Being the mother of a precocious three year old (albeit less than one week having been three) is very interesting.  It is amusing.  Confusing.  Challenging.  Convicting.

Our three year old should be in the process of being potty trained.  Note the use of the word “should.”  She is doing all that she can to avoid the process.  Her reasoning is – well, typically human – all over the place, trying to avoid that which she doesn’t want to do.

One day last week she told me that she didn’t think it was time to potty train, because she isn’t tall enough to see into the mirror in the bathroom, while she is washing her hands.  (“Well, that depends on which bathroom we use.  You could see yourself in the upstairs bathroom.”  “Yes, but that would be rude to ask you to go upstairs with me.”  SEE?!!! P.r.e.c.o.c.i.o.u.s.)

Yesterday however, she informed me that she didn’t think it was time to use the toilet because “It’s easier for my brain to just be little still and not go potty in the toilet.”  GULP! 

SEE?!!! C.o.n.v.i.c.t.e.d.

I was flooded with how many times I made the choice to do things because it was easier for my brain.  How many times did I do something – something that my flesh wanted to do – because it was easier for my brain?  How many times did I simply operate with my brain engaged in something else, rather than what I was doing in that moment?

Oh Sisters, I confess, I have learned well the ability to operate brainlessly.  I have spoken the words, “I just want to watch a brainless movie tonight.  Something that I can just sit here and enjoy.”  (I’ve said the same about books.  Not that I just sit and watch them….)

Brainless.  How foolish is that?!!!  As God’s Kingdom people, we are called to be anything BUT brainless.  We’re called to seek (can’t seek for something brainlessly), we’re called to knock (can’t knock if we don’t think about which door to knock on – been there, done that – wasn’t too thrilled to see who answered the door.  Long story – for another blog perhaps)    🙂  we’re called to pray without ceasing (can’t do that without having my brain engaged), we’re called to abide (can’t abide without knowing what abiding is in that moment and who to cling to in order to do it).  No matter where I look in the Word, I can’t find a place where I am granted the “freedom” to be brainless.

On the contrary, what I do find is that being brainless is likely to get me killed, destroyed, devoured or worse yet, have a broken relationship with my God.  Even without having my brain engaged, I know I don’t want any of those things.

Doing things brainlessly – without understanding their value, their purpose or without having my brain purposefully engaged with the activities, the thoughts going through my head or the people I’m engaging with – is just down right folly.

God’s Word says we are to guard our minds in Christ Jesus.  If we aren’t attentive to the things going on in those minds, we can’t guard them.  If we aren’t attentive to what is trying to take up residence in our mind, we can’t protect it.

I can remember my grandmother telling me that idle hands were the devil’s playthings.  I wish, however, that she would have told me that idle minds are worse.

We are called to be Kingdom people and that requires a measure of mental battle that most of us have never participated in.  The world, the enemy and our own flesh is constantly trying to feed us untruths.  How many times have you found yourself annoyed with one of your children and when you stopped and considered the whole situation found that it was really just because you were “out of sorts”?  Those “sorts” that were out?  They were the fruit of a seed of discontentment sown into your mind, that you allowed to grow.  (Ask me how I know this.)

We are entering a time in history that will be very challenging to us, particularly as Believers.  I have to wonder, will we allow our minds to be run ragged with thoughts of fear and money worries?  What seeds will we allow to blow in and take root in the fertile ground of our mind? What seeds will *I* allow to blow in and take root in my mind?

Father gave us a mind – an incredible mind, a creative mind, an imaginative mind – but the purpose of it wasn’t to allow vain imaginings to take root, grow and run us ragged.  And that is what we are doing, when we aren’t taking those seeds – those thoughts – captive to the obedience of Christ.

With this kick in the backside from the mouth of my three year old, I personally am asking the Holy Spirit to make me mindful of when I’m slipping into mindlessness – when I’m defaulting to brainless.  I’m asking Him to help me be on guard to keep my mind obedient to Christ.  I’m asking that He would help me to dwell on what is true, honorable, right, pure – whatever is lovely, excellent, of good repute and worthy of praise – THESE are the things that I will choose to allow to be planted in my mind.

Suddenly, the saying, “A brain is a terrible thing to waste,” holds whole new meaning to me.


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