And the answer is…..

When Jeff returned and told me about his fall – er his walk, the Lord spoke something VERY powerful to me. It was in that still small voice that seems to echo in your spirit? (Know which one I mean?) 🙂 The reason Jeff kept falling during his walk is (drum roll) because he kept walking.

Now that might not seem like a key detail to you – and the difference between him getting up and him continuing to walk might seem superfluous, but for me, it’s HUGE. There are many times I have failed and fallen in my Christian walk, and my response has been to get up and think that was sufficient. But, to get up and keep WALKING – well now, that’s a horse of a different color.

As a child of the Most High God, I am not called to anything less than a life of passion and action. I am not allowed to sit on the side lines and watch – unless the Lord is the one who has side-lined me. There is no place for non-motion (yes that’s a word, I just made it one) 😛 in the Kingdom. Time is passing too swiftly and there are too many people, places and things where I must be the hands and feet and mouthpiece for the Living God. I do not have the “prerogative” to do nothing.

That means, when I have totally dorked it up as a Mom, I go to my Lord and I repent and I ask for new mercies. (And He in His might and power give them to me. He does not withhold such a gift from His children.)

That means, when I have totally blown our finances on something foolish, I go to my Lord and I repent and I ask for the grace to have dominion over His money anew. (Which He grants – time and again.)

That means, when I lose my cool and end up speaking unkindly to Jeff, I go to my Lord and I repent and I ask for the love I need to treat my husband with honor. (Which He offers me – by His Holy Spirit.)

The fact is, I’m going to fall. The question now is will I get back up or will I get back up and keep WALKING?

4 Responses to “And the answer is…..”
  1. Susan (Delaware) says:

    Hey! 🙂 I almost sorta had it right! 🙂

    Susan (DE)

  2. javadawn says:

    Yes you did! 😀

  3. myderbe says:

    See, I thought it was a science lesson. 🙂

    Ok, not really. But I did start to write “gravity” or something even more specific about friction and ice and Newton’s Laws. (I didn’t even look at the comments, so maybe somebody else did write that smartie-pants answer.)

    And WOW — let me tell you that our dear Father had you write this just for me. Today has been a falling-down day for me — think of a baby just learning to walk and you’ll get the idea. I needed this reminder.

    Ok . . . up I go to take my next step.

  4. javadawn says:

    Jenn ~ I needed it too. (So did Jeff.) 🙂

    It was very much a Holy Spirit moment when he came home, feeling all bruised and said, “Man, I kept falling down out there.” And within seconds, I felt Father quicken that in my heart. MAN did we need it. 😀 Glad to know someone else could profit from it too.

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