’t. She has been voicing her opinion on things since she was close to 24 hours old. 😉 Let me give you a quick peek at Quishy FAITH in motion: “Daddy pway Vivaldi, pweese?” “Do you want to hear Vivaldi?” (vigorous nod) In goes Vivaldi into the jambox. It begins and she says to Jeff, “Daddy, I wuv Vivaldi, don you?”

Fast forward two days. “Duffy, (that’s Jeffrey – #1 son) Quishy want to heaw Vivaldi pweese.” Being the BOY he is, he put in something else. Cue the music and then, cue the toddler. “DUFFY! Dat NOT Vivaldi, pweese put Vivaldi in NOW.”

Duffy…I mean Jeffrey is her favorite toy in the whole world. He is also her most fearsome opponent. Not too long ago, I asked him to run downstairs and get something, right before bed. As he was walking down the stairs, Davenna, trotted over to the top of the stairs and YELLED down, “Huwwy up Duffy! Mommy says det her xyz.” (Sorry – can’t remember now what it was.)

Jeffrey stopped on the stairs, looked up at her and gave a low growl and said, “HEY YOU! You don’t talk to me like that.” She took off running and squealing back to our room, diapered-behind waddling all the way!

When he came back, she was dancing (her most common activity – she loves music as evidenced by Vivaldi) and he was standing in her way. “Duffy, move NOW!” I turned around and spoke very carefully to her. “Davenna, you are not speaking kindly to Jeffrey. I want you to ask him to move nicely, please.” Repentant she turned and said “Duffy, move NOW nicely pweese.” 😀 (Okay so that was a hard one to address!)

She is very possessive of her family and she does NOT like strangers. (Sadly, in her mind, that includes Grandma!) She will chatter up a storm all day long, but bring a stranger into the mix and she is silent. To the point of being rude. 😦 So, we know we will be dealing with that, as she gets older.

There are times that I think this little pistol is going to conquer us all and other days I just can’t help but delight in her. As much of a skunk as she is, she’s cotton candy too.

“Yook, Silwwy Quishy hat!”

She started saying “Pweese” and “Nen-yu” VERY early and naturally learned that “Nen-yu” was the appropriate response to a compliment. Jeff had her on his head and one of the kids said, “Dad, I like your hat.” She turned around and grinning said, “Neen-yu” (Sadly, “neen-yu” has gone the way of babybaby and it’s been replaced with Tank que.)

If you’re out of the room for any length of time, she will run up, wrap herself around your legs and say, “I missed you!” She is one of the snuggliest Clark kiddles thus far. And if you’re ever sitting somewhere that she would like to be, she comes right up to you and says, “My join you?” (“May I join you?”) How can you say no to THAT?

NEVER have I had a Clark kiddle tell anyone that they LOVE nursing – but she has said that – many times. Shortly before she weaned herself she said, “Oh Mommy, I det to nurs! Quishy very happy! Mmmm!” 🙂 (You know she got a smooch on the top of her wee little head, for that, huh?)

And without fail, she will tell someone every day that she likes their shirt – or their hair – or their shoes – whatever facet of your attire or person, that pleases her nitpicky meticulous little eye.

So, Squishy, GeBurtstraminer, Booger Baby or whatever other name we come up with for you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are a delight to us and we are thrilled the Lord would bless our family with you!

14 Responses to “Yes I Not”
  1. Susan PA says:

    She sounds so fun. And a fair good bit similar to our OWN youngest. Hmm! A little girl that even my doctor mother told my husband was “precocious.” Okay. 🙂 (She can also be somewhat obnoxious. Sigh.)


  2. Susan PA says:

    Wow, that’s sad. I DID see the whole thing, with darling pictures (my daughter was crying, “She is SOOO ADORABLE!!!”) — but I went to show my hubby and…it wasn’t there! Waaah! 😦

    Susan (of above)

  3. Do not worry! Major-Geek-Teen/Adult-Daughter saved a draft of the previous blog and has restored it! 😀
    😉 Never underestimate the power of the Excessively-Geeky! 😛

  4. javadawn says:

    Whooo HOOOO Excessively Geeky Daughter. YOU ROCK!

    Thanks, Sis – Everyone needs one of you. 🙂 (Okay, one LIKE you – they can’t have mine.) 😀

  5. javadawn says:

    Susan, she IS fun. (My great grandmother would have LOVED her. She’d have said she was full of P & V, but she’d have loved her!!!) 😀

    There just isn’t a dull moment with her, from the times she sticks her wee blond head in the bathroom door to ask “My join you?” to the times she is in bed, telling me she isn’t sleepy – at 2 am – over and over. 🙄 I’m so grateful that the Lord would have allowed us another baby, at my age.

    And yes, I can see that obnoxious is a word that we will use in conjunction with her. She is SO smart – she has learned numbers and colors by osmosis. I expect she’ll start reading by next Wed. 😉 The problem, is she also knows she’s smart.

    Yesterday is a PRIME example. I was sitting at the computer working about 11:30 last night, when she and Jeffrey came in, before heading up to take her to bed. “Mommy, can I have gokket?” I said, “No, no gokket at this time of night.” Without missing a beat, she said, “I said YES Mommy.” Without missing one either, I said, “And I said NO Quishy and I’m the Mommy.” She said, “Mooommmmeeee, it’s my burfday.” ???What a total skunk!!! 😀

  6. javadawn says:

    Hey Geek Girl, can you make Photobucket show my pictures??? 😦 I can’t see Burt’s pics, I can’t see any of my other pics. It’s just SO sad. Sad, sad, sad.

    (I’ll give you some gokket – even at 11:30 pm!)

  7. Shannon M says:

    How can she be two so soon!? I suppose this means I’ll have to let Jack turn two soon, too:( First I have to let Levi turn six next week. It’s just all going by so fast….
    Davenna is so perfectly adorable. I think she’ll be just right for Jack when they grow up. He’s quite a ham and a little too used to being the baby (even if he isn’t any more) – he will need someone with a little p&v:)

  8. javadawn says:

    😆 I wasn’t sure anyone would know what P&V was. Gma used that term all the time and I had NO idea that was offensive in ANY way. (Goodness, Gma told the pastor that HE was full of it!!)

    I was 10 and referred to another student in class and being full of it. My teacher didn’t care for such language – especially from a young lady. 😀

    So uh, Shannon, do we need to sign some kind of agreement or something?? (Unless Jack is pretty strong willed, he may run in fear were he to meet her.)

  9. Michelle says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Sweetie Pie…You are SO BIG! (sing-s0ng)

    What a blessing to hear of all the joy you spread to those you touch.

    Tell Mommie that Ovaltine doesn’t have any caffeine, so if you were to come over for a play date, you and Emma could have some gokket milk. I would even put on a pot of coffee for mommie. Now if I could only figure out which food to use to bribe Miss Minijavabeans to visit…..

  10. Holly says:

    Good Gravy, she is cute!!!!

    She looks like all of the other Clarksters – and sounds like them too! WOWEE!

    Kisses and hugs, Davenna!

  11. javadawn says:

    Sigh…I know, I know, it’s going SO fast. 😦 Her vocabulary just ASTOUNDS me!!

    Last night she was talking to Jeffrey and she identified his gloomy mackus and then pointed at his chest.

    She said, “Deffwey, dat your cop-zi-phosus.” We all nearly fell over laughing. Cop-zi-phosus for the uninitiated (uninitiated to Booger Speak) is Xyphoid Process. (the little indentation at the bottom of your sternum)

    This season just passes so quickly. Lord, may I hold fast and like Mary, treasure them in my heart.

  12. Jenna says:

    Awww…. Happy Birthday!

  13. Valerie says:

    Well, she is a cute as a button and sounds like a complete delight! (I have no idea what P & V is 0 care to enlighten me?! 🙂 ) I LOVE spunky, pwekoshus kids…I’m afraid I’m the aunty who spurs them on to naughty things…! I remember the year my nephew turned three or four – he is full of beans, and I ‘encouraged’ him to eat his birthday cake sans hands. He, of course, took up the challenge and had a dee-light-ful time, lol! My sister can’t wait for us to have babies who she can teach all sorts of naughty tricks in retaliation!

    Happy belated birthday to your sweetie. She looks a darling and I know b rings you much joy.

    love, Valerie

  14. Michelle says:


    P&V is something beginning with “P” paired with vinegar. The “P” can be more or less vulgar depending on the speaker.

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