If we are what we eat….

This past summer, our natural food co-op went out of business.  At first, we thought we’d probably have to starve.  😉   However, no surprise here, the Lord had another plan in mind.

He introduced us to this delightful little Seventh Day Adventist food store, in Michigan, that has SO many wonderful and delicious things.  OH YUMMITY, YUMM!!!  (We bought some dates for the holidays and just to “test drive” them, we’re having Pear Crunch – using dates for the sweetener.  It smells sublime, while it’s cooking away!)  Yesterday we drove up to get our holiday supplies.  As we were the loading our groceries into the van, I had a silly ditty someone sang to me ages ago about our being what we eat running around between my ears…. Now, lest you think this is a blog about watching what you eat for the holidays, let me assure you that’s NOT what this is about.  THAT is for another time….and quite possibly another person.  🙂

Instead, as I looked up from loading the van yesterday, I saw the snow drifting down through the huge trees, and the sun sparkling off the branches and suddenly the ditty that had accosted my mind vanished and in its place I was thinking, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof…”

I can’t/won’t lie – this past year plus has been hard.  There have been times that I could not believe that the Lord’s plans for us could contain anything BUT destruction.  But, here we are.  On the other side of the Valley of the Shadow of Dearth and we are doing GOOD.  Like the Children of Israel, we too are His people, His inheritance which He has brought out by His great power and His outstretched arm.  But, going through the Valley was hard – and painful – but still sweet, because His Word surrounded us!

When I was little,  the song “The B-I-B-L-E” confused me.  I would ask anyone who was willing to answer me “When it says we stand alone on the Word of God, what does that mean?  Does it mean we’re standing all by ourselves or does it mean that we’re standing on the Word alone?”  No one ever did answer me.  But, this past year, I’ve learned the answer myself – it’s “Yes.”

Yes, we stand alone on the Word – there is to be nothing else that defines what we believe and how we’re to know our Lord and Savior and yes, we may very well be standing alone on the Word, with no one else seemingly there with us.  Both of them are precious options.

So, while I was packing my holiday groceries, I was struck by how much of the Word I’ve been feasting upon this past year and how much I’ve grown.  More than ever before, I really DO believe that I will become what I “eat.”  As I continue to eat from God’s Word and feast from His instruction, I am being transformed into His likeness by His Spirit.  And as the world is facing more and more fearful things, I am finding that the Lord God Almighty, the Prince of Peace is my strong tower and peace is a ready friend.  Why would I even think of eating anything else?!!

So, eat your heart out Wonder bread – I have the Bread of Life!!  🙂


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