Consequence ~Ch 3~

(This is the third installment – the first two being The Man and The Mirror and The Sadness of the Solstice)

He had failed and he knew it. Within seconds of succumbing to the offer he knew that what he had done was wrong and he knew the only place he could find comfort was with The Mirror. He grabbed just a few things and out into the stormy, long dark night he ran.

From a distance he knew that something was wrong. Even from miles away, he had always been able to see the beauty of the white building – reflecting the shining sun..or the moon. Even today, in the dark dreariness it was obvious that the stones didn’t have the strength to reflect any beauty. What had already been an unbearably long trip just became longer.

At the edge of town, he passed one of the villagers. Their normally well pressed and clean clothing was smudged and torn. Their shoes were covered in mud and they were trudging along, rather than walking with their usual joyful step. The Man turned and nodded, which seemingly took more physical strength than he possessed. The villager just glared at him. It was so out of place, that he stopped and stared after them. The villagers had NEVER been unkind or anything less than welcoming.

Turning the corner, he could see that what was visibly lacking from the top of the hills was even empty and lifeless up close. What months before had been a beautiful structure, filled with light and beauty, was nothing more than a crumbling old building. His heart ached within him, but he pressed on anyway.

Opening the doors of the bath house, he raced to the dressing rooms, knowing both the anticipation and the anguish at standing before The Mirror again. He knew he MUST minister to his torn and bruised and frost whipped body, before standing before The Mirror.

He dropped into the warm waters expecting to feel their immediate healing to his body. He sat there waiting…and waiting. There was nothing. This water was nothing more than barely warm water. The power of the water was gone. It didn’t make the pain in his legs and the blueness of his toes and fingers go away. It didn’t do anything. It was lifeless. He wept.

With arms weak from fear and pain, he drug his body from the water and walked to stand before The Mirror. As he entered the room he was struck by the cold – looking, he realized that there was no fire…there was no light…there was no beauty….there was no Mirror.

In that moment, he knew. He knew that by giving in, that by not standing firm in the strength that had been his for the asking, that he had destroyed The Mirror. It was his decision that caused the beauty to leave this town. It was his decision that would cause the people to live there in their mountain village – hopeless and without beauty. With that knowledge came the realization that he could not endure, nor bear the weight of such failure – and in that realization, he died.

It is said, that after they found his dead body lying at the base of the wall where The Mirror once hung, that no one could bring themselves to soak in the waters of Ville D’eau any more. The guests stopped coming, the villagers stopped coming and the waters that were once filled with healing and hope were nothing more than dirty waters bubbling up in the middle of this grumpy, dirty and tired little town.

The orchards lost their abundance and the mountains didn’t seem quite so strong and powerful guarding the little town. It was not long before the people were just like every other village on the side of the mountain – gray, bleak and empty. There was no more joy, the people did not celebrate. Suddenly they were consumed with the things at hand – and there was no longer time nor energy left over for celebration or creation. All the beauty of their land – all the beauty of their hands – had vanished.

It would seem that when The Mirror shattered, the sun moved and the people who had always thought their lives were better due to their nearness to the sun, found that they were walking in darkness, just like the rest of the world.


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