Purty Petals

Today, while recovering from a strange bout with the flu – I’ve asked a “guest blogger” to come and share their thoughts.  (read: What they’ve already posted at their own blog.)   🙂 I burst through the front door out onto the cement porch of our old 1925 brick house. The sun was shining, and the … Continue reading

Standing – or walking in this case – on Holy Ground

And so, despite my battle with my flesh, the sun still rose this morning.  😉 I woke up this morning, still no more desirous of doing what the Lord is asking of me, than I was last night. Still no more desirous of being disobedient than I was last night. 

Putting my life where my mouth…uh, fingers are

I am sitting here with tears welling in my eyes.  I am being pressed to the wall and my flesh is screaming and writhing and somewhere out there, the Lord assures me is someone else who will wholly understand what I’m describing and my words will encourage them.  So, for whatever sister that is – … Continue reading

Shall we Dance? ~ Ch 7 ~ (Or Words Parading About as a Chapter)

I sat there staring at the screen, trying to figure out what was so captivating – what was so filled with life – what was so real about the pictures on her blog. In that moment, I felt the Holy Spirit begin to do a new work in my heart. It was a deep and … Continue reading

The Reason ~ Ch 6

(Chapter 1 can be found here.) Although Sister McDonally had assured Penny she would speak to the people, the response of the townfolk did not improve. Instead, after giving the picture of the playing children to their mother, her neighbor, as a gift, the response became even more negative. The people would whisper and clear … Continue reading

She did it again!

Bless her little pea pickin’ heart!  That Minijavabean stayed up late and re-did my blog. Danica, thank you!  You are such a delight and blessing to me. Love you – here’s a bizert for you, too.  😆

The Response ~Ch 5 ~

(Go here to start the story at the beginning) Penny sat in the sitting room – facing the chair she found Grandmum in. The toile box was in her lap. Carefully she opened it and stared at The Mirror shard. It was beautiful – even just lying in the box, there was a beauty about … Continue reading

The Inheritance ~ Ch 4~

(If you missed the other chapters, you will want to start here.) Penny stood at the casket of her Grandmother and rubbed the top. The rich patina of the wood was so beautiful. But then, that just seemed right, everything about her grandmother was beautiful. As she watched them come to prepare to place her … Continue reading

Consequence ~Ch 3~

(This is the third installment – the first two being The Man and The Mirror and The Sadness of the Solstice) He had failed and he knew it. Within seconds of succumbing to the offer he knew that what he had done was wrong and he knew the only place he could find comfort was … Continue reading

Paying Back My Honey What I Ode (From JavaJeff)

OK, Babe, so here’s my ode, I’m so glad we share an abode. Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s, All year ’round, Love – you is mine! You iz so gorgeous – blond hair, eyes hazel, My knees they shake and my voice gets nasal. You make my heart thump whackity-boom, You can prob’ly hear it across the … Continue reading