Did He Really Say Stand Still and Take Cover?!!

Have you ever been so afraid that you were paralyzed and couldn’t move? I have…

When I was growing up, I had a repeated dream, in which I was being pursued by a sleek black panther.  The thing about this panther is, it was so beautiful, that I had a hard time taking my eyes away from it and running, like I should have.  Instead, I would always find myself sticking around too long – and suddenly finding myself face to face with this massive animal whose greatest desire was to do me harm…preferably long term and total.  Most often the panther would get into my face and suck my breath away.  Invariably, every time I was simply too terrified to even be able to move and I would wake up gasping for air,  “paralyzed” in bed.

For the longest time, I put this dream down to hearing our neighbors talking in fear of their cat getting into their new baby’s crib and sucking its breath away and the new black kitten we had just found.  As I have gotten older, I see a great deal more in that dream….

Recently I have been struck at what a picture it is of the way the enemy operates in our lives!  He wraps deception and sin up in such a pretty package, that we’re suckered into standing still and looking at it, instead of dealing with it.  And as we stand there, we end up having our very breath sucked out of us.

The path that we have taken – our faith story – has become a part of who we are and who we are becoming and the work that the Lord has for us to do.  It’s a powerful story and some day I will share it with you, but for now suffice it to say that it has been…hard.  🙂   Not too long ago someone said to me, “I would be scared to BITS if I were in your shoes.”  At the time, the thought went through my head, “Why?   Are you scared to BITS at the place YOU are at? If we both know the Lord and we both are walking in His ways, then we are both safely entrenched in the palm of His hand – and there is nothing to fear.”  Unfortunately, I was too busy looking at the black panther sneaking into the room to be able to hold that position of Truth and therefore,  I submitted to having the life sucked out of me, instead.

This morning when we watched the stock market open (Yeah, the way some people watch horse racing, we watch the market open.  “And they’re off!”  A truer statement has not been made!)   😛  and it was falling again, it occurred to me that, as recently as early last week, this would have caused fear to rise up inside my heart.  (Do you see the nefarious black panther entering the picture here?)

In light of the financial mess that is swirling about us all, it’s very tempting to stand still – in fear – and take cover.  But, that isn’t who your God is, nor what He desires from you.

Rather than standing by while the enemy of your soul tries to fill your dance card, keeping you spinning round and round about with fear, I want to encourage you that the call of Daniel is not to stand still and take cover, but rather to stand firm and take action!  (Daniel 11:32)

While the actions of standing firm and taking action are incredibly powerful, the thing I want to focus on MOST today is what enables us to do that – knowing our God.  In these days that seem uncertain, we needn’t fear anything.  By knowing our God – by knowing His character – by knowing His love for us, we are able to stand in the midst of ANY storm and know that He is in control.

Do the words of the pundits and financial threats cause your stomach to feel weak and your knees to buckle?  Just remember that you’re not called to walk by sight – so it doesn’t matter what the world can see.  You can see God.  You can know Him and His Kingdom.

Rather than watching the panther (the fear mongering) slithering into the room, turn and keep your eyes on the Lord God Most High.  He will enable you to stand firm and take whatever actions are necessary.

Next time, I’d like to share some of the things that the Lord has taught me about standing firm and taking action – or being strong and doing exploits, as the King James reads.  (I just love that!  Doing exploits!  Exploits – an act or deed, especially a brilliant or heroic one.  MAN!  What a stance to have when one is feeling broken and paralyzed by fear!)  Until then, just work at knowing your God.  There is nothing sweeter in this life.

8 Responses to “Did He Really Say Stand Still and Take Cover?!!”
  1. ace says:

    I just wrote about this same thing happening to me today! Albeit I was in my laundry room about to cry because I hadn’t canned a years worth of organic vegetables…especially if the world as we know it is about to end and not being chased by a beautiful panther, still, it was fear in just another form. God spoke to me too and itsn’t it wonderful that He loves us enough to speak to us and teach us to fight back against fear, to overcome it.

    Many Blessings 🙂

  2. Valerie says:

    She’s baaaaack! I didn’t know you were blogging again, my friend? Good to ‘see’ you!

  3. Margie says:

    I have to echo Valerie, had no idea you were back blogging my dear! I have lots of catching up to do.

  4. Amen!!!!! It’s so easy to look at the circumstances and allow ourselves to be overwhelmed with fear!!!! Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Shannon M says:

    I’m so glad to *see* you – I’ve missed you shug!

  6. javadawn says:

    Hey Ladies, I’ve finally gotten enough of my work done that I get computer time to email and blog!!! (Hooray for me!) 😛

    Thanks for the encouragement. I miss blogging – I miss having time to go see how ya’ll are doing!!

    I’m working on our schedule this week, hoping that I can shift some of my work load around, so that I can have more computer time….now if I could just get more chocolate time…. 😉

    Thank you again – you’re all SO kind and encouraging!

    Btw, Corinna, if EVER you need a reminder about fear – I’m the one to talk to. BTDT with every part of it, I think. :/ (Not trying to brag – just know I’ve done my fair share of fear….sadly.)

  7. heavensforgivenprincess says:

    Hullo, Mum C.!

    Sorry that I didn’t read this entry back when you first posted it! It was a really great one!

    One of the things I’ve come to realise about myself, is I question and analyse EVERYTHING. At times that can be good…but at times it can harm, more than help me. Like when I think to myself, “How do I KNOW this is the path God has for me? What if it’s just what I want with my limited human knowledge of the situation? I just want to do what is right, what He wants. But how can I be sure it’s really, truly from Him?” And that can be very scary. It’s true, the Enemy is very sneaky. We have to keep watch against him. Because like you said, the Enemy makes the things of this life seem “better” or “more attractive”, etc. We just have to have a discerning mind, pray, and do our best to stay strong. And at times that can be SO hard….but that’s why it’s better when we fight together, pray for each other..etc.

    Sorry for writing a mini-novel in response. I just really liked this post.

    Love you, and hope you’re doing well!

  8. javadawn says:

    Andrea, my Sweet, you’re welcome to write a mini-novel any time you want! 🙂

    I’m glad this ministered to you. I am learning so much about trusting the Lord in the midst of life. GOOD STUFF, Ma’am! 🙂

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