Okay, Who Besides Me….

wore white go-go boots, like my little photo there on the side?!!  I wore mine with a white fringed vest and a hot pink mini skirt.  (I was also under 10 at the time!)   😉
(I have a friend who admitted to wearing lime green fishnet stockings with her white go-go boots, but I won’t point any fingers!!!)   😆

8 Responses to “Okay, Who Besides Me….”
  1. Susan (Delaware) says:

    I did, sweetie. But it was a LOOOONNNNG time ago! I wasn’t ten, either. I was younger — like 7 or 8. And I’m OLDER than you. 😀

    I used to wear fishnet stockings, once upon a time, too. But I can’t remember what color they were.


  2. javadawn says:

    How can that be? I was SUCH a cool 10 year old. If those white go-go boots were out, I wouldn’t have had them. 😉
    (I MIGHT have been 7 or 8, too, now that you say that, because I can remember the school I was attending at the time – it was the experimental school.

    Yes, doesn’t that explain a TON?!!! I was a “victim” of the experimental schools of the 60’s. 😆 It really WAS – but it was much, more fun than “normal” school when I got there.)

  3. Lynn in Alaska says:

    Hi. My name is Lynn and I was a go-go boot wearer. I’m happy to say that I haven’t worn them in 34 years. I didn’t have the fishnet stockings or hot pink mini skirt, though. I wore hot pants (short-shorts.) I have a picture somewhere but can’t find it. Thanks for the memories.

  4. javadawn says:

    Hi Lynn.

    😀 Glad to help refresh the old memories. 😛

    Sooooooo, did you find the pics? I’d forgotten about hot pants. (There’s a good reason for that.) Remembering them also made me remember my belled bottom pants. (Not to be confused with bell bottom – these were literally bell shaped. They were…lovely.) :O

  5. Margie says:

    Ok, I admit, I lead a very deprived childhood and go-go boots were not a part of it. Mainly because I had to wear “corrective” saddle shoes (and NO, they weren’t in style).

    But, as for Hot Pants….um, I seem to remember a pair or two of those in the wardrobe along with fishnet stockings (black, no lime green for me). Oh, and bell bottomed pants, yup! had my share of those too.

    Thanks Dawn for dating all of us!

  6. Valerie says:

    If I had her cute figure, I’d be wearin’ that get-up too, lol! Umm, perhaps I’d re-think the boots, though?!

  7. myderbe says:

    Just wanted to say — I’m missing you and your writing. 🙂

    Also — I did not wear go-go boots. I wore cowgirl boots. My aunts bought me my first pair when I was 3 or 4. I remember them well.

  8. javadawn says:

    Val, I know – she’s adorable, isn’t she?

    Jenn, ((hugs)) Thanks my dear. 🙂 You’re most kind.

    Cowboy boots, huh? I was MUCH older before I had a pair – and they were for wearing while mucking the stalls and kicking mice in the empty corn crib. (Actually, we preferred to wear waders over our cowboy boots, so that the mice couldn’t climb up our pants and into our boots while we were trying to kick them to death. The VERY best thing was when we all had hockey sticks to bat them back and forth. Amazing act for someone who tried to tear a bathroom door down, when she found a mouse in the toilet, and was so terrified she couldn’t get out of the bathroom fast enough, don’t ya think?) 😆

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