The earth moved under my feet…

Have you ever had one of those moments where something happens and if someone else were watching, they wouldn’t have seen a thing that earmarked that as a momentous occasion, and yet….you knew that your life was just changed? Advertisements

On a scale of 1 to 10….

Mildred….she insisted we call her Mildred. Not by her proper name, but her first. She was one of my Mom’s best friends and no matter what we called her, hospitality should have been her middle name.


Just to let you know – I am still breathing, albeit through a VERY snotty nose.  I WILL be back -either later today – or tomorrow to catch up around here.  Life has been SO busy I just couldn’t even allow myself to come in here, for fear I’d spend more time than I had … Continue reading

Hoops – we LOVE our hoops!

So, Jacob gets the blessing Isaac intended for Esau.  Brothers – both of them participating in deception – Jacob in pretending that he is Esau – Esau pretending that he didn’t already sell the right to that blessing for a bowl of LENTILS!  (Chocolate I’d ALMOST get, but LENTILS?!!)    😉   And Rebekah tells Jacob … Continue reading

The *D* Word

Mike was not only our Cell Group Leader, he was our pediatrician. This gave us the wonderful excuse of seeing a lot of he and his wife, Ramona. Mike is a man who loved his wife very much, loves life, loves children and loves the Lord. What more could you ask for, for either Cell … Continue reading

I’ve only got eyes for you…(and you…and you…)

This week Danica is going to start a discussion on Maiden’s of Modesty about what it means to be pure and remain modest. She and I have been having an email discussion about it. (Keep in mind we have many young ears and while we will instruct our daughters in these things, I’d just as … Continue reading

I want MORE!

When the Lord first started turning our hearts to becoming entrepreneurial, we spent some time talking to someone whose first question was, “What are your B.A.G’s?”  We looked at one another and said, “Well, mostly we have Meijer bags, some Aldis bags – and even a Target bag or two, I think.”  He just looked … Continue reading

Bread and Java

Okay, it’s only been on my To Do list now for what??? Eight or nine weeks??!!!  🙂  Okay, maybe not that long. If you are interested in joining us in our read through the Bible this year, please come to this address and sign up. I have created a Yahoogroup for the express purpose of … Continue reading

Exciting News

My computer has found new life!!!  HOORAH.  I shall be able to blog and get the final bits of our Christmas Card up!!! God is GOOD.