The *D* Word

Mike was not only our Cell Group Leader, he was our pediatrician. This gave us the wonderful excuse of seeing a lot of he and his wife, Ramona. Mike is a man who loved his wife very much, loves life, loves children and loves the Lord. What more could you ask for, for either Cell Group Leader or pediatrician??!!

I remember one day where Danica had been fussy and whiny and crying ALL day long. I called up and Ramona said, “Bring her up around 6, I’ll make dinner and Mike can check her out.” At 5:58 we arrived at their front door – which also happened to be their office entrance. We set Danica’s car seat on the front stoop and rang the door bell and hid behind a few of the bushes beside the porch. Attached to her sweater was this note; “I am a very crabby baby. You look like nice people. Please take me in and feed me and care for me until my parents get back from the movies.”

Mike answered the door and took one look at her still fussing baby self, picked her up and started cuddling her and she INSTANTLY went to sleep. I’m serious – she’d been crabby ALL day long (it turned out she was cutting 5 teeth and had a double ear infection – it’s really no wonder she was crabby – EXHAUSTING, but not surprising) and the minute he picked her up, she stopped crying. That’s just how Mike is – we saw children respond to him like that all the time. Pediatrician was THE PERFECT job for him.

Isn’t it nigh on awe inspiring when you see God’s people finding the work that is the perfect fit for them? Too often I see the people of God working at things that fit them like a jigsaw puzzle piece being shoved into the wrong place. It’s as though the little knob on the side is too large for the hole it’s being put into and it has to be pushed with great force to fit into that slot.

When I was a child, the “d” word was heard often, but just about the time that my entire generation should have been finding out what their “d” was – the New Age movement made a splash on the scene. What should have been one of the biggest waves of Believing young people finding and pursuing their Kingdom purpose, found them instead, running in fear of the terminology.

Dr. Marlene McMillan always says that he who controls the definition controls the conversation. As soon as the Church saw the term (prepare yourself, I’m going to use it) – destiny – used as a buzz word for the New Age movement, they dropped it like a hot potato. Sadly, in the dropping, they not only dropped the word, they dropped the concept – one which is Biblical in nature.

I don’t know if anyone else finds this as “fascinating” as I do – but on the cusp of the release of one of the largest generations, suddenly the entire concept of the Lord having a destiny for one’s life is lost – and the Church let it go! That would be like someone telling the floral industry, in May, that they would not be allowed to use flowers for the prime wedding months of June, July and August – and the florists agreeing with them!

Granted, some of the brides would go out and pick wild flowers for their bouquets and just have their own flowers. But, many others would sadly stare at the pictures of weddings past and wish in their hearts that they could have flowers, but resign themselves instead to a wedding without the beauty of flowers.

So too has been the way of the Body of Christ. Some people have said, “POSH! I know the Lord created me for xyz and I’m gonna do it!” But mostly we’ve hung our heads, wishing in our hearts that we could find that one perfectly fitting thing that would “complete” our lives.

Please understand, I’m not talking about a job – I’m talking about a Kingdom purpose. Being a wife, a mother, a husband, a father – these are all aspects of your Kingdom purpose – but I don’t believe that they are the fullness of them.

That is CERTAINLY not to say that you allow these primary concerns to suffer, in order that your Kingdom purpose may be complete – because, quite likely, they are the prefect training ground that the Lord has intended for you. You see, if our children were our ONLY Kingdom purpose, then what would become of the world that is longing to know the Lord?

I’m going to attempt to communicate my heart here and it’s most likely that I will fail, but rather attempt and fail then neglect to share at all. 🙂 (Something that fear of man would have kept me from doing for much of my life!)

I do believe that our FIRST call is to love our husbands and to train and raise our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. But, if that were our ONLY call – then what would be the purpose of training them for the Kingdom of God? We would only need to train them to become spouses and parents. And the Body of Christ would exist only to serve itself. Somehow that doesn’t quite match up with the picture of the Kingdom that the Lord presented.

For men, I would say that much of their destiny/Kingdom purpose would be manifested in their work.  Rather than seeing work as a source of income, if destiny held its proper place, we’d see work in a Biblical light, which is that of serving the Kingdom.

It is possible that pumping gas (are there any full service stations left here in the US?!!!) is their Kingdom purpose.  It is possible that being a farmer is a Kingdom purpose. It is possible that being a Senator is their Kingdom purpose. It is possible that being a millionaire is their Kingdom purpose. Once we acknowledge that God has a specific destiny for our lives, then ANYTHING that a man of God does could be their Kingdom purpose.

A reason for work in Scripture, is NEVER for the purpose of making money.  If so, then it would become worthy of our worship.  Instead, GOD is our Source.  Period. (Ask me how I know this)   😀  When we see our jobs as our source, we make the choice to build on sinking sand.  My husband used to work in the RV industry – if you don’t think THAT is sinking sand, then you need to talk to Jeff’s prayer partner.

He only had three days of work this week.  (As did the other 397 men who work in the plant with him.)  Furthermore, he didn’t know until Wednesday that they’d only be working three days this week.  And he won’t know for sure about next week…until next week. How solid is THAT ground, do you think?

Surely some of you have husbands whose jobs are looking at downsizing or lay offs?  If they aren’t now, they likely will be soon.  Jeff’s new job involves the stock market, so we are able to watch it plummet like the coffee in my morning mugful! THAT is sinking sand, if there ever was any!

Now, I know some of you are going to say, “What about 2 Thess 3:10?  If a man doesn’t work, he doesn’t eat.”  First of all, if he’s working, wouldn’t he have had the money to feed himself?  Secondly, it doesn’t say he’s to work BECAUSE he needs to make money, it’s to show that he is participating in caring for the community, in order to qualify for the support and care of the brethren.

I believe that by tossing aside the principle of destiny, we have condemned many of our men to jobs that are sucking life from them, rather than pouring life into the Kingdom.  Isn’t that frightening?!

For the past almost two years, we have been involved with many entrepreneurs and in that time, I have seen men coming back to life – time and time again.  Men who thought that they’d be consigned to “making a living” are now finding a purpose for their lives, whose beauty they could only dream of before.

This is not to say that only entrepreneurs are finding their destiny – but I am saying that I believe that the Lord is using those of us insane crazy barmy enough to step out in this way of life, to break the mold for others.

I believe that this is a new beginning.  I believe that homeschooling was the VERY start of that mold breaking and that there is another wave coming soon – one that involves work.  I think Father has seen enough of His children with their hands tied to a millstone that is not of His design, while the precious gifts, talents and callings of the Lord rot inside their heart – with only a glimpse of the beauty of what could have been.  With only a glimpse of the difference that their involvement in the Kingdom would have made. A sad, sad destiny indeed.

~  To be continued ~

(Okay, if I were reading this a few years ago, my head would be swarming with questions – so I’m going to do something that may concern some of you (and the rest of you will shrug and say, “Oh Dawn’s at it again.”) I’m going to argue with myself.  Come back later and I will address all the questions that I would have asked myself then.  (It might get heated, as I’ll be stepping on my toes of old – but hopefully at the very least, it’ll be amusing.)    😉

7 Responses to “The *D* Word”
  1. Kristine says:

    This is such a Huge question in my life right now.

    I read The Call by Os Guinness and was challenged by it. I should take a look at it again.

    Dawn, what other resources can you recommend that address the Destiny issue from a Biblical perspective? (In addition to reading your blog, of course. 🙂 )

  2. javadawn says:

    I read “The Call” last spring – it was like a kick in the behind in some/many ways. I’ll have to pull it out again.

    Um, other sources….WHAT?!! You mean my authoritative word and declaration isn’t sufficient?? You engineering types!! 😉 😛

    Let me see if I can come up with a book list for you. (If there is anyone else interested, let me know and I”ll share it. )

    K – if not, I’ll see if I can’t find my notes – Bible study, books, etc. that the Lord took me through for that season. It would be SO much easier if my David Allen book were already here. 😉

  3. javadawn says:

    PS I’m not talking about the issue of discerning your destiny here – I’m simply talking about embracing the entire concept. I find that when I use this term with Believers they freak. Especially when they’re our age. I understand that – it was polluted and sullied when the whole New Age deal was exposed. 😦

    For discerning your destiny – YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN!!!! 😉 😉 (If your the only one who wants to chat about that, I’m thinking STARBUCKS!!) 😀

  4. Jenna says:

    The idea of ‘destiny’ is difficult for me to wrap my brain around. Maybe it is just that I was never raised with that mind of mindset. Instead, I was told that whatever *I* wanted, that is what I could attain. I was never called upon to ponder and pray over what God has available for me, if I only have the courage to step out in faith.

    I’m not sure that I would have been able to even really think on the subject of ‘destiny’ in my younger years. I had no real idea of who I was and what my gifts are, let alone how I might do God’s good work with those gifts.

  5. myderbe says:

    Good stuff here. And I think you’re so right about our abandoning terminology when another worldview group “steals” it.

  6. javadawn says:

    Jenna, YES! Isn’t that sad that we aren’t taught to think in terms of God given destiny? I have a friend whose passion it is to direct and help other parents help their children find their destiny. It’s powerful stuff! (I’ll see if I can’t BEG her to come post here. She’s really got some COOL thoughts.)

    Jenn, Thanks Darlin’. 🙂

  7. Holly says:

    I miss Mike and Ramona!

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