Shall we Dance? ~ Ch 7 ~ (Or Words Parading About as a Chapter)

I sat there staring at the screen, trying to figure out what was so captivating – what was so filled with life – what was so real about the pictures on her blog. In that moment, I felt the Holy Spirit begin to do a new work in my heart. It was a deep and transforming work. It was deep enough that I couldn’t even communicate it for days. All I could do was pray that Father would lead me in the way that He would have me go, and glean all that He had for me to understand.

It took nearly two weeks before I could begin to share it – but only tentatively. It was such a dainty thing – such a delicate, fragile work – that my words, felt coarse and vulgar beside it. I was afraid to speak – what if I damaged it in my feeble attempts to communicate it?

What I felt was too special to hoard it all to myself. It would be no different than having the skills to make a lace so fine, so beautiful that it reflected the exquisiteness of frost on glass early in the winter – and then hoard it all to oneself.

Any ability to mold the needed words escaped me. All I knew to do was pray – and so I did.

Every time I went to prayer I would ask Father for the ability to impart, in words that would be meaningful to another woman, all that I felt Him doing in my heart. Every time, I would see shards of a mirror. They were lying all about me and I would look into them and see the beauty of Creation magnified and intensified.

I didn’t understand what that meant the Lord wanted me to share – so I did what I knew to do. I began to write. And write. And write. I literally left my prayer closet one day, plopped in front of my computer and refused to move for anyone. 🙂 This story is the result of that day.

As each chapter unfolded beneath my fingers, I could feel a real sense of contentment and peace being birthed in me. For the first time in my entire life, I wrote and wept. (Okay, other than in notes to Jeff.) 😉 I don’t know what the writing did, but it released something that has been held captive for many years.

It allowed me to see that the thing about the French people that was capturing my heart as I looked at their faces, their posture and their world was their ability to live a life of worship.

What I found in those photos were a people who know how to truly worship the Creator and all His beauty in their every day lives. In that understanding, I was seeing that I have been neglecting that daily worship – that bringing into our lives the beauty of the Savior magnified in the work of my hands, in our very senses.

I realized as I was praying and writing that it was all a call to make my life The Mirror – make my life that which reflects the glory of the Lord and causes all the things that it touches to be more beautiful because they have been touched by the presence of the Lord.

As a privileged vessel of the Holy Spirit – a privilege I fear I have taken for granted – I have not embraced my role of being one who mixes the character of God into all things. What a holy responsibility He has allowed us to participate in.

The French call this joie de vivre. It is a phrase that is totally missing in the English language. In the nation whose very establishment was based upon a knowing of the Most High God, to not have a way to translate something so basic as a life fully given to reflecting His beauty, His glory and delighting in the responsibility we have to do so, is grievous to me.

So, beautiful Mirror of Elohim, God the Creator, would you care to dance with me? Will you put on your shoes of poie de soie (satin) and dance with me, committed to being a pure reflection that He might shine through? I have so many thoughts about what that means – shall we dance together through this discussion?

4 Responses to “Shall we Dance? ~ Ch 7 ~ (Or Words Parading About as a Chapter)”
  1. Well, what can I say! I printed it out and will be savoring and digesting this for awhile! Born and raised in France, what a joy to be reclaiming what I never quite had…

    Thank you Dawn.


  2. javadawn says:

    Stevie, Thank you my dear!! You’re always such a voice of encouragement. ((hugs))

    SEE?!! I told you allegories at my house have a habit of just…ending. Isn’t it annoying? 😆

  3. Elizabeth says:

    VERY interesting what you share here…I have been in some pretty deep reflections myself this year. And the wreck of a month ago in which my life was spared, is obviously part of what is driving this. My life was spared, now what? Thanks for giving me more food for thought…blessings on your journey too!!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    OH, and at study last night the discussion centered somewhat on how we are to be a shadow of HIM, who gave HIS life for us. And to be that shadow, means we must walk JUST AS HE DID…now reread the gospels and SEE all that in it’s fullness….what I am seeing here in this story (for me) is that our faith path the last few years is very much like THE MIRROR. Not to say we are probably even near to approaching being a MIRROR of HIM yet, but in this search and this path, many have gone away from us. As one young friend pointed out to me, we have paid a price already. I guess I had not considered it too much because we moved cross continent in the meantime and I just know that so many are of this type, like the old song, “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.” BAD advice really…but I think so many do just that today. Any rate, I had not really thought much about what our faith path was costing us. But it is and it has. And it means that not so many are doing what we are. We understand that. But what is also not apparent to the fearful ones, is the HUGE blessings it has brought to our lives and how there is NO WAY we ever want to return to what was before. I hope this makes some kind of sense here…

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