Light in Dark Places

My parents were not normal.  (That might be evident to those of you that know me well…maybe just at all.)    🙂 They started a game called, “Midnight Hide and Seek.”  This was a normal game of Hide and Seek -only it was played in the dark and the seeker carried a pen flash light. 

When Dad first made the game up, I thought for sure that allowing a pen flashlight would never create enough light to be of much help – boy was I wrong!!  Just a little bit of light in the pitch dark (We closed all the drapes PLUS we lived in the country with no street lights, so it got DARK in our house) made a BIG difference.  I was amazed at how well I could find my siblings with that little tiny stream of light.

Today, Jeff met with his prayer partner of 7 years for lunch.  Gary was sharing with him that the company that Jeff left is now experiencing another week off due to a shortage of work.  There are so many men in that company that are the only bread winners in their families.  There are many men that have already been pressed to the limits by the major cuts that they have already made in production. Furthermore, so many of the other RV companies in this area are experiencing the same type thing and they do not have jobs to put these men into.

I’m watching Jeff again shake his head as he works with the market and sigh and ask the Lord to protect His people when he sees that oil is over $107 per barrel, a historic price.

We have one friend whose husband is potentially terminally ill – she is in her early 50’s.  We have another friend whose father is very ill.  (And these are the situations that we’re actively involved in, not those that we are mindful of)

It has all the earmarks of being another dark and scary day –

I want to use my blog to be a penlight in the dark.  When I was growing up, once a month, we’d have testimony night and everyone would come to church that night, armed with a testimony of the Lord’s work in their lives. (Why only once a month?  I’m not sure.  I think because we were all so yappy, that it would take the pastor a month to recover)   😉   Would you please prayerfully consider sharing a testimony of the good work that Father is doing in your life?

Let’s shine light into the darkness and encourage one another.

5 Responses to “Light in Dark Places”
  1. myderbe says:

    What a great idea! 🙂 You ARE a light, dear Dawn.

  2. Violet says:

    I can’t even begin to list all the “wondrous works” the Lord has been doing in my life the past few months (and years!). If I look at the circumstances ONLY, I would truly be overwhelmed with fear and depression. But I’m coming to realize more and more (and this is the most wondrous work!) that it’s all about knowing HIM, and not trying to lean on my own understanding in figuring things out.

    Sunday I heard a new take on Phil. 4:7 that I have been thinking about ever since. The phrase about God’s peace surpassing all understanding can mean the peace of God does what understanding can’t do. If we try to overcome anxiety through our understanding rather than prayer (v. 6) then
    we will find ourselves “unguarded”. Understanding doesn’t bring peace. Only taking anything that makes us anxious to the Lord will bring His peace and guard our hearts and minds.

    I think my testimony verse would be Phil. 3:10 – “That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death.”

  3. javadawn says:

    Jenn, I know what you’re after – more baking ideas!!! 😉 (Thank you my dear.)

    Violet, I OH SO understand. I started to list out some of the things that the Lord has done and been doing in our lives and I found I was overwhelmed by all my choices.

    There is so much that all I know to say is He is more. He is more creative than I ever knew. He is more magnificent than I ever knew. He is more capable than I ever knew. He is more sufficient than I ever knew. He is more near than I ever knew. He is more lovely than I ever knew. He is more mighty than I ever knew. He is more amazing than I ever knew. (And I thought I knew all those aspects of His character!!!)

    He is Lord and He is more!

  4. Michelle says:


    Great article by Chuck Missler that’s right up this alley! I think my favorite quote from this is,
    “…if you squeeze and orange, you get orange juice. If you squeeze a lemon, you get lemon juice. If you squeeze a Christian, you should get Christ.”

  5. javadawn says:

    Michelle I’ve tried to get in to see this several times, only to be interrupted. 😕 I will attempt it once again today – I’m not ignoring you! 😀

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