The Kingdom of God

Last week in a phone conversation with two of our mentors, they posed the question “What does the Kingdom of God have to do with your day today?”

I don’t know about you, but when people ask those kinds of questions at the end of a busy day, I always have a moment of wishing that they’d ask the color of my main floor bath room (yellow, blue and white) or what the thread count of my favorite sheets are. (Okay, so maybe not that, since I don’t know….but something EASY…nothing like what they asked!!)

Now, speaking as someone who went through months upon months (upon months upon months) of seeking the Lord for wisdom and discernment for what it means to seek first the Kingdom of God, I was all ears. What DID seeking the Kingdom of God have to do with my day today? (PUHLEEZ – If I knew the answer to this, wouldn’t I be THEIR mentor and not the other way around?)   😉 😀

All through the call, I kept tossing their question around (almost to the point of being too distracted to retain what I should from the call) in my head.

Suddenly it became very apparent to me that the reason this question was so hard for me is because I have made the Kingdom of God too large. I didn’t see the Kingdom as being something small and applicable in my own day.

I didn’t see that imparting an understanding to my children of their identity in Christ, as seeking first the Kingdom.

I didn’t see starting the morning asking Father to make His priorities clear to me, as seeking first the Kingdom.

I didn’t see that by standing in the middle of the kitchen seeking an idea for a meal that would bless my work-wearied hubby, as seeking first the Kingdom of God.

I didn’t see the daily work of being wife and mom as seeking first the Kingdom of God.

How we have cheated one another by not looking deeply into each other’s eyes and saying, “Dear Sister, by the very things that you are doing in your home for your Lord, you are seeking first the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. As you impart those things into your home, you are seeking the Kingdom!”

I learned last week that the Kingdom of God is much larger and much smaller than I understood in the past. I learned it was much nearer, yet still farther away than I had thought before. I learned that it is eternal and immediate as well. And it is my privilege to live, to work, to train up my children in such a way that we are all seeking first the Kingdom of God.

So to you I say, “Dear Sister, by the very things that you are doing in your home for your Lord, you are seeking first the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. As you impart those things into your home, you are seeking the Kingdom!”

7 Responses to “The Kingdom of God”
  1. Elizabeth says:

    I do think the main job we have as wives and moms is in doing those jobs!! And it is full time, pretty much, if we near do it right. And I have to admit, I have a long ways to go yet toward getting it all right…and my children are raised…so some out there are sure ahead of me in this department. Sometimes too, in the challenges we face (for some of us that entailed ill health both of ourselves and a child or children, or even mate, or maybe the challenge of not having employment at times, or going through “church abuse” or rejection by family…yes, all these trials came to us) and if in spite of those things, we still retain our belief that the FATHER is indeed who HE says HE is and is indeed interested in our lives and we continued on following HIM so well as we could…I wonder if we have not passed that test? I hope so…cause I did fail a lot of tests (especially in a “home run well” department). I am sure I could have and should have done better…but HE knows our limitations too, even better than we do. I have certainly viewed my life as just the knots and tangles from my view, but the Master Weaver sees the completed tapestry even when I cannot.

  2. javadawn says:

    Oh Honey, this isn’t pass/fail. This is much greater than that, this is fall, get back up, walk in grace. It’s much harder and much richer than pass/fail. (gentle smile)

    “Home run well” is such a gray area to me, any more. Right now, my house is…a disaster zone. Know why? Because my children are spending their free time gathering every box in the house that we have already packed and going through it to see what they can give away. They are aware that they have too much stuff and they want to share it with others. Does my house look good? Nope. Am I rejoicing at what is going on inside it? DUH! 😀

    Too often I wrestle the world’s understanding of what a “home run well” means. I think that we put that understanding onto one another as a burden or weight to carry that becomes (ultimately) a tool that we use to measure ourselves and others – and generally not to the advantage of the Kingdom.

    I mean honestly, how well are you doing at extending righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit if you’re busy feeling like a failure? Or you’re busy comparing someone else to your sparkling home and finding them coming up short? I know I’m not doing well when I’m doing either of them! Really, these are such temporal issues that end up ruling our minds – and yet, we all continue to do them. (okay, I end up doing them) -shakes head- Wretched woman am I. Thank you Jesus that You have rescued me from this body of death!!!

    This freedom – this freedom to fall, get up and KNOW that grace awaits us – employed in our homes – THIS is seeking first the Kingdom of God. Sharing a bologna sandwich with the kids on a blanket in the living room because they’re disappointed that it’s raining outside – THIS is seeking first the Kingdom of God. Training our children to delight in serving others – THIS is the seeking first the Kingdom of God.

    The Kingdom of God is here and it is now and it is waiting for us to employ it in our daily lives. It is also future and waiting and available for us in eternity. The economy of God is beyond our understanding, but I sure don’t want to miss bringing the Kingdom of God into my home because I don’t understand it. And so, each day, I start my day asking Father how to seek first the Kingdom of God in my day – and I ask Him how HE wants His Kingdom manifest in my home. (Do I expect to get it right every day?!! HA! It’s that fall, get up and walk in grace stuff that I’m counting on!!!)

  3. Margie says:

    Thanks for the encouragement that when I am working in my home, schooling my children, doing laundry, preparing meals, loving my family I am seeking the Kingdom. Too many out there (and I’m talking in Christian circles) still think that isn’t enough. Well, it is the desire that the Father has placed in my heart. So, I think it must be enough.

    I had a Bible Study leader when I first became a believer that used to repeat, it’s character – not career. Those of us who are blessed to be “career homemakers” need this reminder too. God isn’t nearly as concerned with a “well run home” as he is with the character of the woman running it.

    You might stop over to my blog and read 1 Corinthians 13 for homeschoolers. I know I have read a similar version for homemakers, just can’t remember now which book it was in.

  4. Dana says:

    I am so blessed by this!!! How encouraging!

    I just finished reading “50 Days of Heaven” by Randy Alcorn. It really helped to realize that what I do today is a result of my view of Eternity. I’m in training right now for my eternal life in the presence of Christ!

    All that we do is about the Kingdom of God. Somehow we made him unreachable in that sense. We think we run & run, but could catch up. That is living in our works,not grace. As a mother, when we truly embrace Grace we can rest in knowing that we are simply vessels in our children’s lives, they really belong to the Lord and he will use us as we seek Him. Fall, get up & walk in grace…that is what the life of a believer is all about. How blessed is it to know that we can live in the Kingdom of God right now, today, in our cut off shorts, flip flps & piles of laundry!

  5. javadawn says:

    OH Ladies, I’m so sorry – I didn’t catch these comments and it’s been eons since I’ve been over here. (I couldn’t even remember my web addy when I tried to sign in today. LOL) I really wasn’t intending to ignore you!!

    Dana, if you even see this! 🙂
    As I continue to read and study Jesus’ Words, He was SO concerned with the Kingdom – and I haven’t ever had anyone come up to me and say, “Sistah, do you realize you’re to help bring the Kingdom of heaven to earth?!” I’d have laughed in their face, most likely. BUT, I DO think that. I think that each us have the incredible, amazing privilege of participating in that, as just as you said, “practice”!!

    Our Lord is SO amazing!!

    Margie, my dear, I “envy” (that isn’t the right word, but I can’t think of the right one at the moment.) 🙂 Moms like you who can serve the Kingdom in the midst of serving their own household. The struggle for me is to have a Kingdom mindset that extends beyond my own family. When I was complaining to the Lord recently about all the things that I needed to do here in my household as well as the work that He was bringing me to do and, and, and, and…. He said, “The reason, dear daughter, is that you’re being selfish. You have your eyes on YOUR agenda and not Mine. Give me your eyes and your burden will be lightened again.”

    *hitting fist into hand* NOT AGAIN!!! This seems to be an area I struggle on a regular basis. That rotten flesh. :/

  6. Hey Dawn, not sure if you’ll remember me, but we met last year about this time at a conference. We are the “other Clarks” and we have not forgotten you, nor your family.

    I was about to dig out the business cards to see if I could track you down, but Linda J. sent me your link today and here I am.

    I love to read your thoughts. I have to be up early in the a.m. so must leave for now. Will come back and do some more reading ASAP.

    BTW: I think purple hair is a great idea. I shaved my son’s head this past year, just because he wanted to know what it would be like. He is definitely not a “skin head” and he quickly found out that although it was cool the first night, the stubble was not so much fun the next couple of days. He reshaved it a couple of times and then had had enough. His hair grows so fast that within a month you would have never guessed he had ever been bald. Go figure. It would have taken me a year to regrow enough to know I was female again! 😉

    We’ve had purple, red, black and pink to varying degrees, on different children the past 2-3 years. It’s fun, it’s creative and it is just hair people!!! 🙂

  7. javadawn says:

    Pam, ABSOLUTELY I remember you. How wonderful to see you here! Do drop me an email and let me know how you’re doing! (I really do check that email address – despite this past week where I haven’t.) 🙂 I’d love to hear what the Lord is doing in your life and all the fun things that are going on!!
    Are you heading off to RED next week, then?

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