Jeff belongs to a classical and jazz music club. He had purchased an album, for our children, that was receiving RAVE reviews. The performers were a family of five siblings who all played piano together. Our children just thoroughly delighted in listening to “The Five Browns” album that we had. SO, when we found out that they would be within 45 minutes of our home, for a concert, how could we NOT go?

Davenna was sick, so I had to stay home with her, but Dad and crew went ahead and went to the concert. The children took their album, with the intent of seeing if they could obtain a signature or two. (We taught them well when we took them to hear Wynton Marsalis. We stood in line for an hour to get his autograph and he was so enthralled that we had brought our family to hear him speak, that he stood and talked to us for probably 20 minutes. We were so blessed!)

As they were leaving the children asked whose signature I wanted most. I said, “Their Mom’s! She sat at that piano every day for 8 hrs, while each child practiced. I think she’s the most amazing one of them all!!” πŸ˜‰

After the concert – which was amazing, I’m told – the children were standing in line with Jeff, when Jeff saw Mrs Brown across the room. The children and Jeff wandered across the stage to speak to her. They ended up chatting for close to an hour! Suddenly, the children look back and all the Brown children have left the stage.

Their disappointment must have shown on their faces, as Mrs Brown said, “Oh where have my kids gone? Well, come on, I’ll introduce them to you.” And off she went, dragging my brood behind her backstage to their dressing room.

She burst through the door, introducing Clark children to Brown children. The Browns then invited my family to nibble on the food platters that were lying about in the dressing room area. Knowing that the night was getting later than I would expect them to be gone, Danica called home to tell me they’d be late. Suddenly in the middle of our conversation, Mrs Brown grabs the phone. She and I ended up oozing all over one another in a mutual admiration celebration. (She sent an autograph home to me, as well.)

The night was AMAZING in my children’s memory. The Browns were incredibly gracious and kind – their character even more impressive than their playing – which is hard to imagine. It is something that has been Clark-coined “Backstage Cheese Incident” (uh, for those of you less musically inclined than my husband, there is a band called “String Cheese Incident” hence the name)

That event is an incredible demonstration of favor that the Lord granted my family. This last week, we have experienced another such demonstration. We have just begun a new job. This past Monday (a week ago) was our first day of work. Already on Friday we were getting huge compliments on our work.

Okay, this is WEIRD. People don’t get to know representatives from companies in one week. It just doesn’t happen that way. So, how is it that we were receiving such accolades? Favor. Favor of the Lord being poured out in our lives.

This causes me to stop and consider how important it is that we are attentive to the favor Father is bestowing upon us. Where in your life is Father bestowing favor? I would challenge you to consider that favor is an indication of a place that the Lord has allowed you to speak of/demonstrate His character.

When I think of favor, I think of Joseph. His life, despite the trials, was one experience of favor after another. Yet, the purpose of the favor was not to exalt Joseph, but rather the Lord. I must assume where we are granted favor, we should expect that is His intention in our lives as well. So, where are you having favor extended to you?

It might be something as small as the grocer who recognizes you and saves back some special produce. It might be something as big as being invited backstage to share cheese and crackers and veggies with nationally renowned pianists. It doesn’t matter who the favor is with, it only matters who it is from – The Most High God – and it is His favor, that He desires to be turned back to glorifying Himself.

(Fair warning Edit: It’s 1 am. I have been working at this computer since 9 am. I’m about to tip over. If this blog post makes no sense, just say something blatherish like, “Great post, but I disagree with you.” The spam posts say that all the time. It won’t phase me a bit.) ;D

5 Responses to “Favor”
  1. Wonderful story, Dawn. To God be the glory! We have seen God’s hand in favor many, many times. We have prayed for it, as well – aware that it is only His favor that will allow for the fulfillment of a particular desire. God is sooooooooooooooooo good to His people! EVERY good and perfect gift comes from Him. ((((Hugs))))

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Wonderful, wonderful!! The Father has plans for us way beyond what we would dream!! Blessings on you all!!

  3. myderbe says:

    *gasp* People disagree with you????

    πŸ˜‰ Great post. Makes me think — and I’ll be looking for examples of favor that I’ve probably overlooked before.

  4. Valerie says:

    Love it, Dawn. I just have one teeny tiny little editorial comment to make. πŸ˜‰

    You missed out the ‘u’ in favour. πŸ˜‰ Apart from that, good work!

    V xxx

    (It’s a good thing I’m too far away to smack!)

  5. javadawn says:

    myderbe, ONLY the spam people disagree with me, everyone else thinks I’m brilliant, OF COURSE. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

    ValeriUe, ThaUnk yoU. πŸ˜›

    Patricia, I had to think of Emily and the favor she has found too. Makes one wonder what Father has in mind for us (grand arm sweeping “us” – as in His children, not The Clarks)

    Thank you Elizabeth. πŸ™‚

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