Vitally Important Question for you ~

Jeff loves taking a prayer walk in the morning.  It allows him to talk to, to hear from – and depending on where he’s walked to – to sing to Father.  He loves his morning walks.

This morning, after the ice of yesterday, he fell many times.  Over and over he found himself slipping on the ice.  Sometimes he would end up on the ground, other times, he would slip and slide and regain his balance before he hit terra firma.  (And according to him, the terra was very firma.)    😉

Here’s my question for you – WHY did he keep falling?

3 Responses to “Vitally Important Question for you ~”
  1. Renee says:

    Because he kept getting up each time he fell!

  2. Susan (Delaware) says:

    Renee’s answer is much more spiritual than mine. I was going to say, because he didn’t flee home (as I would have done). 🙂


  3. javadawn says:

    (Susan IN DELAWARE! How fun to see a constant reminder of the goodness of the Lord.) 🙂

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