Do you remember…..

I said we were getting a new computer for an amazing price?  Uh huh.  WELL….

So, our little local bank has put a limit for online purchases for our debit card, since the whole compromised Paypal account fiasco of last fall.  They just forgot to mention that to us…which of course means that the charge for our computer was declined.

Tuesday morning we got notice that the process was on hold until we called them with a form of payment.  (Funny how these computer geeks don’t like sending computers out for free)    🙂  SO we call in and give them our business debit card which doesn’t have ANY such limit on it and they assure us all is well.

Today, when the computer should be arriving, I check out bank account to see that no charge has been withdrawn.  Hmmm….  I check the order in the system.  No order.  This is not boding well for a Clark computer.

I place a call to Dell – 5 people later, I am hooked up with a man who by all rights should have NOTHING (N.O.T.H.I.N.G.) to do with what we’re struggling with.  He is MOST helpful and listens to my tale of woe and says, “I want to help you.”  And with that, he goes to work to BUILD US A BRAND SPANKING NEW COMPUTER, instead of the scratch n’ dent we were buying before – all for within just a little bit more of what we were spending for our SUPERDOOPERAMAZINGONLYGODCOULDPULLTHATONEOFF that we purchased over the weekend.

Sooooooo, we’re now getting a bigger, better and more beautiful computer (hey, the last one was Flamingo Pink – isn’t ANYTHING better than that?!!)   😀  WITH a flat panel 19″ monitor and a totally rocking kewel video card for the kids doing their graphics work….and it’s even more SUPERDOOPERAMAZING than what God pulled off before.


Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine…..
2 Responses to “Do you remember…..”
  1. sghughes says:

    Ok, I just LOVE it!!!!!!! How very, very GOD of Him!!!! Thank You, LORD!!!!!!!

  2. javadawn says:

    I know, isn’t this just TOOOOOO kewel?!! 😀

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